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4th Writing ELA Pacing Guide 3rd Q by R8VDq9


									4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
Week             Standard               Learning Targets           Student Friendly      Essential Question        Vocabulary      Additional   Assessments
                                                                     Statements                                                    Resources
20     L.4.2c - Use a comma       Students must know that       I know coordinating     Why is a comma        compound sentence
       before a coordinating      coordinating conjunctions     conjunctions are        used before a
       conjunction in a           are words that connect        words that connect      coordinating          Coordinating
       compound sentence.         other words, phrases, or      other words,            conjunction?          conjunction
                                  clauses.                      phrases, or clauses.
       SPI 401.1.6 Identify the                                                         How does the use of
                                  Students must know            I know                                        independent clause
       correct use of commas                                                            coordinating
       within context.            the words and, but, so, or,   the words and, but,     conjunctions
                                  for, yet, and nor are         so, or, for, yet, and   impact meaning in
                                  coordinating conjunctions     nor are coordinating    writing?
                                  (FANBOYS).                    conjunctions
                                  Students must know            (FANBOYS).
                                  coordinating conjunctions     I can use
                                  can be used to join two       coordinating
                                  independent clauses.          conjunctions to join
                                  Students must know that an two independent
                                  independent clause contains clauses.
                                  a subject and a verb and can I know an
                                  stand alone; it is a complete independent clause
                                  sentence.                     contains a subject
                                  Students must know that a     and a verb and can
                                  compound sentence is          stand alone; it is a
                                  composed of two or more       complete sentence.
                                  independent clauses joined    I know a compound
                                  by a coordinating             sentence is
                                  conjunction.                  composed of two or
                                  Students must know to place more independent
                                  a comma before a              clauses joined by a
                                  coordinating conjunction      coordinating
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
                                  that joins two independent      conjunction.
                                  clauses of equal emphasis.      I can place a comma
                                                                  before a
                                                                  conjunction that
                                                                  joins two
                                                                  independent clauses
                                                                  of equal emphasis.
21     W.4.4 - Produce clear      Students must know that         I can create a clear    How can a writer       audience          MLK writing
       and coherent writing in    development, organization, and coherent piece           develop a paper        development       project with
       which the development      and style are dependent         that is appropriately   appropriate to task,   form              conjunction with
       and organization are       upon the task, purpose, and developed and               purpose, and           organization      the story, My
       appropriate to task,                                       organized according     audience?                                Brother, Martin.
                                  audience.                                                                      purpose
       purpose, and audience.                                     to task and purpose.
                                  Students must know a                                                           style
       (Grade-specific                                                                    When and how are                         MLK quotes
                                  variety of writing types (e.g., I can use quotation                            tone
       expectations for writing                                   marks to designate      quotation marks
                                  opinion, informative,                                                           topic
       types are defined in                                       direct speech.          used to indicate
                                  narrative) including the
       W.4.1-3.)                                                  I can use quotation     direct speech and
                                  organization, style, and                                                       quotation marks
                                                                                          quotations in
                                  audience associated with        marks to                                       quotation/quote
       L.4.2b - Use commas and                                                            writing? What
                                  each type.                      designate quoted
       quotation marks to mark                                                            affect does the use
       direct speech and                                          material from a text    of quotation marks     dialogue
                                  Students must use quotation or source.
       quotations from a text.                                                            have on writing?
       SPI 401.1.10 Choose the    marks to designate direct       I can use a comma to
       correct use of quotation   speech.                         introduce a
       marks and commas in        Students must use quotation quotation after a
       direct quotes              marks to designate quoted       dialogue tag (e.g.,
                                  material from a text or         Mark asked, "Do I
                                  source.                         have to go to bed?")
                                  Students must use a comma I can place ending
                                  to introduce a quotation        punctuation
                                  after a dialogue tag (e.g.,     (periods, question
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
                       Mark asked, "Do I have to go    marks, exclamation
                       to bed?")                       marks) within closing
                       Students must place ending      quotation marks.
                       punctuation (periods,           I can place commas
                       question marks, exclamation     within closing
                       marks) within closing           quotation marks
                       quotation marks.                when the dialogue
                       Students must place             tag appears after the
                       commas within closing           quote (e.g., "I left
                       quotation marks when the        the books on the
                       dialogue tag appears after      table," said Mark.)
                       the quote (e.g., "I left the    I can use commas to
                       books on the table," said       off-set the dialogue
                       Mark.)                          tag from direct
                       Students must use commas        speech when the
                       to offset the dialogue tag      dialogue tag is in the
                       from direct speech when the     middle of the
                       dialogue tag is in the middle   quoted material
                       of the quoted material (e.g.,   (e.g., "I wanted to
                       "I wanted to watch that         watch that movie
                       movie last night," Mark said,   last night," Mark
                       " but it started too late.")    said, " but it was on
                                                       too late.")
22     W4.3b           Students must know              I can use dialogue       How does dialogue
                       dialogue is a conversation      and description to       help develop
                       between characters.             develop the story in     experiences in
                       Students must know              narrative writing.       situations?
                       description is used to add
                                                                                Why are characters'
                       details and interest.
                                                                                responses important
                       Students must know a
                                                                                in response to these
                       character's response is
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
                                      guided by their personality
                                      and story events.
