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Cost Saving in Education



Cost Savings
in Education
                                                                                                                                                                     Cost Savings
      Introduction                                                                                                                                                   in Education

          This is our second eBook focused on the topic of cost saving. The fact that                                    There are new stories, also. Devoran Primary in Cornwall, for example, has saved
          it arrives only about a year and half after the original eBook dedicated to                                    30% from its expected hardware costs, and reduced its energy use by a massive
          this topic, produced in January 2011, is a sign of just how much progress                                      70%, all through the clever use of Windows® MultiPoint Server 2011. Furthermore,
          there is to report since then.                                                                                 the expanding Harris Federation of academies, that’s using our cloud services to
                                                                                                                         cut the cost of providing ICT to each of its newly adopted schools by around 70%,
          To put this into perspective, MultiPoint® Server 2011, for example, has no
                                                                                                                         has saved £2 million a year on ICT alone across the Federation.
          mention in that earlier publication. Cloud technology, too, is coming into its
          own, together with our ground breaking ‘School-in-a-Box’ concept, putting high                                 We are delighted with such stories, especially when there’s a genuine impact not
          quality scalable ICT within the reach of schools with modest budgets.                                          only on school budgets but on the learning experience of children and students.
          At the same time, old friends such as paper and energy saving strategies, server                               That, surely, is the point. ‘Cost saving’ is the headline, but what school leaders
          virtualisation and making the most of software licensing are still going strong.                               and network managers consistently tell us is that the real rewards come in a
                                                                                                                         better, more reliable, more easily maintained and managed service for the
          Within this eBook, we are also going to revisit some old friends. Wootton
                                                                                                                         students, teachers and other members of the school community. A better
          Bassett School, for example, now with four years experience of a Hyper-V server
                                                                         the microsoft visual identity visual identity
                                                                                          the microsoft
                                                                                                                         service, for less money. When was the last time you heard that?
          virtualisation project, that’s still paying off handsomely and about to enter an
          ambitious new phase as a result. More details, of which, will follow further on in                             So enjoy our new eBook. Carefully read in the context of your own institution,
          this eBook.                                                                                                    it’ll surely give you food for thought and ideas for future planning.

                                                       the microsoft visual identity

                                       the microsoft visual identity
         CHAPTER 1                                  The background – Budgets, priorities, possibilities and knowing where you start from                                                                      3     Th

         CHAPTER 2                                  Getting down to it – What are the strategies that work?                                                                                                   7
         CHAPTER 3                                  A cloud with silver linings – Software as a service, School-in-a-Box, bring your own device                                                               17
         CHAPTER 4                                  Becoming more efficient with technology                                                                                                                   21

2   Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                        education
                             Budgets, priorities, possibilities   Cost Savings
Chapter 1 - The background   and knowing where you start from     in Education

        “Reap the benefits from the extensive efforts being made
            by Microsoft to provide products for education.”

                                                               Budgets, priorities, possibilities                                           Cost Savings
       Chapter 1 - The background                              and knowing where you start from                                             in Education

    More for less                                                  driven by cost-effectiveness and value for money.             To this,
                                                                   Our mission here is to help you make those good
    As part of the government’s drive to control the                                                                             ‘We’re living in hard times and information technology
                                                                   decisions, and reap benefits from the extensive efforts
    nation’s finances, public sector spending is being                                                                           can save us money.’
                                                                   being made by Microsoft® to provide products for
    significantly reduced across the board. Funding for            education which are both affordable in themselves,            It’s a change of mindset, from technology as a cost to
    ICT is no longer ring-fenced. Yet schools express a            and also capable of contributing to across-the board          technology as an investment. The aim is for the school’s
    belief in the importance of ICT, and are determined            spending.                                                     leadership to make that change, but before that can
    to ensure that students have the quality of access                                                                           happen, the people immediately engaged with ICT,
    to technology that they need in the 21st Century.                                                                            such as network managers and ICT leaders, have to
                                                                   Changing the mindset. There’s a lot                           believe in it themselves. That means doing the research,
    In October 2011 a briefing by the Institute for Fiscal                                                                       learning and knowing exactly how, when and at what
    Studies said that after a decade of growth, ‘Public            you can do, and we can help
                                                                                                                                 cost (if any) your school’s ICT resources, plans and
    spending on education in the UK will fall by 3.5% per          It’s important that a school sees its ICT not as              policies can be deployed, or changed for the maximum
    year in real terms between 2010-11 and 2004-15.’               a drain on the budget but as a contributor to                 impact on your school’s budget.                        efficient and cost-effective learning.
                                                                                                                                 We, with our Microsoft Partners, can help you with that,
    The impact of spending cuts on schools will not be             In our first Cost Saving eBook, we started out by urging      and if you read this eBook first, you’ll have a good idea
    even, and current school-level spending will be the            network managers not to allow their department to             of the right questions to ask.
    least affected. However, there will be, and are already,       be seen as a drain on precious resources. They have
    visible school budget reductions.                              to present it instead as a value-for-money driver of
    At the same time, by contrast, we’re told by the latest        efficiency for the whole institution. It’s a case of moving
    annual research on ICT in schools from the British             the school leadership from this –
    Educational Suppliers Association (BESA)                       ‘Information Technology costs us money, and we’re living that schools are               in hard times.’
    anxious to keep ahead of the game with technology,
    with more and more pupil-time engaged with ICT.
    To support this, schools want better digital content,
    better training and better broadband. Demand grows
    across all fronts.

