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									                  Preliminary Program Overview
            SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference
                               April 15-18, 2010
                                 Raleigh, NC

Wednesday April 14, 2010

Registration and packet pick-up for those pre-registered will be open at the
Marriott Raleigh Crabtree Valley – the Conference hotel – from 1-9pm. Lunch
vouchers, T-shirts and other memorabilia will also be available for sale.

A Hospitality/Schmooze Room at the hotel will be open 4-9:30pm for informal

A 60’s Welcome Party with music and snacks will take place at the hotel from
6:30-10:30pm if we find a sponsor to pay for it.

Thursday April 15, 2010

Shuttle busses will be available to take conferees from the Marriott to Shaw
University in the morning and back to the hotel in the late afternoon. Or
you may use your private car but there is no free parking available at Shaw.

A “meet and greet lounge” will be open at Shaw from 9am to 5pm each day of
the Conference. There will also be a staging area available for documentarians.

The first day’s programming focuses on the founding and early years of SNCC.

The opening plenary session will begin at 8:45am in the Shaw University Chapel
with music and a visual remembrance of the founders of SNCC.

The morning’s Opening Plenary will be opened by Chuck McDew, who will
introduce Julian Bond, who will talk about “What We Did”.
Following a short break, the Conference will break into three workshops from
10:30am to Noon.
       Workshop #1 – “Early Student Movement Philosophy and Activism”,
      Workshop #2 – “From Student Activists to Field Organizers”,
      Workshop #3 – “SNCC Builds an Organization”

Lunch at the Shaw University Gymnasium will feature as its main speaker Rev.
James Lawson, who was the keynote speaker at SNCC’s founding conference in
April 1960.

Following lunch, there will be 3 more breakout sessions from 2:15-3:45pm:
       Workshop #1 – “The Societal Response to SNCC”,
       Workshop #2 – “The Black Church and the Black Struggle”,
       Workshop #3 – “More than a Hamburger: Civil Liberties, The Vietnam
War, and Taking on the Establishment”

Following a break, there will be three more breakout sessions from 4-5:30pm:

       Workshop #1 – “Moving on Mississippi: The early days of organizing, the
Summer Project, and the MFDP”
       Workshop #2 – “Alabama: Black Power, Selma, Tuskegee, and Lowndes
       Workshop #3 – “Southwest Georgia: The Light of Freedom, voter
registration and political organization”

5-7pm Dinner on your own and return to the Marriott.

In the evening there will be several concurrent programs at the Marriott:

      -The Hospitality/Schmooze room will be open for informal gathering from
      -A Book and Author Fair will take place from 7-9pm;
      -The play “Education of a Harvard Guy” by John Perdew will be presented
from 7-9pm;
      -A film program, curated by Judy Richardson, will show movement films
from 7-11pm;
      -a room will be available for small group reunions.

Friday April 16, 2010

The conference plenary opening session begins in the Shaw University Chapel at
9am with music and a photo montage “Recognizing and Remembering the
Student Movement”.

The morning’s breakout sessions from 9:45 – 11:45am are:
      Workshop #1 – “The Impact and Influence of SNCC on American Society
1960 to 1968”,
      Workshop #2 – “What was SNCC? How did it Evolve Over the Years?
Why Did the Organization Cease to Exist?”
      Workshop #3 – “Arkansas, Cambridge, Md., and Danville VA organizing”.

Lunch in the Shaw University gymnasium will feature a talk by Harry Belafonte,
who will be introduced by Connie Curry.

The afternoon’s first break-out sessions from 2:15-3:45pm are:
       Workshop #1 – “Organizing Elections in the South”,
       Workshop #2 – “Black Power/Education/Pan Africanism”
       Workshop #3 – “Up South: Friends of SNCC, Northern Student
Movement, National Student Association, and SDS”.

Following a break, the next sessions from 4-5:30pm are:
       Workshop #1 – “Women Leaders and Organizers”,
       Workshop #2 – “Depictions of the Movement in Popular Culture”,
       Workshop #3 – “Highlander, SSOC and Organizing in the White

Dinner break from 5:30-7:30pm. Dinner on your own, and return to the Marriott.

In the evening at the Marriott:
       -the North Carolina NAACP will hold a meeting on their proposal to
preserve the homeplace of Ms. Ella Baker;

       -The Hospitality/Schmooze Room at the Marriott will be available as a
Social Networking Venue for Young People from 7-10pm;

        -From 7-11pm there will be a second evening of civil rights movement
films, curated by Judy Richardson;

      -There will be rooms available for reunions.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday’s programming will focus on youth.

The morning program will begin at 9am with music, and a photo montage
“Recognize and Remember Local Participation”.

The morning plenary at 9:45am will feature a keynote speech by Diane Nash.

The first panel of the day is “It’s Gonna Be Our World” featuring the children of
SNCC veterans. All the children of SNCC workers who are in attendance will be
Lunch in the Shaw University gymnasium will begin with the introduction and
honoring of all SNCC’s former chairs (or their representative), and a speech by
Congressman John Lewis, who will be introduced by Rev. David Forbes.

The afternoon Breakout Sessions will feature young activists from around the
country, including representatives from the Children’s Defense Fund, Freedom
Schools, The Gathering, The Algebra Project, Education for Liberation, Pen and

From 4:14-5pm is free time to mingle and reunion. The Conference Meet and
Greet Lounge will be open.

At 5pm we will gather in the Shaw Gymnasium for dinner, informal singing, and
the Evening Musical Program “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” featuring movement
song leaders, the Freedom Singers, Pete Seeger, and Guy & Candy Carawan.

Back at the Marriott, the Hospitality/Schmooze room will be open from 9pm to
Midnight, and the Conference will sponsor an After Party from 9pm to Midnight
with music, snacks, and a cash bar.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The morning program at the Shaw University Chapel will open at 9:30am with
music. Our guest speaker at the 10am Plenary is Robert Moses, who will be
introduced by Dave Dennis.

We will have a Farewell Ceremony from 11am to Noon “Solidarity of Past,
Present and Future” with Bernice Reagon presiding.

Shuttle busses will return conferees to the Marriott at 12:30pm.

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