Evaldo Tavares de Medeiros by R8VDq9


									                                   Evaldo Tavares de Medeiros

Address:                                                       Date of birth: 9 June 1971
 39bis, rue Doudeauville                                       Nationality: Brazilian
 75018 Paris - France
Telephone (home): + 33 1 42 52 91 25
Mobile phone: + 33 6 61 74 77 89
E-mail: evaldomedeiros@gmail.com

Native language: Portuguese
Languages: English, French, Spanish

1998      Diplôme d’études approfondies (MA): Contemporary English literature
          Sorbonne University, Paris, France
1997      Maîtrise: English literature
          Sorbonne University, Paris, France
1994      Bachelor of arts: English and Portuguese
          Faculty of arts, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
          Faculty of Arts, Manchester University, UK

1997-present Translator: English/French/Spanish into Portuguese
                         Portuguese/French/Spanish into English
                         Portuguese/English/Spanish into French (in collaboration with a
                          French translator)

                 Subtitling of fiction and documentary films (cinema, TV and DVD) as well as
                 corporate videos; translation of screenplays, texts and websites (see list),
                 through the following agencies:
                 L.V.T./C.M.C.        15, rue Benjamin Raspail – 92240 Malakoff, France
                 Video-Adapt           5, rue Cardinal Mercier – 75009 Paris, France
                  T.V.S.              22, boulevard Rodin – 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
                  Dubbing Bros        19, rue de la Montjoie – 93210 Saint-Denis, France

1999-present     Part-time teacher of English
                 Langues et Entreprises
                 18, rue de Tilsitt – Paris 75017 – France

1994-1995       Teacher of English
                Cultura Inglesa, João Pessoa – Brazil

1994            Teacher assistant: Brazilian theatre and culture
                Drama department, Manchester University, UK

Theatre, cinema, literature, architecture, arts, linguistics, sports
English, French or Spanish into Portuguese

Le Bic Cristal, documentary, France 2006 (DVD Arte vidéo)
The Lovers of the Arctic Circle, by Julio Medem, Spain/France 1998 (DVD Studiocanal)
La Haine, by Matthieu Kassovitz, France 1995 (bonus DVD Studiocanal)
The Mirror Crack’d, by Guy Hamilton, UK 1980 (DVD Studiocanal)
The Go-Between, by Joseph Losey, UK 1970 (DVD Studiocanal)
The Servant, by Joseph Losey, UK 1963 (DVD Studiocanal)
Two Way Stretch, by Robert Day, UK 1960 (DVD Studiocanal)
The Tales of Hoffmann, by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, UK 1951 (DVD
Champagne Charlie, by Alberto Cavalcanti, UK 1944 (DVD Studiocanal)
The Skin Game, by Alfred Hitchcock, UK 1931 (DVD Studiocanal)
Murder!, by Alfred Hitchcock, UK 1930 (DVD Studiocanal)
Blackmail, by Alfred Hitchcock, UK 1929 (DVD Studiocanal)

Ceux d’en face, screenplay by Jean-Daniel Pollet, France 1998

Corporate videos: Alstom, sanofi aventis, Suez, Hermès…

Portuguese, French or Spanish into English

City of Men, feature film by Paulo Morelli, Brazil 2007
Can Tunis, documentary film by Jose Gonzalez Morandi and Paco Toledo, Spain 2007
Novela na Santa Casa, documentary film in Portuguese by Cathie Levy, France/Brazil 2007
Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien, documentary film by Jean-Christian Riff,
   France 2007
Le Côté obscure de la Dame Blanche, documentary film in Spanish by Patricio
   Henríquez, Canada 2006
Shantytown Shakespeare, documentary film by Chris Clarke, UK/Brazil 2005
Central Station, feature film by Walter Salles, Brazil 1997
Midnight, TV film by Walter Salles, France/Brazil 1997

Audio guide: “Pavillon de l’Arsenal – Permanent exhibition” about architecture in Paris,
  France 2007 (www.pavillon-arsenal.com)

Portuguese into French (in collaboration with a French translator)

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation, feature film by Cao Hamburger, Brazil 2007
City of Men, TV series in four seasons, 2002-2005
Pelé Eterno, documentary film by Anibal Massaini Neto, Brazil 2004
Maria Bethânia: Música é Perfume, documentary film by George Cachot, Switzerland/Brazil
Bus 174, documentary film by José Padilha and Felipe Lacerda, Brazil 2002
Esquece Tudo o Que Te Disse, feature film by António Ferreira, Portugal 2002

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