September 4 by R8VDq9


									                       Team Mosaic Homework
                          September 4, 2012

  • Algebra – In Class : #25-28                    HW: #31-35

  • Math - In Class : 5-D Process & Present your problem        HW: None
Science – In Class: Begin Independent Investigations.
                    Benchmark: Decide upon 3 topics to investigate.
               HW: None

Social Studies - Brown gold activity..3Gs of explorers
           HW: 3 ring binders are due asap….

English – In Class: General Research, then choose SPECIFIC
research topics. Generate 5-7 Research Questions HW: Topics and
Questions due TOMORROW

Literacy Lab – In Class:      Identify the 5 Ws for your news article.
HW:    Complete your chart (“What you need to know” and “How
you’ll find out”)

Spanish- In Class: Quizlet Vocab Practice
           HW: Study for Kindergarten quizzes starting with ABCs and
           numbers-ABC quizZes Thursday


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