23      Cumulative Review             Students will review            Review and
        L4.5c                         homophones,                     Assessment
        L4.1 g                        synonyms/antonyms,
        Spi 401.1.7; 401.1.12         prefixes/suffixes, usage
                                      errors, troublesome words,
                                      compound words, commas,
                                      and direct quotes.
24-26     L.4.5 - Demonstrate         Students must be able to        I can identify and     Why do writers use     Simile/Metaphor
                 understanding of     explain the meaning of a        define a simile.       similes and
                 figurative           simile used in context within   I can identify and     metaphors in text?     Figurative Language
                 language, word       grade-appropriate text.         define a metaphor.
                                      Students must be able to                               How could a writer     adage
                 relationships, and                                   I can explain the
                                      explain the meaning of a                               use figurative         idiom
                 nuances in word                                      meaning of a simile
                                      metaphor used in context                               language in writing
                 meanings.                                            used in context        literature to affect
                                      within grade-appropriate        within grade-                                 metaphorical
        L.4.5a - Explain the                                                                 the purpose, voice,
                                      text.                                                                         moral
        meaning of simple                                             appropriate text.      and tone of their
        similes and metaphors                                         I can explain the                             proverb
                                      Students must recognize                                work?
        (e.g., as pretty as a                                         meaning of a                                  theme/ author's
                                      that informal language                                                        message
        picture) in context.                                          metaphor used in       What purposes do
                                      contains everyday language                                                    alliteration
        L.4.5b - Recognize and                                        context within         idioms, adages, and
                                      and common expressions                                                        rhyme
        explain the meaning of                                        grade-appropriate      proverbs serve?
                                      (e.g., I saw a great flick                                                    personification
        common idioms, adages,                                        text.
                                      versus I viewed an                                                            repetition
        and proverbs.                                                                        Why do writers use
                                      outstanding film).                                                            Onomatopoeia
                                                                      I know informal        idioms, adages, and
                                                                      language contains      proverbs in text?
                                                                      everyday language
                                                                      and common
                                                                      expressions (e.g., I
                                                                      saw a great flick
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
                       versus I viewed an
                       outstanding film).
                       I know idioms,
                       adages, and
                       proverbs are types
                       of expressions
                       commonly used in
                       informal language.
                       I know an idiom is an
                       expression whose
                       meaning is not
                       predictable from the
                       usual meanings of
                       each element (e.g.,
                       to be raining cats
                       and dogs means
                       raining very hard, to
                       cost an arm and a
                       leg means very
                       I know an adage is a
                       simple and concrete
                       saying that is
                       popularly known and
                       repeated and
                       accepted by many to
                       be true (e.g., There
                       is no such thing as a
                       free lunch. The early
                       bird gets the worm.)
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
                                                              I know a proverb is a
                                                              simple and concrete
                                                              saying that is
                                                              popularly known and
                                                              repeated, based on
                                                              common sense, and
                                                              often metaphorical
                                                              (e.g., Curiosity killed
                                                              the cat. Don't count
                                                              your chickens before
                                                              they are hatched.
                                                              Faith will move
                                                              I know the terms
                                                              adage and proverb
                                                              are often used
                                                              I can identify and
                                                              define common
                                                              idioms, adages, and
                                                              I know proverbs can
                                                              sometimes serve as
                                                              the author's
                                                              message or the
                                                              moral of the story in
27-28    W.4.1 - Write opinion   Students must know an        I know an argument        What is the          argument
             pieces on topics    argument expresses a point   expresses a point of      difference between   persuade
             or texts,           of view supported by         view supported by         persuasion and       point of view
             supporting a        reasons and information.     reasons and               argument?
4th Writing-Language
3rd Nine Weeks
              point of view        Students must know reasons    information.           How is an argument
              with reasons and     are logical arguments drawn   I know know reasons    more effective in
              information.         from facts that support the   are logical            supporting opinions
         W.4.1a - Introduce a      writer's opinion.             arguments drawn        in writing?
              topic or text        Students must know            from facts that
              clearly, state an    arguments express a point     support the writer's   Strong arguments
              opinion, and         of view or attempt to         opinion.               use logic in the form
                                   persuade readers to agree     I know arguments       of valid and
              create an
                                   with a position.              express a point of     verifiable reasoning
                                                                                        to support point of
              structure in         Students must gather          view or attempt to
                                                                                        views and opinions.
              which related        information to support a      persuade readers to
              ideas are grouped    logical argument on a topic   agree with a
              to support the       or a text.                    position.
              writer’s purpose.    Students must determine       I can gather
         W.4.1b - Provide          relevant reasons and          information to
              reasons that are     information to support a      support a logical
              supported by         point of view.                argument on a topic
              facts and details.   Students must compose an      or text.
                                   argument with reasons and     I can determine
         W.4.1c - Link opinion     information that clearly      relevant reasons and
              and reasons using    support a specific point of   information to
              words and            view.
                                                                 support a point of
              phrases (e.g., for
              instance, in order
                                                                 I can compose an
              to, in addition).
                                                                 argument with
       W.4.1d - Provide a                                        reasons and
       concluding statement or                                   information that
       section related to the                                    clearly support my
       opinion presented.                                        point of view.
       SPI 401.3.1

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