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									                                                                                    Prom Art Booking Office
                                                                                               Victoria Hall
                                                                                               Main Street
                                                                                                  LA11 6DB

                                                                                          Tel: 015395 34026

Dear Friend,
                              Booking for the 2013 Season – New Procedure
Over 140 artists and crafts people booked for the 2012 season and over 100 have come in some months.

For the new season we will be using the internet and email rather than using the post. All documents will be
on and we will send you an email as a receipt and when significant matters arise. As post is
now very expensive for us we urge you to set up an email account for communications, but will post out to the
few exhibitors who still need it.

However for 2013 we are enclosing an application form in this packet. Our booking fee remains at £15 per
month, or £60 for 4, 5 or 6 months. We will accept payment from your bank account direct into our account
which is “Grange Festival of Arts”; Sort code 01 03 46; Account No. 29507014, please use your own name as a
reference so we know you have paid. Cheques are also acceptable. Please do not send cash by post.

We are continuing with our policy of not charging commission on works sold, nor for entry fees to visitors, nor
for links from to your website. We now have some pages on Facebook: a group to join “We
love Prom Art Grange-over-Sands” and a page to friend “Prom Art Grange-over-Sands” to chat and leave
comments about Prom Art.

Feedback has been that Prom Art is a friendly and welcoming event for everyone, and we are happy to allocate
friends’ stalls next to one another, when possible. Please ask your friends to book early if they wish to be near
you and state this in the comments section on both of your booking forms. You may share your site with
another artist at no extra cost, but please put the name and details of the key contact person on the booking
form and the name and details of the additional person/s in the comments section.

Again we will only allow gazebos authorised by us as they will need a wider part of the promenade. We will be
reluctant to refuse anyone but as the event has grown we only have spaces for 39 gazebos. There are now 46
spaces used by those who prefer the easier open contact and natural lighting which is possible without a
gazebo, and you are welcome to bring a beach umbrella to use for shelter in this area.

We will send you an email (or letter) giving your site number and further details before your first event, and
will also post all allocated stall numbers on our website. We usually allocate you the same number each
season unless you wish otherwise. Please phone me on 015395 35297 if you wish to discuss any aspect of

During the season we depend on being informed if you cannot come so we can re-allocate the stall number to
someone on the waiting list. This has been very effective for the 2012 season and we found spaces for most
who wanted to attend.

Yours truly,

Robert Leach – Prom Art Chairperson

P.S. The Tourist Information Centre in the Victoria Hall is open seven days a week in summer
    10am to 4pm, maybe not Sundays later in the year.
                                Frequently Asked Questions – New Details

 1. Are both professionals and amateurs allowed?
     Yes, all people are welcome. We have many art          pedestrians. Safety is paramount. Note that the
tutors, teachers and hobby artists, all abilities and all   turning circle to do a three point turn is only 7m (24’)
ages from 10 upwards. Stallholders under 18 must be
accompanied by an adult.                                    5mph, hazard lights flashing, DO NOT SPEED.
                                                            If the weather is very bad then asteward will notify
2. How many can be in a group?
                                                            you that can leave from 10.30 a.m. We will leave it
        You and as many friends as you like can             up to each artist to decide whether to stay or not.
share one space at no extra cost. Please let us know
in the comments section of your form. Each space is         6. What if it rains?
the 8-10ft between the posts. There is space to                  You get wet!
spread out slightly beyond the posts.                       It can also be windy and gusty ! ! ! Some people
       You can be next to one another in separate           bring gazebos; some put their art within plastic
spaces at extra cost if you book early. Please let us       pouches or have plastic sheets handy. We have a
know your friend’s name on both of your forms.              dustpan and brush at the “Prom Art Information
                                                            Here” point for broken glass and a grab pole is also
3. How many artists will there be?
                                                            available for retrieving items which have dropped
      Over 140 artists came in 2012, most but not all       over onto the grass. Please do not jump down over
for all six months. They used 80 sites. We allow a          the railings as you cannot climb back up. Use the
space between each site and you will put your car on        ramps along the Prom instead. It can be wet and
the landside of the prom near and opposite your art         muddy – take care!
which will be against the railings. You will bring
display boards or tables as you wish.                       In bad weather we will leave it up to each artist to
                                                            decide whether to come or not. We put the latest
If you bring your gazebo you will put your car in the       information on our website by
two spaces between gazebos next to the prom                 7am on the day. So far we have had to cancel only
railings.                                                   4 out of 44 events.
We operate a waiting list and, so far, most people on
                                                              Prom Art is not liable for any damage caused.
the waiting list have been allocated spaces.
4. I have booked for 6 months and cannot come
                                                            7. I may need a toilet?
one of the months
                                                                 Some are now opposite the old pool just past
     Please let Robert know as soon as possible on
                                                            the Prom Cafe – charge 20p.
015395 35297 (answer-phone), preferably the week
before, so someone else can take your place.                8. I need a drink?
   Email: BOTH                          The Prom Cafe is near the old pool, and serves
            AND                         meals, snacks and ice cream to eat in or take away.
.5. Can a car or van be on the prom?                        Food and drinks are also available at the Hazelmere
                                                            Cafe, the Grange Hotel and the Netherwood Hotel.
     Only previously authorised cars or vans can be
                                                            Other places in Grange are open on Sundays.
allowed due to lack of space (please give registration
number, model and colour of car). The prom is only          There is a pub at the top of Bayley Lane and the
10ft wide in places so you will have to come through        Commodore Hotel is near the car park.
the underpass at the station after 8.30am and
prefeably before 9.30. Your car cannot leave before         Please phone Robert Leach on 015395 35297
4pm. Cars can go one way only at each time as there                    for a chat if you wish
are no passing places. The prom will be busy with
    These details make Prom Art rather special

    Meet other creative people and make friends

    Share experiences with professionals

    No selection panel – first come, first served

    No Hanging Committee – some artists bring over 30 paintings

    No commission

    Links to your website at no extra cost

    This local event attracts over 50 artists from ten counties

     who travel over 50 miles to get here

           See for further information

         Phone Robert Leach on 015395 35297 to chat about Prom Art

                    or email him at

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