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                                                                                            As part of our dedication to

                                                                                            being at the forefront of
                                                                                            technology Mooncomputers
                                                                                            offer our customers access
                                                                                            to the BT 21CN network
                                                                                            where coverage allows.
      connectivity Mooncomputers offers a full range of data                                BT21CN is the latest
      services. We only offer the highest quality business                                  generation of BT's network.
      grade services at a cost effective price, ensuring that                               The goal has been to
      our business clients retain a competitive advantage. As                               create an IP based national
      a wholesaler of business grade DSL                                                    fibre network to enable
                                                                                            communication in a range
                                                                                            of formats and support the
                                                                                            demands for voice and
                                                                                            data convergence. This has
                                                                                            allowed for the provision of
                                                                                            faster and more stable
                                                                                            broadband at ADSL2
                                                                                            speeds through the BT

                                                                                            ADSL2 is the next
                                                                                            generation of broadband.
                                                                                            The mooncomputers has
                                                                                            been at the forefront of
                                                                                            bringing and developing
                                                                                            this technology within the
                                                                                            channel. As more business
                                                                                            services are reliant upon
                                                                                            bandwidth the capability
                                                                                            and quality of the internet
                                                                                            connection is paramount

                                                                                            Traditional ADSL provides a
                                                                                            much higher download
      Broadband options                                                                     than upload capability.
      IP Stream ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)                                 SDSL is designed to match
      IP Stream ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 1.3mbit upload)                            the available bandwidth in
      IP Stream SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload)                                      both directions, with
      LLU ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)                                       speeds ranging from 512k
      LLU ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)                                  to 2mbit. SDSL is intended
      BT 21CN (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)                                    for us as a business
      LLU SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload with contention as low as 1:1)              alternative to a lower
      Bonded Broadband (bonding multiple circuits to create a larger physical connection)   bandwidth leased line.
      Specialist broadband                                                                  Although ADSL2 is a direct
      Load Balanced DSL                                                                     alternative SDSL is still a
      Bonded DSL                                                                            useful product to
      Fibre Connections                                                                     guarantee the service
      Leased Lines                                                                          levels that a customer will
      Ethernet                                                                              receive and maximise the
      Partner packages                                                                      performance of distributed
      Reseller broadband                                                                    network applications.

 3 Prospect Court, Courteenhall Road, Blisworth, Northamptonshire, NN7 3DG
 tel: 01604 878480
website: www.mooncomputers.net /email: info@mooncomputers.net

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