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             Sept 4 , 2012
             Weekly Newsletter
                                                        Forest Lane Community
                                                                             Jeff Fimreite, PK-6 Principal

     Upcoming Events:                       We mold the future together. Please remember: “It takes a village to raise a
                                                             child.” Thank you for doing your part.

     11th Fund Raiser Kick Off
                                               Forest Lane Elementary Breakfast/Lunch Menu Sept 4th – Sept 7th
                                                  Tuesday            WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY        th     FRIDAY
                                               Forest Lane Elementary Please remember: “It Sept a – Sept raise a
                                            We mold the future together.Breakfast/Lunch Menu takes 4 village to7th
            Forest Lane CARES:
                                            4               5 child.” Thank you for doing your part.
                                                                              6                  7
                                                              Cereal/Fruit              PBJ Sandwich/Fruit   Breakfast
      Work with others with a sense of
                                                              Juice/Milk                Juice/Milk           Quesadilla/Fruit
      7- Early Release @ 1:30 pm                              Rotini w/spaghetti        Chicken Paty w/bun
      Stand up for ideas without
                                                              sauce Salad               Sweet Potato Bites   Cheese Pizza
     Dates are negating change
    hurting or subject to others. pending
                                                              w/dressing                Baked Beans          Spinach Salad
                                                              Mixed Vegetables          Mixed Fruit          w/dressing
      Practicing taking care of yourself,
                                                              Pineapple                 Milk                 Green Beans
    your jobs, and others.
                                                              Milk                                           Peaches
                                                                                        Alt: Sub Sandwich    Milk
      Learn how to accept others and
                                                              Alt: Chicken Patty
    respect differences.
                                                              w/Bun                                          Alt: PBJ
    Self Control:
      Control your own behavior and
    act in an ethical manner.

   Forest Lane Elementary                   Parents that have multiple students only have to make only one
         222 Forest Lane
        Montello, WI 53949                   deposit for all students in K-12 per family. Also free/reduced
          Lane Elementary
   Forest (608) 297-2128                         meal applications must be filled out each school year.
          (608) 297-8075
                                                             Get Your Child Ready for a Great Year
              222 Forest Lane
Forest Lane Elementary
             Montello, WI 53949               Most children--no matter how old--get a little nervous about starting school.
Educational Purpose:
                   PHONE:                     And many simply don’t want summer to end. Doing these things can help your
               (608) 297-2128                 child get back into the swing of school:
  We believe all FAX:can learn….
Forest Lane Elementary
               (608) 297-8075
      and we will establish high                     Ask questions. If your child seems uneasy about school, talk about it. What
            FOR of Purpose:
Educational learning that we
    standards SUBMISSIONS                             is his/her concerns? How can you help?
  expect all students to achieve. It                 Build excitement. Find out what’s in store for kids at school. What will they
          is our job to create an                  do and learn? Share exciting plans with your child. Choose necessary
   environment in our classrooms
       that engages students in                       supplies together.
  academic work that results in a                    Make way for schoolwork. Ensure that your child has a quiet place to study.
   high level of achievement. We                      Decide on a regular study time. Start following a bedtime routine.
      are confident that with our                    Review school rules. Get a copy of homework and discipline policies. Kids
   support and help, students can                     like knowing what’s expected of them.
   achieve individual growth, and                    Prepare for mornings. At night, your child can pick an outfit she likes, pack
 we expect them to do so. We are                      a lunch and put his/her backpack by the front door. Then mornings won’t be
  prepared to work collaboratively                    so stressful.
   with colleagues, students, and
   parents to achieve this shared
           educational purpose.

   We believe all kids can learn….
      and we will establish high
    standards of learning that we
                        From the Desk of Mr. Fimreite

How exciting was today! It is great to see all of the smiling faces. I wish to extend a warm
welcome to all of our new students and families. You will find Forest Lane Community
School to be an excellent place for children to grow academically as well as socially.

Keeping up with our tradition, we like to keep parents informed, so I encourage you to read
the weekly newsletter as well as information sent home by the classroom teachers. It’s an
easy way to stay informed. Becoming involved with the Parent/Teacher Organization
(P.T.O.) is also a rewarding way to be involved at our school. The parents/guardians of this
group have accomplished amazing things and continue to enhance the educational support
experience at Forest Lane Community School. Additionally, thank you to all the parents
who attended open house and helped Forest Lane get off to a fantastic start to the school
year. We are blessed to have so many parents that take an active role in our school. Your
support is appreciated.

This morning at 8:30 am, we had our first day assembly. This assembly focused on the
CARES principles which include Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self
Control. We also showed a music video “Gotta Keep Reading”.

I know with busy schedules, it is hard to keep up with all the school happenings. We do our
best to communicate with parents through our website and Newsletters. Please check out
the Forest Lane website at The website will keep all of you
well informed on events happening throughout the school year and all events will be posted
on our calendar. If you would like to receive upcoming events in and around the community,
please send me an email request (

What is new at Forest Lane Community…? We are pleased to announce that we received an
implementation grant and have become a charter school. This will help us continue our
journey towards the Montello idea and create a 21st century learning model. It was
encouraging to hear so many of you comment on our classrooms. If fact, some of you said
the same thing I did when we first started this journey. “I wish I had a classroom like
this when I was in school”.

On behalf of the entire Forest Lane Community Staff, I sincerely hope this will be a very
successful year for your student/s. I look forward to working with you throughout the
school year. Have a wonderful, fun, and educational 2012-2013 year! Please feel free to
call or stop in with any questions.
                                    Meet our New Teachers

My name is AnneMarie Petersen and I am the new 4th grade teacher. I recently graduated from the University
of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in Elementary Education- this is my first teaching job and I am very
excited about it! I am originally from Erie, Illinois but have moved to this area. In my spare time, I enjoy
cooking/baking and reading; I LOVE books! I am really looking forward to being a part of all the new
changes at Forest Lane. I am excited for the school year to begin and the opportunity to meet all the new
faces! 


I am Emily Utzig, the new Kindergarten teacher at Forest Lane and I am so excited to be here and a part of
this wonderful community! I graduated in May from Edgewood College, located in Madison, and this will be
my first teaching experience, but I am so ecstatic to be here!

I grew up in Madison, and attended Madison Public Schools for my K-12 education. I am an only child and
have a very small extended family; however, we are extremely close to one another.

I am an EXTREMELY enthusiastic and compassionate person, and teaching is what I love to do! Thank you
so much for welcoming me into your phenomenal community!

Emily Utzig

        My name is Ms. Chantalle Bloch and I am definitely excited to be teaching 1st grade at Forest
Lane elementary School. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in May with a PreK-6
licensure and a science minor. I grew up on a dairy farm in Plainfield, WI. I have a small family which
includes my dad, mom, and older sister Dannielle. In my free-time I enjoy reading books. I also enjoy
many outdoor activities including snowmobiling, boating, fishing, hunting, camping, and gardening. I
love watching the Brewers, Badgers, and Packers play whether it is from home or at the game. I cannot
wait to meet my students and take part in their growth and learning throughout the year. I plan to help
my students become 21st century citizens by building their critical thinking, problem solving,
collaboration skills through technology-rich lessons. I look forward to working with my students,
families, and the community throughout the school year.
                                                                           Ms. Bloch

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