    The conclusion for school leaders and ICT managers is
    clear. If ICT is to work within reduced school budgets,
                                                                   “We’re living in hard times and information
                                                                                                               save us money.”
    while at the same time supporting rapidly increased
    use of technology for learning, then decisions must be
                                                                     technology can

4   The background                                                                                                                                                           education
                                   Budgets, priorities, possibilities                                       Cost Savings
      Chapter 1 - The background   and knowing where you start from                                         in Education

                                       Where to start –                                           ‘Exactly what software licences and licensing structures do
                                                                                                  we have? How and when are we paying? Will any licences
                                       know your own IT story                                     run out? If so when, and what’s the follow up plan?’
                                       Most existing schools have a mixture of ICT
                                                                                                  ‘What about those sixteen computers in the old library?
                                       provisions that, over the years, has organically
                                                                                                  Are they earning their living?’
                                       grown in response to a succession of short or
                                       medium-term needs. New software and hardwares              ‘Is the network infrastructure proof against all the new
                                       added. New curriculum areas, departments,                  demands we might make?’
                                       technologies, even whole new buildings appear.
                                       After a few years, what does the school’s IT               ‘What will need replacing/updating this year, next year,
                                       landscape look like?                                       in three years time?’

                                       What does your IT look like? Is it well integrated,        ‘What’s the most heavily used hardware/software,
                                       transparent, and as future-proof as anything can be?       and what is hardly ever deployed? Do we have figures
                                       Or is it, like so many, a rambling collection of assets    on that?’
                                       that need continuous attention to keep going?              We could go on like this, but you get the picture.
                                       Where that’s the case, it makes sense to start the cost-   Look at your ICT through an outsider’s eyes. The aim
                                       saving journey by making sure that you know not only       is to be capable of answering any questions about it.
                                       what hardware and software you have, but how it’s          If the information is not in the network manager’s
                                       funded, and what it’s actually doing for the school.       head, then it should be easily accessible.

                                       That way you can see exactly where you are, and have
                                       a baseline against which to measure future progress.
                                       It’s a case of being able to answer questions like this,
                                       and these are only a sample.

       ”Know what hardware and software you have, how it’s funded,
         and what it’s doing for your school.”

5   The background                                                                                                                             education
                                                                 Budgets, priorities, possibilities                               Cost Savings
       Chapter 1 - The background                                and knowing where you start from                                 in Education

