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									                     Sandalwood Heights Secondary School
                               Course Outline
Course Name:          Grade 9 Applied French
Course Code:            FSF 1P0
Credit Value:           1

Course Expectations: At the end of this course, students will:
- listen and respond to short, structured spoken texts and simple non-structured media works
- express ideas and opinions in short conversations using appropriate language conventions
- read and demonstrate understanding of simple texts and gather information to expand
    knowledge of the French language
- express ideas and opinions in short written texts using appropriate language conventions
- Express (textbook)
- French/English dictionary
Materials Required:
- Cahier
      French/English dictionary
- Separate binder (for French notes and handouts) plus extra lined paper
- Pens, pencils and basic art supplies

Evaluation:     70 % Term Work / 30 % Final Summative Evaluation(s)

                                                         The following Learning Skills will be
    All marking will be based on Provincial              taught and assessed throughout the course.
    Curriculum Expectations. You will be                 A rating for them will appear on your final
    marked in the following areas:                       report card.
    Knowledge and Understanding                         Independent Work Skills
    (KU) 35 %                                            Team Work Skills
    Thinking / Inquiry (TI) 15 %                        Organizational Skills
    Communication (CO) 30 %                             Work Habits
    Application (AP) 20 %                               Initiative

 Term Work:
 - Quizzes, assignments, presentations and a project after each unit.
 - Mid-term evaluation (15% Final Summative Evaluation)
 - Your homework will count toward your Learning Skills. In addition you may be asked to communicate
 your answers to the rest of the class which will count toward the KU, TI, CO, and/or AP portion of your
 final grade.
 - In order to be successful, homework must be completed.
 - On-line translators are not permitted and will result in a mark of zero.
Student Expectations:
 Regular attendance is important. If you miss a class, you are responsible for catching up.
 If absent, a call must be made from home to the attendance office or a note is required upon your
   return to school.
 Punctuality is essential.
 You must come prepared to class every day.
 Notebooks are to be kept organized and up to date.
 The student agenda is to be used to record important deadlines, tests, or homework.

 Major tests and assignments will be announced in advance.
 It is the student's responsibility to seek assistance from the teacher when he or she is unable to
   complete an assignment due to insufficient knowledge or skill. Be sure to advise the teacher of this
   difficulty well in advance of the deadline.
 Some deadlines are negotiable. A few are absolute. Work that is not completed on either a
   negotiated or absolute deadline may not be evaluated.
 Chronic lateness in submitting assignments or completing tests, may prevent the teacher from
   evaluating a student's ability to demonstrate the course expectations and may require the student to
   demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills within an alternate setting such as summer school.

Missed Summative Assessments:
 Students who know ahead of time that they will miss an assessment are expected to discuss the
   situation beforehand with the subject teacher.
 Students who miss an in-class summative assessment for an unauthorized reason may lose the
   opportunity to complete the task.
 Students who are absent on the day of an assessment for reasons such as illness, field trip, or
   suspension are responsible for:
         The work covered and assigned during the class
         The handing in of assignments at a time negotiated with the teacher
         The writing of any missed tests at a time negotiated with the teacher
 After a legitimate prolonged absence (more than two days) the student is to make arrangements with
   the teacher immediately upon returning to school for an alternative date for the missed assessment.

Acknowledgement: (to be signed by all parties and kept as page one in the student's binder)
Student Signature:                                                   Date:
Parent / Guardian Signature:                                         Date:
Teacher Signature:                                                   Date:


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