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Good news for all camping-car owners who enjoy travelling off the beaten track in the
heart of French wine-growing and farming country, and who appreciate good food -
the 13th edition of the Carnet des Invitations will be available in March.

The only one of its kind, this guidebook brings together 720 wine-growers and
farmers in 84 different departments on whose properties you can stopover free
of charge.
The principle is simple, camping-car owners can stay overnight or for 24 hours on
these properties free of charge and without having to book.
All that is necessary to enjoy this amazing stopover network is to remember to say
“Hello” and “Goodbye”.
To obtain your copy of the stopover list, just purchase the Carnet des Invitations
published by France Passion. It costs 27€, and is valid until Easter 2006.
The Carnet des Invitations is published in 6 languages: French, English, German
(main texts in Spanish, Italian and Dutch).

Our 2005 vintage:
With over 720 hosts waiting to welcome you this year, even more stopovers are
available all over France.
440 wine-growers and 280 farmers and market gardeners offer more than 3500
free stopover sites on their properties.
150 new owners of vineyards, farms and chateaux have set a site aside for you in
the Landes, Champagne, Auvergne, Limousin, Brittany, Burgundy and Languedoc-
New France Passion stopovers in 3 departments :
In addition to a warm, friendly and genuine welcome, France Passion gives you the
opportunity to taste local produce – honey, fruit, wine, cheese or foie gras, and to try
out new activities. From horse ploughing, crystal glassmaking, organic farming or
fishing, to hot air ballooning, walking with a pack donkey or canoeing on the

                                FRANCE PASSION
                       B.P.57 - 84 202 CARPENTRAS CEDEX
                               Fax (+33) 4 90 60 48 69
  The “Invitations Formula” is the free alternative to the formality of campsites and
    ‘Wild camping’. It is offered to all motorhome owners by the wine-growers and
                                    farmers of France.
  It’s an informal welcome that lets you to park overnight (up to 24 hours), on their
                 property, without any payment or financial obligation.

                  - How the “Invitations Formula” works -

On the property owner's side:                 On the motorhome owners side :
Each       Winemaker       or    Farmer       Admitted as a guest, for having
participating in the “Formula” has            accepted the functioning rules and
signed a yearly invitation addressed          after having first made a written
exclusively to people with camping-           request, people with camping cars will
cars, who are travelling with a fully         receive a personal Invitation Card, a
equipped vehicle (i.e. water, sanitation,     windscreen       vehicle   identification
refuse disposal etc.).                        sticker, and the Invitations Handbook,
France Passion receives this invitation       for the current year.
and sends it to people who are                The camping-car owner agrees to
interested in the scheme.                     benefit from these invitations
With this document the property               exclusively during their period of
owners have agreed to allow camping           validity (Easter to Easter).
cars, within the framework of the             The invitation card and the windscreen
“Formule INVITATIONS”, to stay freely         sticker are offered by the property
and without charge on a single site on        owners through France Passion; only
their property for a day and a night,         the Invitations Handbook, produced by
limited to 24 hours for any one stay.         the publisher, costs 27€;

All  the   participating    property          The cost of the "Invitations
owners are listed in an annually              Handbook" is all you pay to enjoy
produced handbook called the                  and experience the advantages of
“Carnet des Invitations” (Invitations         the ‘Invitation Formula’ for a year
Handbook).                                    (Easter to Easter).

                                FRANCE PASSION
                     B.P. 57 - F 84202 CARPENTRAS CEDEX
                              Fax (+33) 4 90 60 48 69 -

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