    Decide on priorities                                             Clearly, we can’t tell you what your priorities ought
                                                                     to be. There’s something to be said for a quick
    Your aim is to save some money for the school by                 demonstration of what’s possible, but it’s more than
    making good decisions about ICT. It’ll be important              likely that the long haul has to start in the background,
    to show how that can be done. So it’s time to                    too. It’s the planning that’s important, with a
    decide where to start.                                           transparent whole-school collaborative approach and
                                                                     a strong steer from leadership.
    One imperative, and it’s more to do with management
    than technology, is to weigh the balance between
    going for quick immediate results on the one hand,
    and laying the foundations for longer term efficiency            Green, lean and far from mean
    and savings on the other.
                                                                     Trying for cost savings almost by definition
    A good example of playing the longer game is found in            addresses the increasingly important ‘Green’
    our Microsoft® Case Study of West Hatch High School.             agenda along the way.
    Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000008128                               The main contributor here is a reduction in the use of
                                                                     electricity, but there are savings to be made, too, in the
    It begins with the governors agreeing, in 2008, to               use of paper and the consumables involved in printing
    commence a six year ICT transformation project                   and copying. Reducing the amount of hardware in the
    starting with a complete rebuild of the network                  school, and extending its life also help make a positive
    infrastructure. That, clearly, tells of vision, leadership       environmental contribution.
    and long term commitment. Four years on, with no
    sign of stopping, story after story now comes from               Many schools are highly active in seeking to reduce
    West Hatch of the effects on learning, efficiency and,           their impact on the environment, signed up in many
    yes, cost-saving, of that early decisiveness.                    cases to organisations such as ‘Eco-Schools’
    Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to demonstrate a
    quicker impact on the budget, and another story, from            Where this is the case, the drive for cost saving will
    Islay High School,            both support and be informed by those responsible
    archive/2010/10/21/reducing-the-school-printing-                 for the environmental effort, and there’s much to be
    budget-by-two-thirds.aspx tells of a drive on paper              gained from working together to ensure that nothing’s
    saving – “No printed handouts or memos” – that cut               missed on either side.
    paper and printing by an astonishing eighty percent from
    2006 to 2007 (more of that story later in the eBook).
    Money saved was spent on student and staff netbooks.

6   The background                                                                                                                               education
                                                                         Cost Savings
Chapter 2 - Getting down to it   What are the strategies that work?
                                                                         in Education

                    “We calculate the cost savings of this are
                      of the order of £12,000 each year.”
                                      Alan Richards, West Hatch School

                                                                                                                                              Cost Savings
       Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                              What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                              in Education

    Virtualisation – settle for less metal                         Two points, however, are heavily emphasised by Alan,          He writes,
                                                                   and others.
    A virtualisation project can pay for itself in three                                                                         ‘We calculate the cost savings of this are of the order of
    years. After that it’s saving all the way.                                                                                   £12,000 each year. This means that the virtualisation
                                                                      1. Careful and knowledgeable planning is essential.
                                                                                                                                 project pays for itself in three years, which has also been
    Some of the most spectacular examples of cost saving                 But there’s plenty of help available out there from
                                                                                                                                 the experience in other schools we know of.’
    that we’ve reported on in recent times feature server                Microsoft and Microsoft Partners as well as from
                                                                         school IT managers with experience.                     And across the country at Wootton Bassett School, ICT
    virtualisation using Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008
                                                                                                                                 manager Steve Gillott oversaw a virtualisation project which
    R2 with Hyper-V technology, which provides built-in               2. Cost savings are welcome, but the gains in              reduced the number of physical servers from 13 to 3.
    virtualisation as a no-cost option.                                  efficiency are equally, or even more, important.
                                                                         Being able to provide users with a better and           ‘Instead of spending £52,000 on new hardware, we spent
    Following the availability of this technology, in 2008/2009,
                                                                         more reliable experience is worth a great deal          £14,000, saving us £38,000 in hardware alone. Over the
    we began to learn of cost-reduction stories from schools,
                                                                         to a network manager.                                   next couple of years, we saved £14,500 per year on the
    as they drastically reduced the number of their physical
                                                                                                                                 maintenance contracts for the 10 servers.’
    servers, saving money on hardware replacement costs,
    electricity, and technical support.                            So, well managed virtualisation achieves a better service     Now, at Wootton Bassett, four years on, an upgrade is
                                                                   for much less outlay of both capital and running costs.       planned which will see 34 virtual servers running on 4
    We found that a typical school virtualisation project                                                                        physical hosts, costing a total of £16,000, and as Steve
    might reduce the number of physical servers from 20 to         The next section underlines this with examples from           points out,
    6, reducing the annual rolling replacement bill by £7000.      real schools.
    Associated energy savings – on air conditioning as well                                                                      ‘I can almost pay for those four new servers from the
    as power for the servers – are reported at £8000 or more                                                                     £14,500 I’m still saving per year!’
    annually. At this rate, the payback on investment rapidly      Virtualisation stories                                        All in all, virtualisation, as at other schools, has
    turns into straight saving.                                                                                                  transformed not only IT, but teaching and learning.
                                                                   Virtualisation with Hyper-V has been a big success
    One of our popular free eBooks, on virtualisation,                                                                           Steve writes to us,
                                                                   story in many schools. These two stories are typical                     of very many.                                                 ‘I’ve saved money from the original project, been able
    2012/02/03/virtualisation-with-microsoft-174-                                                                                to replace the host servers this year with much better
                                                                   Alan Richards joint author of our e book on Virtualisation,
    hyper-v-new-ebook.aspx covers the topic in detail,                                                                           hardware to support running more servers than we did
    and includes a blow-by-blow account of how joint author                                                                      before, and that has allowed us to expand our network
    Alan Richards carried through a virtualisation project at                                                                    provision immensely! This can only benefit teaching and
                                                                   describes the project at his own school, where he reduced
    West Hatch School.                                                                                                           learning – something we would never have been able to do
                                                                   24 physical servers to 9.
                                                                                                                                 if we had not virtualised. I call that a win!’

