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					                                   ANDREW BUCKLEY

Date of Birth: 20/01/1986
Address:       1/61 Dane Street
               East Victoria Park, WA, 6101
Telephone:     H - 94727677
               M - 04 476 422 91

Melbourne Animation Masterclass       Simon Allen from Pixar Animation Studios.
                                      Trip was sponsored by WAnimate.
                                      November 2008

Diploma of Animation                  Fremantle Film and Television Institute.
                                      March 2008 – September 2008

Bachelors Degree of Multimedia        Murdoch University.
                                      2004 - 2005
                                      2006 – Mid 2008
       University Awards              Vice Chancellors Commendation of Excellence 2008

September2009 – Present
      Job Title:                      Animator
      Employer:                       Animation Works – Season 2 of “Dogstar”
      Job Description:                Scene planning using online asset management system
                                      “Nelvana”. Animating scenes using Flash CS4 averaging 30
                                      seconds per week, depending on scene planning work load.
       Current Hours:                 Full Time
                                      9am – 5:30pm
                                      Monday- Friday
       Contract:                      Ends August 6th 2010

January2010 – Present
       Job Title:                     Freelance Animator
       Employer:                      David Downie Productions
       Job Description:               Various advertisement productions, including a cut out style
                                      Government ad, traditional clean up on Aussie Cash ad and
                                      animating symbols on live footage signs for a business
                                      promotional advert.
April2009 – September2009
        Job Title:            Lead Flash Animator
        Employer:             artistsAWAKEproductions “The Suprise”
                              Kate Vyvyan “My Extraordinary Little Sister”
                              Nick Shorts Program
        Job Description:      Creating character symbol libraries, laying out key frames
                              for animation and the final animation of scenes.
August 2008 – September2009
       Job Title:             3D Graphic Designer
       Employer:              3D Millipede
       Job Description:       Using 3DS Max with Vray and the Adobe Suite to create 3D
                              architectural visualisations. Skills I use include Modelling,
                              Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Pixeling, Graphic Design,
                              Webpage Design, Editing and Compositing.
March 2009 – June2009
       Job Title:             Multimedia Tutor.
       Employer:              Murdoch University.
       Job Description:       Tutoring 2 Indigenous students in the use of Adobe Flash for
                              Animation and Web Design.
November 2008 – March2009
      Job Title:              Flash Lite Programmer.
      Employer:               Crewjo.
      Job Description:        To program already animated sequences into a usable game
                              for a mobile phone.
November 2006 – April 2007
      Job Title:              2D/3D Animation Tutor.
      Employer:               The Biscuit Factory – Fremantle.
      Job Description:        Teaching kids between the ages of 12 – 16 on how to create
                              short animations using Kahootz, Adobe Flash and Stop
                              Motion techniques.

2008 - 2009
        Title:                Murdoch University Independent Study Contract
                              Advanced Flash Animation for an animation/film music
                              video production
        Role:                 Creating Flash animated sequences for standalone shots and
                              for composting in front and behind of live action footage.
                              The music video is made for the song “Thomas Thomas” by
                              The Scotch of Saint James.
    -     Nominated for Best Music Video at WASAs 2010
          The Scotch of Saint James - “Thomas Thomas” music video, Directed by Ben Berkhout and
          Andrew Buckley.
    -     1st Place and Audience Award
          WAM BAM 48 + 1 Hour Animation Competition 2009 (Fremantle Film and Television
          Institute) Created a 2 minute short film with a group of 3 within a period of 49 hours.
    -     4th Place
          SafeZone Film Festival
          I created short Flash animated sequences for the student film “In the Mean Time”.

Personal Attributes:                     Excellent Communication skills both written and oral,
                                         Excellent organizational skills, Honest and Reliable, Works
                                         well in teams and also independently.
Skills:                                  Excellent computer skills, good artistic ability and

                                         Adobe CS3 Suite, Combustion, Microsoft Office, Lightwave,
                                         Maya, 3ds Max, VRay and experienced in Action Script 2.

Hobbies and Interests:                   Animation, Drawing, Digital Art, Film, Computers, Music and


Reference 1:                            Stephen Grant
                                        Animation Supervisor
                                        Animation Works
                                        Mobile: 047782892

Reference 2:                            Tanya Beeson
                                        Animation Teacher
                                        Film and Television Institute of Western Australia
                                        Mobile: 0410624561

Reference 3:                            John McMullan
                                        Murdoch University lecturer
                                        Faculty of Creative Technologies and Media, Media
                                        Communication and Culture
                                        Work: 9360 2576

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