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									                                                  Del Tinsley, State Director 307 233-6700
                                               Lola Lucero, Public Information Coordinator
                                                                        307 672-5820 Ex. 4


   October 27, 2007 – Riverton, WY - US Senator Mike Enzi today presented
commemorative checks to Fremont County School District #2 and North Lincoln County
Hospital District. The grant funds to the two entities were made available through the
USDA Rural Development Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) program.

    Fremont County School District #2 received DLT grant funds in the amount of
$488,816. The grant funds will be used to install interactive IP-based distance learning
equipment for participating schools ranging from Dubois Elementary, to Wyoming
Indian, St. Stephens and Fort Washakie Schools, Sheridan High School, the University of
Wyoming American Heritage Center and Wyoming Public Television. There will be 22
different sites connected as a result of the grant funds.

   According to Del Tinsley, Wyoming State Director for USDA Rural Development,
“This project is designed to build-upon and expands programs implemented with FY
2006 DLT grant funds. The project will allow students to improve, with a primary focus
on Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, in a variety of schools across Wyoming.”

   Tinsley continued to add: “The project addresses a critical need for improvement of
educational opportunities and vocational opportunities for small, isolated Wyoming

    North Lincoln County Hospital District, dba Star Valley Medical Center, located in
Afton, WY, was the successful recipient of DLT grant funds in the amount of $191,925.
Funds will be used to provide teleradiology equipment and Picture Archiving and
Communications System to the 16 bed hospital. The purchases of this equipment will all
the Medical Center to send images to another medical facility, in the event a patient must
be transferred. Presently the images travel with the patient, whether by ambulance or
helicopter. Transferring the images digitally will expedite the care process of trauma
patients. Total cost of the project is $328,093 with SVMC providing $82,256.

   Tinsley stated, “ Without the grant funds, the purchase of the equipment for SVMC
would have been difficult. The service area of the SVMC is composed of small rural
communities with a population of 9,359 per the 2000 census. USDA Rural Development
is proud to provide financial assistance to these Wyoming citizens which will help insure
their health.”

    USDA Rural Development's mission is to increase economic opportunity and improve
the quality of life in rural communities. As a venture capital entity, Rural Development
has invested over $72 billion since the beginning of the Bush Administration to provide
equity and technical assistance to finance and foster growth in homeownership, business
development, and critical community and technology infrastructure. Over 1.2 million
jobs have been created or saved through these investments. Further information on rural
programs is available at a local USDA Rural Development office or by visiting USDA's
web site at


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