    “A virtualisation project can                           pay for itself in three years.”
8   Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                           education
                                                                                                                                         Cost Savings
       Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                            What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                         in Education

    Aspiring to the impossible.                                   of paper a year.
                                                                                                                                  • Cost savings are visible and demonstrate direct
    The paperless school                                          that-step-closer-to-being-paperless.aspx
                                                                                                                                    benefit for teaching and learning.

    We’ve mentioned paper saving as a ‘quick win’ for                                                                             • Any necessary printing/copying is monitored,
                                                                  And just to show that it’s not just about SharePoint, the
    cost saving. Let’s look a bit more closely at that,                                                                             controlled, and done at lowest cost.
                                                                  dramatic paper saving achieved in short order by Islay
    because paper, including added costs of printing and
                                                                  High School
    photocopying, eats a big chunk of any school budget.
                                                                  aspx?q=islay&sections=8134 was actually achieved by the      The ‘good alternative’ is so often SharePoint, used to
    The key is to provide an alternative way of sharing and       creative use of Microsoft® ‘OneNote’.                        construct a comprehensive ‘Gateway’ with secure access
    distributing documents, and schools with a SharePoint®                                                                     for students, staff, parents and other community members
                                                                 So is ‘paperless’ a realistic aim? Maybe not overall,
    based ‘Gateway’ or Learning Platform already have a                                                                        as necessary. Used for communication and collaboration
                                                                 but we’ve seen that some individual functions can
    head start. Given determination and leadership, they can                                                                   it can make a massive difference to the use of paper in
                                                                 certainly become paperless. Push that trend on,
    achieve some dramatic and relatively short term results.                                                                   the school. Twynham School, already mentioned, has a
                                                                 and a momentum builds.
                                                                                                                               very comprehensive and sophisticated Gateway covering
    A year ago, we reported that Twynham School,                                                                               every aspect of both of school life and of engagement
    mid 2010, was using a million sheets of paper a year.                                                                      with parents, so that parents have willingly signed up not
    Deputy Head Mike Herrity, tells us that a truer figure at    Moving communication and                                      to receive paper letters and reports. West Hatch School
    that point was more like 2.2 million sheets per year. At a   collaboration to your online system                           uses SharePoint, with InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint
    conservative estimate of 1.5p per copy for printing this                                                                   Designer to create and control the numerous interactive
    adds up to over £33,000 – a figure crying for attention.     The key to saving paper is to have the right                  forms for staff and parents that have been moved online
    Sure enough, they’ve now driven photocopying and             alternatives in place – easy and inviting to use,             from paper. Says Alan Richards,
    printing down from 2.2 to 1.6 million sheets.                offering real added value.                                                                                 “InfoPath 2010 makes it possible to create interactive and
                                                                 Our experience of schools that manage to cut their paper      rich forms without the need for any coding knowledge.”
    2012/03/14/saving-money-with-paper-saving.aspx               and printing bills to an extent that really shows up on the
                                                                 budget is that they can show –                                Even without SharePoint, much is possible. At Islay
    Among the key achievements, says Mike, has been
                                                                                                                               High School, ICT Co-ordinator Ian Stuart has exploited
    what he calls, ‘going electronic with parents’ – that’s to
                                                                    • There’s an effective alternative way of presenting       Microsoft OneNote with netbook PCs and tablets to
    say making all home-school communications such as
                                                                      and sharing documents.                                   great effect for organisation, collaboration and teaching
    reports and routine letters available only on the school’s
                                                                                                                               and learning.
    SharePoint 2010 based Gateway.                                  • Leadership is vigilant and persuasive in guiding
                                                                      and directing the change.                                Paper saving, though, is really only part of this story –
    Then there’s West Hatch School again, where they actually
                                                                                                                               almost a side-effect in some cases, as we’ll see next.
    have ‘The paperless school’ as a declared aspiration.           • There’s shared understanding and support by
    They’ve moved whole sets of interactive forms to the              users for the mission.
    SharePoint gateway, saving many thousands of sheets

