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                                                                                                                     of the hyacinth and lilac. Not       is the assistant advisor for the
 WELCOME TO ORLAND:                                                                                                  only did she know every garden       SCBWI-Illinois chapter (Society
 VISITING AUTHORS AND                                                                                                center within a hundred mile
                                                                                                                     radius, she also knew the Latin
                                                                                                                                                          of Children's Book Writers and
 THEIR BOOKS                                                                                                         names of most plants, shrubs,           Roemer provided a thumbnail
                                                                                                                     and trees. With a background         description of SCBWI. f..
                                                                                                                     like that, how could I not write        "We try to educate unpub-
                                                                                                                     a book about seeds?"                 lished children's writers on how
                                                                                                                        Nowadays, Roemer does not         to become published. We also
                                           ^ t^ S ^ ^ f^ f - ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                                             plant a vegetable garden, but        help our authors learn how to
                                         Kassian use of multicultural                "As a child, I spent much of    she and her husband, Ric, do         further their careers and pro-
                                         children further enhances this           my time working outside on         enjoy beautifying their back-        mote their books. We have over
                                         delightful work. Each page               our ten acre wooded property.      yard.                                900 members in Illinois."
                                         features vivid, cheerful images          As I weeded, cut grass, and           "My enthusiasm for garden-           Regular readers of this
 MARYK.FLIRIS .                          that draw you into the picture           raked leaves, I couldn't help
                                                                                  but notice that seeds were
                                                                                                                     ing has dampened slightly these      column will also recognize
 ORtAND PARK RESIDENT                    and make you feel part of die                                               past few years due to ravaging       Roemer as a bimonthly book
                                         scene.                                   everywhere—acorns, maple           rabbits and watering restric-        reviewer. In addition, Roemer
                                            While some young children             seeds, and my notrso-favorite,     tions, so we don't do as much        visits schools and libraries on a
\\ Then a young reader \\/               have probably planted a seed             dandelion seeds," she said.        as I'd like."                        regular basis. In April 2008, she
ma be entertained and YY                 and watched it grow, "Seeds"                "Also, my parents planted an       Rabbits and water restrictions    made a dozen visits with more
educated simultane-'- ously, it is       further explores this botanical          abundant garden every year:        aside, even if Roemer wanted to      scheduled in May.
* win/win situation. Author Heidi        science without the technical            lettuce, chives, strawberries,     do more gardening, she would            "When doing school visits, I
B. Roemer's book, ''^hat Kinds           jargon. Author Roemer defi-              and other edibles that we later    be hard-fetched to find the time.    like to have students partici-
of Seeds Are Tlpler' does                nitely knows how to have fun             harvested," she continued.         She has had four books and           pate," she said. "They love to
jaetthat-. and does it                   with words. In addition, # the           "Beyond that, my mom was an        over 300 poems, stories, and         volunteer! When reading the
exceptionally well.                      book's end, Roemer provides              avid gardener who delighted in     articles published in children's     jump rope poem from my first
   "Seeds" is a riddles-in-rhyme         ideas for children to grow their         pointing out the 'faces' on        magazines, among other things.       book, 'Come To My Party,' I
 picture book that describes nine        own fun with seeds.                      pansies, the delicate shape of        She also teaches for the Insti-   may ask a student to jump
 different types of seeds in an             Roemer has ample personal             the bleeding heart, the newest     tute of Children's Literature and
 amusing way. Illustrator Olena          knowledge of seeds.                      rose hybrid and the fragrance                                                     Please see FLIRIS, C5

                                         rat ana aangle it by the tail.
Fliris                                   After reading the text, I explain
                                         how the rat nibbles a berry and
                                                                                  Sportsplex or me Tinley Park
                                                                                  Roller Rink for an hour or two,"
                                                                                  she said.
                                         then scampers away and                      She also tries to visit the
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                                         deposits the seeds elsewhere. I          children's department at Orland
                                         explain that I've delicately             Park Public Library at least
                                                                                                                             ORLAND PARK PRAIRIE I May 15,20081 C3
rope."                                   avoided using a certain word in          once a week where she sparks
  If discussing "What Kinds of           the text. Can they guess what it         her imagination by reading
Seeds Are These?" she has had            is? I see a few smiles, and then         poems and stories.
children toss maple 'helicopter'         laughter, as the children 'get              To keep informed on this busy
seeds in the ak A demonstration          it'—we are talking about                 Orland Park author's upcoming
on how aniima|s cany fruit seeds         poop!"                                   books and events, visit her Web
in their bodies always elicits              What does Roemer do if she            site at
giggles.                                 finds a few moments of tree                 Mary K. Flirts is a freelance
  "Students seem to enjoy the            time?                                    writer and editor from Orland
verse that describes how seeds              "I eagerly grab my skates or          Park. An avid reader, moviegoer,
move 'through jl critter's small         my gym shoes and dash out the            and runner, she can be reached
gut,' 1 bring a, ijfige, ugly, plastic   door. I'll go to the Orland Park         at Newzscoop®aolj!om.

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