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									                               The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
                                   Study Guide Questions
                                           Act II

Scene i
   1. Pg. 1066, lines 8-16, what is Mercutio’s tone in these lines? Whose speech is he

   2. Pg. 1067, lines 17-21, what is ironic about this particular taunt by Mercutio?

   3. Pg. 1067, line 32, what popular saying does this line reflect? What is meant by it?

Scene ii
   4. Pg. 1067, line 2-8, to whom is Romeo referring? What kind of wound is he talking about?

   5. Identify the metaphors and images that Romeo uses to express his love in lines 26-32 on
      pg. 1067-68.

   6. Pg. 1068, lines 43-48, translate these lines into contemporary English.

   7. Pg. 1068, lines 49-51, what does Romeo offer to do? Are you surprised by Romeo’s
      immediate willingness to give up being a Montague? Why?

   8. Pg. 1069, lines 70-74, what complication threatens the lovers’ happiness? Which one of
      them seems to take this threat more seriously?

   9. Pg. 1069, lines 75-78, translate this passage into contemporary English.

   10. Do you find it plausible that Romeo found himself beneath Juliet’s window at the exact
       moment she was expressing her love for him? Why?

   11. Pg. 1069, lines 95-105, do you think a teenage girl of today would be just as embarrassed
       to have the boy she loves overhear her true feelings so early in their relationship. Explain.

   12. Pg. 1071, lines 117-120, how does Shakespeare use images of light and darkness here to
       hint at dangers to come?

   13. Pg. 1071, lines 131-36, what does Juliet’s response to Romeo reveal about her character?

   14. Pg. 1071, lines 139-41, how do Romeo’s words here echo those of Mercutio in his Queen
       Mab speech in Act I, scene 4?

   15. Pg. 1071, lines 142-48, what might have prompted Juliet to talk about marriage upon her
       return to the balcomy?
   16. What literary element is present in line 161 on pg. 1072?

   17. Pg. 1072, lines 168-170, how has Juliet’s perception of time changed since she met

   18. Pg. 1072, lines 177-82, paraphrase these lines.

   19. Pg. 1073, line 184, what terrible future event does this line foreshadow?

   20. Pg. 1073, line 185, why is parting “sweet” to Juliet?

Scene iii
   21. What is the structure of Friar Laurence’s speech?

   22. Pg. 1073-74, lines 9-22, what literary device is present in these lines? What do these lines
       refer to mainly?

   23. Pg. 1074, line 44, what does this line indicate about the closeness of the friendship
       between Romeo and Friar Laurence?

   24. Pg. 1075-76, lines 65, what is Friar Laurence’s tone in this line to Romeo?

   25. Pg. 1076, lines 79-80, what does Friar Laurence’s statement suggest about his view of
       men and women?

   26. Pg. 1076, lines 85-87, paraphrase Romeo’s lines.

Scene iv
   27. Pg. 1077, lines 6-11, what new plot twist is the reader reminded of in this exchange?

   28. Pg. 1077, lines 18-24, what tone is Mercutio using here?

   29. Pg. 1077-78, lines 34-39, what is Mercutio making fun of in these lines?

   30. Pg. 1079, lines 77-81, what literary element is present in these lines? What explains
       Romeo’s better humor?

   31. Pg. 1079, lines 90-101, how is the nurse trying to act during this exchange? How do the
       young men react?

   32. Pg. 1080, lines 117-18, why does Romeo join in on the teasing when he knows the nurse
       has come on a very serious mission?

   33. Pg. 1080, lines 129-30, paraphrase Romeo’s description of Mercutio?
   34. Pg. 1080, lines 131-35, how are Mercutio and the nurse similar? How are they different?

   35. Pg. 1082, lines 142-46, what do the terms “fool’s paradise” and “double dealing” refer

   36. Pg. 1082, lines 162-66, what will Romeo use the rope ladder for?

   37. When the Nurse says, “Doth not rosemary and Romeo begin both with a letter?”
       illustrates two literary devices. Identify and explain these literary devices.

Scene v
   38. Pg. 1083, lines 4-13, how does Juliet’s speech here extend the theme of youth vs. age?

   39. Pg. 1083, lines 16-17, do you think this is how most teenagers view older generations?

   40. Pg. 1084, lines 31-37, what does this line of reasoning show about Juliet?

   41. Pg. 1084, lines 38-44, what is the nurse’s tone in these lines?

   42. Pg. 1085, lines 69-76, what is unusual about the nurse’s speech?

Scene vi
   43. Pg. 1085, lines 3-8, identify the theme expressed in Romeo’s lines.

   44. Pg. 1086, lines 9-11, what does Friar Laurence compare Romeo and Juliet’s love to?
       What does this indicate?

   45. Pg. 1086, lines 30-34, in what way does Juliet’s speech sound like Romeo’s style of
       talking at this point?

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