9   Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                        education
                                                                                                                                       Cost Savings
        Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                              What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                       in Education

     MultiPoint® Server 2011                                         monitor, keyboard and mouse and with a familiar         It describes, ‘…overall cost savings of 66% compared to
                                                                     Windows computing experience.‘                          the alternative scenario of investing in a traditional 1:1
     Microsoft®’s Windows® Multipoint® Server 2011 is                                                                        computing environment – a cost per seat of $391 with
     the answer for many schools seeking a quick and                 And the killer point.
                                                                                                                             Windows MultiPoint Server compared to $1,145 per
     cost-effective transformation of their ICT provision.           ‘Schools can provide more students with access to the   seat in the traditional 1:1 scenario’...
                                                                     latest technology, even with limited budgets.’
                                                                     So what sort of savings are we looking at here? Don’t   Next, we’ll look at some UK examples of MultiPoint
                                                                     take it from us. Read the Forrester Consulting Report   Server 2011 in action.
                                                                     on ‘The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows
                                                                     MultiPoint Server 2011’ Download it from
     Here’s a post, slightly edited for length, from the UK
     Educational IT forum ‘Edugeek’,
     dated 7 March 2012.
     ‘After April (2012) I am starting at a large primary school.
     The ICT is in a pretty poor state with Windows XP PCs
     in the ICT Suite that are 6 years old… It takes literally 5
     mins to login per child and lots of software and
     hardware issues.’
     Recognise that? It’s a familiar story. There, is though,
     light at the end of the tunnel, and the writer already
     knows the answer.
     ‘I went to a demo at another school running Windows
     Multipoint Server 2011 and I was impressed with speed
     of the logins and the savings in space, heat and time
     setting up. The Network Manager was really happy
     with the setup and recommended it.‘
     This is a textbook example of what MultiPoint server is
     designed to do. As Microsoft describes it,                         ”Schools can provide more students with access
     ‘A single computer supports multiple users at the same
     time, each working independently using their own                    to the latest technology, even with limited budgets.”

10    Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                  education
                                                                                                            Cost Savings
      Chapter 2 - Getting down to it   What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                            in Education

                                       MultiPoint® Server 2011 at work                            the upper part of the school windows. Mains energy use
                                                                                                  since the installation in December 2011 has been zero.
                                       Just to show how well MultiPoint Server 2011
                                       lives up to its promise in real UK schools, here are       The system, supplied by Microsoft Partner ‘Solar Ready’,
                                       examples from our direct experience. In each case, replaces an ageing computer
                                       you can read more detail via the links.                    suite. The cost so far is £250 per seat, and adding extra
                                                                                                  terminals will cost considerably less. The costs of putting
                                       At the 200 pupil Devoran Primary School, in Cornwall,      conventional system into the Victorian classrooms
                                       eight ageing desktop computers needed replacing.           would have been so prohibitive as to have been
                                       Microsoft® Partner NCI Technologies,                       unachievable.
                             , recommended
                                       and installed two MultiPoint Servers each running          Cadoxton Head Janet Hayward says the MultiPoint
                                       five desktops.                                             Server system has supported a massive change in
                                                                                                  teaching and learning in the school.
                                       Savings on hardware were nearly 30% for simpler ‘client’
                                       desktops which won’t need replacing for years. Energy      “I wanted fast internet into every classroom, and it gives
                                       saving in the IT suite is of the order of 70%.             us that. There’s lots of excitement – all sorts of new
                                                                                                  packages integrated into every day teaching. It’s making
                                       Chris Cook, ICT Co-ordinator at Devoran, sums up,          a big impact in all sorts of ways.”
                                       ‘We’ve got Windows® 7 and a good wireless network.
                                       We’ve saved quite a lot of money, and its given us a bit
                                       more space. The reduced energy use also helps us with
                                       the green agenda.’                                         A further example, at Dundee High School,
                                                                                                  is described in a Microsoft Case Study at
                                       In what must be surely an ultimate cost-saving story,
                                       Cadoxton Primary School in Barry has seven to ten
                                       computers in each classroom – 100 in all so far –
                                       running from MultiPoint Servers which use 12 volt DC
                                       electricity supplied from solar panels mounted inside

                                       “We’ve saved quite a lot of money,
                                         it’s given us more space, and has reduced the energy we use.”

