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									8th Grade Reading
2nd Nine Weeks
Week                SPI                    Common Core                Learning Targets           Student Friendly      Essential         Tennessee        Additional   Assessments
                                             Standard                                              Statements          Question           Academic        Resources
10         SPI 0801.2.9 Distinguish                                                                 I can draw        Why does a           explicit
         between a summary and a            RI.8.1 - Cite the         Students must draw         conclusions based     reader use
                   critique.               textual evidence       conclusions about what an       on what I read.     explicit and         implicit
           SPI 0801.5.1 Recognize a       that most strongly     informational text is saying,                           implicit
       reasonable prediction of future   supports an analysis        explicitly or implicitly.        I can infer     evidence to      textual evidence
            events of a given text.        of what the text           Students must draw         information from    support his or
        SPI 0801.5.9 Make inferences       says explicitly as           inferences from            a text and give   her analysis of      inferring
       and draw conclusions based on      well as inferences      informational text to make     information back    informational
               evidence in text.         drawn from the text        and support an analysis.        to a listener.        text?
         0801.7.4 Draw an inference                              Students must support their
          from a non-print medium.                              analysis/inference/conclusion
                                                                   with explicit and implicit
       0801.7.5 Choose the statement                                    textual evidence
                   that best
          the message presented by
                  a medium.
11      SPI 0801.5.5 Choose a logical  RL.8.4 - Determine          Students must know an         I know an analogy   What impact           analogy
        word to complete an analogy,     the meaning of            analogy is a comparison         is a comparison   do analogies
         using synonyms, antonyms,     words and phrases         between things with similar       between things    and allusions     coherent order
                  homonyms,           as they are used in a               features.                   with similar    provide the
          categories/subcategories,       text, including        Students must explain how             features.        reader?
         whole/part, functions, verb      figurative and        analogies expand an author's
          forms, rhymes, scrambled          connotative         ideas and attitude about the
          words, and homophones.       meanings; analyze                    topic.
           SPI 0801.6.5 Choose the         the impact of
           correct order of a set of       specific word
                 instructions.        choices on meaning
                                       and tone, including
                                            analogies or
                                        allusions to other
8th Grade Reading
2nd Nine Weeks

12        SPI 0801.8.10 Identify the        RL.8.3 - Analyze          Students must know           I know revealing       How are the       Protagonist
       kind(s) of conflict present in a   how particular lines         revealing aspects of             aspects of a       aspects of
        literary plot (i.e., person vs.      of dialogue or       characters is uncovering their   character means         characters       Antagonist
                   person,                incidents in a story         traits or background        to uncover traits        revealed
          person vs. self, person vs.     or drama propel the       information about them.          or background         through a
           environment, person vs.           action, reveal        Students must know details      knowledge about            text?
                 technology).                 aspects of a           about characters can be         that character.
                                              character, or       revealed through dialogue or        I know details
         SPI 0801.8.11 Identify and        provoke a decision                 incidents            about characters
        analyze a literary character’s                                                              can be revealed
              moral dilemma.                                                                       through dialogue
                                                                                                        or incidents

13        SPI 0801.8.5 Analyze the        RL.8.2 - Determine a       Students must know the        I know the theme        How can a
       development of similar themes         theme or central      theme or central idea of a       or central idea of   reader use his
         across two or more literary        idea of a text and     text the message or lesson           a text is the        or her
                   texts.                       analyze its         that the author alludes to     message or lesson     understanding
                                           development over              through details.            that the author      of theme or
                                            the course of the        Students must infer the       alludes to through    central idea to
                                            text, including its    theme or central idea of a              details.       summarize a
                                           relationship to the       text, based on the text's        I can infer the         text
                                           characters, setting,   setting, plot, and characters.    theme or central      objectively?
                                          and plot; provide an                                        idea of a text,
                                          objective summary                                            based on the
                                                of the text.                                          text's setting,
                                                                                                         plot, and

