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					                I can write 3 or 4 sentences mostly from memory. I can change words to make a new
                Level 5: I can understand conversations about more than one thing, in the past, present or
                future. I can give and ask for information. I can talk about the past, the present or the
                future. I am easily understood. I can read and understand all sorts of material in the past,
                present or future. I can understand passages not written for schools e.g. newspapers. I can
                write short passages to ask for and give information. I can use the past, the present and

a = always
                the future.
                Level 6: I can start and continue a conversation about the past, present or future. I can
                deal with the unexpected. I can read and understand a variety of texts which include words
                I know in new situations. I now can pick out points of view and understand the gist of
                authentic texts. I can describe past, present or future events in paragraphs. I can use

b = mostly
                informal and formal styles.
                  Level 7: I can understand sentences containing words which I may not have learnt, and
                  adapt them to deal with the unexpected. I can understand authentic spoken and written
                  language. I can give and justify my opinions on many topics. My pronunciation and accent
                  are good. I can read and understand a wide range of material. I can produce well
                  structured pieces of writing.

c = sometimes
                                  Spread the glue in this box only
                            and stick the sheet in your exercise book.
                          Then fold it so that you can read all four pages!
        This unit is about…
            La Normandie

              sporting event
              comparative merits
            Travel Arrangements
            Arranging Hotel Accommodation
            Visiting an attraction/sporting event
        By the end of this unit I will have learnt…

            Book a hotel room orally and in writing
                                                                                                                      Term 3 - first half
                                                                                                                                            Year 9 French

                                                                   On y va! - pages 78 to 95

            Understand/talk about visiting an attraction or a
                                                                                           Expo 3 - Unit 5 Overview

            Understand/talk about methods of travel and their
            Understand/talk about the attractions of a region a
My name:                                    Tutor Grp:   How did I learn best?
At the start of this my levels are:
                                                         What did I enjoy the most?
 L:             S:              R:             W:
                                                         What am I proud of?

My overall target level for the end of this unit is:     For the assessment: I will have to be able to understand
                                                         travel arrangements in the future tense. Understand and
The topics in this unit are:                             give information about accommodation; in the present and
    La Normandie and its attractions                    the past. Understand and give information about a holiday
    Travel and transport                                destination in a range of tenses.
    Booking Accommodation
    Tourist Attractions/Sporting Events                 My levels at the end of this unit are:
Grammar: I will be able to -                              L:       S:       R:       W:        Average:
    Comparative/Superlative
    Quand + future                                      Level 3: I can understand people’s likes/dislikes and feelings. I can
    Si + present                                        say 2 or 3 things in a short conversation with a partner. I can say what
    The conditional                                     I like or dislike and how I feel. I can read and understand short
                                                         printed passages made of words which I know. I can use a dictionary.
    Verbs + à/de + infinitive
                                                         I can write 2 or 3 short sentences on things I know with the help of
                                                        my books and classroom display. I can write what I like, dislike and
Skills: I will be able to –                              feel. I can write short sentences from memory accurately.
    Use a range of vocabulary and structures              Level 4: I can understand more details about longer passages. I can
    Listen for gist and detail                          say 3 or 4 things in a longer conversation. I can change words to make
                                                         new sentences. I can read and understand short stories which are
    Use language for real purposes
                                                         printed or neatly written. I can pick out main points and some details.
    Work with authentic materials                       I can work out the meaning of some words. My pronunciation is

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