11   Getting down to it                                                                                                                        education
                                                                                                                                            Cost Savings
        Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                               What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                            in Education

     Use less energy                                                    • Plug it into one of your classroom computers for
                                                                                                                                  its ICT provision can bring its available software up to
                                                                                                                                  scratch. One year of subscription is clearly much less of
     Some of the money saving strategies we’ve already                    a week, so that it can tell you how much it costs       a budgetary strain than buying a suite of new licenses
     mentioned will reduce energy use, virtualisation for                 per week/day/hour.                                      outright – with the prospect of possibly having to do the
     example, and MultiPoint® Server, but there’s more.                                                                           same thing again as new versions of the software arrive...
                                                                        • Walk around the school at 5 o’clock and count the
     The main thing is to pay attention to the problem, and               number of unused computers that are switched on.        Since then, the decision’s been made even easier with
     look at all aspects – the energy rating of servers, desktops,                                                                the arrival in March 2011 of Microsoft’s ‘Enrolment for
                                                                        • Work out what it’s costing your school per year
     laptops, the monitoring and control of switching all or                                                                      Education Solutions’ (EES) which licenses full-time
                                                                          for unused computers left switched on
     parts of the system on and off. Windows® 7 has power                                                                         equivalent (FTE) staff rather than numbers of computers.
     saving features, and it’s expected that Windows 8 will             • Go and see the head teacher with your back-of-
     have more.                                                           the-envelope stats                                      licensing/types-of-educational-licence/enrolment-for-
     For more sophisticated management there’s Microsoft®
     System Centre with its Configuration Manager, which              Finally, this video on low-energy computing offers an       Most schools have made substantial savings on their
     you may already have in a ‘bundle’ under your licensing          update on what’s happening now, and a glimpse of the        annual licensing costs with EES, often into the tens of
     agreement. To go further still, the System Centre site           ‘power free’ computing of the future –                      thousands of pounds a year. And because EES is available
     carries a link to the power management resources from                       for schools with as few as five FTE staff, subscription
     Microsoft Gold Partner ‘1E’.                                     video-low-energy-computing                                  licensing is now available to many small primary schools
                                                                                                                                  for the first time.
     There are other options. At BETT 2012 Microsoft Partner
     European Electronique showcased               Make sure you have the best                                  As always, it’s essential to stay in touch with the Microsoft
     their own energy management software. Another partner,                                                                       reseller who supplies your software. They will work
     ‘Solar Ready’ specialises in the supply of energy devices
                                                                     licensing deal
                                                                                                                                  with you to find the best option, and there may well
     with power demands low enough for solar energy                  Subscription licensing rather than outright purchase         be additional saving opportunities. This post on the
     without recourse to the mains.                                  is the best option for schools. Paid annually from           Microsoft Schools Blog in March 2012 shows what’s
                                                                     revenue, it ensures that you will always be able to          possible if you remain aware.
     Really, though, this is a matter of being aware of how
                                                                     offer your students and staff the very latest versions       ukschools/archive/2012/03/13/microsoft-partners-
     much power you’re using, and researching the ways to
                                                                     of software you need.                                        with-yhgfl-on-regional-approach-to-saving-money-for-
     reduce it. In January 2011, Ray Fleming, offered this still
     valid starter advice for network managers.                      Up to quite recently this was a case that had to be argued
                                                                     to some reluctant schools. Now, Microsoft resellers tell     Also in March 2012 we announced an attractive
        • Go to your local DIY shop and buy a power                  us that schools are much more aware of the business          offer to encourage schools to change to subscription
          monitor plug. They cost a tenner, and they’ll              case for annual subscription, which enables them to          licensing
          let you monitor all kinds of devices.                      keep pace with the high expectations of today’s students.    archive/2012/03/19/50-off-the-connected-education-
                                                                     It’s also probably the only practical and cost effective     desktop-modern-it-modern-curriculum.aspx
                                                                     way by which a school that’s fallen badly behind with

12    Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                         education
                                                                                                                                       Cost Savings
        Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                            What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                       in Education