14        SPI 0801.8.7 Identify and        RL.8.6 - Analyze       Students must know irony is       I know irony is a      How does            Irony
        analyze examples of literary      how differences in       a figure of speech in which     figure of speech in    irony affect
       elements that shape meaning        the points of view        the literal meaning is the      which the literal     the flow of      Dramatic irony
                   within                  of the characters        opposite of the intended         meaning is the      the story and
8th Grade Reading
2nd Nine Weeks
           context (i.e., flashback,     and the audience or                 meaning.               opposite of the         create
        foreshadowing, irony, mood,      reader (e.g., created   Students must know dramatic            intended         suspense or
             symbolism, tone).            through the use of      irony is a technique in which         meaning.        humor within
                                            dramatic irony)        the reader/audience knows       I know dramatic         a story?
                                          create such effects      something that a character           irony is a
                                            as suspense or                   does not.                technique in
                                                humor.                                                 which the
                                                                                                  knows something
                                                                                                   that a character
                                                                                                        does not.


16      SPI 0801.8.8 Analyze      RL.8.4 - Determine       Students must identify figurative      I can identify        The tone of a text is   Idiom
        figurative language       the meaning of words     language in text.                      figurative language   determined by an        Metaphor
        (i.e., idiom, metaphor,   and phrases as they                                             in text.              author's use of         Simile
        simile,                                            Students must explain how the                                                        Personification
                                  are used in a text,                                                                   words, phrases,
        personification,                                   author's use of figurative language    I can explain how the connotations, and       Hyperbole
        hyperbole, pun)           including figurative                                                                                          Pun
                                                           further illustrates/expands the tone   author's use of
        within context.           and connotative                                                                       figurative language.
                                  meanings; analyze        and meaning of the text                figurative language
                                  the impact of specific                                          further
                                  word choices on                                                 illustrates/expands
                                  meaning and tone,                                               the tone and
                                  including analogies or                                          meaning of the text.
                                  allusions to other

17      SPI 0801.8.9 Analyze      RL.8.4 - Determine   Students must identify sound devices I can identify sound         How do sound           rhyme scheme
        examples of sound         the meaning of words within context.                      devices such as              devices affect the     alliteration
        devices within context                                                                                                                   free verse
8th Grade Reading
2nd Nine Weeks
        (i.e., rhyme scheme,      and phrases as they                                             rhyme scheme,          tone and meaning of   repetition
        alliteration,             are used in a text,                                             alliteration, free     a literary work?       internal rhyme
        onomatopoeia, free        including figurative                                            verse, repetition,                           slant rhyme.
        verse, repetition,        and connotative                                                 internal rhyme, and
        internal rhyme, slant     meanings; analyze                                               slant rhyme.
        rhyme).                   the impact of specific
                                  word choices on
                                  meaning and tone,
                                  including analogies or
                                  allusions to other

18      SPI 0801.8.8 Analyze      RL.8.4 - Determine       Students must identify sound           I can identify sound   How does figurative   Alliteration
        figurative language       the meaning of words     patterns and figurative language and   patterns and           language affect the   Onomatopoeia
        (i.e., idiom, metaphor,   and phrases as they      explain how it contributes to a        figurative language    meaning of the        Rhyme scheme
        simile,                                                                                                                                Assonance
                                  are used in a text,      poem’s meaning and to the poem’s       and find meaning in    poem?
        personification,                                                                                                                       Internal rhyme
        hyperbole, pun)           including figurative     affect.                                a poem.                                      Slant rhyme
        within context.           and connotative                                                                                              Repetition
                                  meanings; analyze                                                                                            Metaphor
                                  the impact of specific                                                                                       Simile
                                  word choices on                                                                                              Limerick
                                  meaning and tone,                                                                                            Lyric
                                  including analogies or
                                  allusions to other                                                                                           Sensory detail
8th Grade Reading
2nd Nine Weeks

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