Dear Friends and Alumni of the Holy Cross Associates Program,

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					Dear Friends and Alumni of the Holy Cross Associates Program,

We write to you today to share the outcome of the 2006 Provincial Chapter and
to begin a dialogue regarding the future of the Holy Cross Associates program.
The Provincial Chapter is the highest decision-making body in the Province,
meeting once every three years to review the various works of the Province and
make recommendations concerning those works to the Provincial Administration.
It is composed of 47 elected and ex officio delegates who meet for two weeks, in
various committees and as a whole, to examine all the work that the Province
has been doing for the past three years along with the future plans of each
apostolate. This is the context for the following legislation passed by the Chapter.

While recognizing the tremendous contribution to life and work of the
Congregation of Holy Cross, the Indiana Province of the Priests of Holy Cross
has decided that the Holy Cross Associates program should be discontinued
after the 2006-2007 programmatic year – while honoring the commitments of our
incoming domestic and overseas volunteers - and that all future recruitment
should be ceased at this time. While choosing to discontinue the Holy Cross
Associates program, the Provincial Chapter strongly stressed the importance of
and its support for lay collaboration in the mission of Holy Cross and has charged
the current HCA staff along with the Provincial Administration with investigating
and proposing a new vision for a program of lay association.

The Province has fully committed itself to re-envisioning a program of lay
collaboration and has retained the current staff to collaborate in the design of this
future program. The Province will be deciding in the coming months how best to
go about re-envisioning this program, and will likely employ a broad group of
people aided at retaining the very best aspects of the Associates program, while
matching them with the diverse needs of the Congregation and changing nature
of the volunteer landscape. It is the Provincial Administration’s goal to establish
this committee this fall.

We understand that this decision may come as a surprise to you and recognize
that change is rarely easily achieved. Although this is a difficult decision, it is one
that holds out hope for a brighter future of a stronger, re-energized program of
lay collaboration with Holy Cross. It is our sincere hope to examine the
Associates program and work to create a re-envisioned program of lay
collaboration. We greatly value your continued commitment to Holy Cross and
hope to engage you in exploring potential concepts for our program. While the
configuration of the re-envisioned program has yet to be discussed, we will do
our best to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this
decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Though we have not yet
discussed a mechanism for collecting input on the re-envisioned program, we
encourage you to express your thoughts and ideas in writing (email or letter vs.
phone call), so that we have accurate records of them at the appropriate time in
the planning process.
Again, know of our gratitude for your service to and with the Congregation of
Holy Cross. You are in our thoughts and prayers as we finalize preparations for
the orientation of our 2006-2007 Associates.

God bless,

Stephen Holte, Interim Director

Ms. Kristin Heath, Chair HCA Advisory Board

Fr. Anthony Szakaly, CSC, Assistant Provincial of the Indiana Province

Stephen Holte
Interim Director
Holy Cross Associates
Moreau Seminary
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0668
574.631.9233 fax

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