     Use what you’ve paid for                                      power of the Campus Agreement and focussing our            Sometimes, though, school leaders and staff don’t
                                                                   minds on efficiency savings as well as bringing new        fully realise what their MIS can do for them, perhaps
     A software bundle made up of a number of                      services to staff and students without affecting the       because it’s not always obvious how to reach the parts
     products will net you some bargains. But it’s                 bottom line.”                                              of the system they want.
     worth making sure you don’t leave any individual
     software products lying idle or underused without             In some cases, it’s been possible to use Campus            That’s improved in recent years. Every MIS is now
     at least knowing what they could do for you.                  Agreement to replace software acquired from other          much more user friendly. Often this has been achieved
                                                                   suppliers with less costly Microsoft solutions. Moving     through making the most of the latest Microsoft
     Work with your supplier partners to answer the key            to Microsoft Exchange Filtering for email filtering,       technologies such as SQL Server and, as in the case
     questions.                                                    for example, has saved Highbury £3,500 a year, and         of Capita’s ‘Discover’ analysis tool for SIMS,
                                                                   moving to Microsoft Forefront for virus protection,        Microsoft Windows® Presentation Foundation.
        • Are there are any functions on your network              free with Campus Agreement, has also made        
          currently done by other paid-for-technologies            considerable savings. In fact, says Paul Rolfe,
          that one of your Microsoft® products could handle?                                                                  In that regard we’ve been particularly interested in the
                                                                   “By utilising the campus agreement, Highbury has           development and introduction into schools of Serco
        • Are there tasks across the school being done             reduced the IT annual revenue budget by £13,990.”          Learning’s ‘Progresso’, a cloud-based MIS that draws
          manually, or not at all, that would be transformed                                                                  heavily on Microsoft technologies including SQL
          by a piece of Microsoft software lying forgotten         Highbury has 11,000 students on five sites. Schools
                                                                                                                              Server Reporting Services, Analytical Services,
          on your network?                                         are smaller, but that should make it easier to carry out
                                                                                                                              Integration Services as well as SharePoint®,
                                                                   a similar review of licensed software with a view to
                                                                                                                              Exchange 2010 Reporting Services and Live@Edu.
                                                                   making it all work for its living.
     (‘System Centre’, now System Centre 2012, is named
     by one Microsoft Partner as underused and not fully                                                                      One significant ‘Progresso’ feature is the automatic
     understood by schools that have it included in their         Exploit your MIS to the full                                generation and distribution to appropriate staff of
     subscription.)                                                                                                           reports based on key data including attendance
                                                                  Every school has a management information
                                                                                                                              and behaviour.
     The point is illustrated by our story on Highbury FE         system (MIS). Used to the full extent of its
     College in Portsmouth,                capabilities it will save time and money across             Mohamad Djahanbakhsh, Managing Director of Serco
     b/ukfe/archive/2011/09/08/cost-saving-in-fe-highbury-        the institution.                                            Learning, says ‘Key information is sent in a timely
     college.aspx                                                                                                             manner, to the people who need it, saving time
                                                                  The MIS will gather, analyse and present data on
                                                                                                                              and money.’
     Highbury, like many institutions, has lots of Microsoft      student performance, behaviour and attendance, and
     Software, acquired over the years in various ‘bundles’       also help efficient home-school contact. It cuts down       We’re following the introduction of ‘Progresso’ into
     and Head of IT Paul Rolfe decided it was time to make        on paper, helps to make meetings, including parents’        schools, reporting at intervals on our Schools Blog.
     sure it was all being efficiently used.                      evenings and governors’ meetings, more focussed, less
                                                                  frequent and better informed. And it enables precious
     “The IT team have been reviewing Microsoft’s complete
                                                                  resources, especially teachers, to be used where they’re
     portfolio,” he tells us, “Rationalising and harnessing the
                                                                  most needed.

13    Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                  education
                                                                                                                                  Cost Savings
       Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                          What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                  in Education

     Change the way you teach                                  Microsoft® technologies, and particularly SharePoint®,    And a third, ‘CloudBase’ from Civica, mentioned in
                                                               are ideally suited to the building of robust learning     this blog post,
     A good virtual learning environment (VLE)                 platforms. There are schools, in fact, where staff have   archive/2011/12/02/free-school-norwich-breaks-
     that is well managed and used, will promote               successfully created their own bespoke SharePoint         out-of-the-classroom-with-civica-s-cloudbase.aspx
     collaboration, communication, home-school links,          learning platforms, for example Twynham School’s          again leverages the power and flexibility of SharePoint
     assessment, and motivation.                               ‘Gateway’ who we’ve already mentioned within this         to provide the kind of ‘off the shelf but tailored’
                                                               eBook. Many schools, though, perhaps most, will           solution that’s becoming the hallmark of a good cloud
     A well managed learning platform can play a significant
                                                               need a commercial product capable of being tailored       based product.
     part in across-the-board school improvement. At the
                                                               and branded to the school. So, for example, there’s
     same time, there will be cost savings around the                                                                    The key to success here lies in the phrase ‘well managed’.
                                                               the cloud-based LP+4 from ‘Learning Possibilities’
     production, purchase and use of resources, deployment                                                               Common to all three of the learning platforms named
                                                      which uses
     of staff, home-school contact and recruitment/                                                                      here is the care that each supplier takes to ensure that
                                                               SharePoint 2010 and has featured in our Schools Blog
     retention of pupils and staff.                                                                                      their product becomes embedded in, and tuned to,
                                                               as we’ve followed its development and introduction
                                                                                                                         the teaching and learning life of the school.
                                                               into schools.

