DrayTek announces firmware upgrade for VigorIPPBX 2820 version 3_5_5

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					  DrayTek Announces Firmware Upgrade for VigorIPPBX 2820 Version
HSINCHU, Taiwan. DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking
solutions provider, today announces the launch of firmware version 3.5.5 for
VigorIPPBX 2820 series providing more powerful features to facilitate business
operation in today’s IP telephony environment.

VigorIPPBX 2820 series is DrayTek’s latest IP PBX system with built-in
ADSL2/2+ modem converging voice & data together and compatible with
SIP/ISDN/PSTN call scenarios focusing on SOHO/Small business needs.
“With the release of version 3.5.5, SOHO/Small business users can utilize
sophisticated IPPBX features embedded in VigorIPPBX 2820 series in order to
move to all IP-based communication protected by DrayTek well-known
firewall/VPN platform. This firmware advancement can be viewed as the key
milestone of DrayTek’s Unified Communications development” said Calvin Ma,
CEO of DrayTek Corp.

Brief of add-ons benefits in version 3.5.5
VigorIPPBX 2820 allows 50 IP end-point registration and now offers up 6 SIP
(VoIP) trunks with backup feature, simultaneous 4-ISDN calls from two
ISDN-TE ports and 1 PSTN trunk (1-FXO port).

As integration with SIP/ISDN/PSTN, administrator of VigorIPPBX 2820 can
give each extension with different trunk configuration for users’ outgoing call
use based on their job function needs, selection including SIP trunks for VoIP,
ISDN trunks and PSTN trunk. The precise trunk configurations for each
extension (user) make better utilization of business’ communication resources.
For calling out through SIP trunk, user can choose whether displays specific
Caller ID (CLI) or not to control privacy. Moreover, administrator can have
backup route setting when main route (trunk) is outage for Digit Map function
which can set specific trunks for calling constant contact numbers to get least
cost routing advantage. Also, we provide wildcard setting to simplify Digit Map
configuration for SIP trunk.

In addition to calling out, VigorIPPBX 2820 provides more user-friendly
functions handling incoming calls. As call receiver (e.g. Sales rep A) is not at
office, the incoming call can be forwarded to voice mail, specific extension (e.g.
supervisor), group (e.g. team) or SIP trunk for reaching him directly. We also

advance Hunt Group setting to direct calls to specific extension/group when
original configuration is overflowed. For dealing with unwanted calls, we allow
Call Barring rule to be applied to all extension, specific group or extension to
shorten setting time. At last, all Call Detail Records can be exported for


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