                                                                                                                            ” The power
                                                                                                                              and flexibility
                                                               Another example is ‘OpenHive’ from Capita, also built
                                                                                                                              of SharePoint
                                                               on SharePoint 2010, that attracted particular attention
                                                               at BETT 2012 not least because of the way it integrates
                                                                                                                               provides an ‘off the
                                                               with Capita’s almost ubiquitous ‘SIMS’ MIS.
                                                                                                                               shelf but tailored’

14   Getting down to it                                                                                                                                              education
                                                                                                                                    Cost Savings
       Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                         What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                                    in Education

     Microsoft® Lync™ – change the way                         Our blogs on Lync at Nottingham Trent University           “The structure of our Microsoft Campus Agreement
                                                               (NTU),                  means that the cost of deploying is approximately fifty
     you communicate                                           archive/2011/12/02/lync-office-communications-server-      percent of the cost of a traditional PABX system.”
     Microsoft Lync 2010 has found ready takers in             and-live-meeting-at-nottingham-trent-university.aspx
                                                                                                                          There are also some savings to be made through not
     higher education where it’s sometimes being used
                                                              DeMontfort University Leicester, (DMU),                     replacing handsets one-to-one.
     to build on the benefits already realised by Office
     Communications Server. We’ve already posted blog                                                                     “Many people are happy to use laptops with Bluetooth
     stories on efficiency and costs in three universities.                                                               headsets, or mobile phones.”
                                                              and the Open University (OU),
                                                                                                                          There’s also a reduced need for travel, saving time,
                                                                                                                          money and carbon emissions. So although DMU
                                                                                                                          is housed on a compact campus, the conservative
                                                                                                                          estimate is that it will save 10% of current travel costs.
                                                              show that in each case it’s a real boost to efficiency      There are also clear efficiency savings by reducing
                                                              and cost-effectiveness. The OU study reports savings        misunderstandings, shortening the time spent in
                                                              of £2 million over five years, for example, from not        meetings and making draft policies and documents
                                                              having to replace hardware and by the elimination of        more widely and quickly available for consultation.
                                                              third party maintenance of the previous system. Then
                                                                                                                          ‘Integration with Outlook® and with SharePoint®
                                                              there are real efficiency savings as better telephony,
                                                                                                                          will bring huge benefits as we move to a more
                                                              video conferencing, desktop sharing work together to
                                                                                                                          collaborative working model,’ says Michael Robinson.
                                                              streamline meetings, reduce travel and engage larger
                                                              audiences in presentations.

                                                              At DMU, Information Technology and Media Services
                                                              (ITMS) Director, Michael Robinson, also lists a number
                                                              of cost saving factors, for example,

     “Microsoft Lync is a real boost to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

15   Getting down to it                                                                                                                                                 education
                                                                                                                              Cost Savings
       Chapter 2 - Getting down to it                            What are the strategies that work?
                                                                                                                              in Education

     Microsoft® Lync™ in schools                                  After talking to Microsoft, they linked up with
                                                                  Microsoft Partner Modality Systems of St Albans
     Now, Lync is taking hold in schools, proving to     who set out to meet
     be yet another Microsoft product that provides               Benenden’s requirements – realising the benefits of
     a better service while freeing up resources and              Lync while integrating with the existing PBX system as
     money for the benefit of teaching and learning.              it moved towards being completely replaced by the
                                                                  end of 2011 (a brief case study on the Modality site
     With the arrival of Office 365 for Education, Microsoft
                                                                  has a list of the Microsoft technologies employed by
     Lync is going to be widely available to schools at
                                                                  Modality for the implementation).
     low, or no, cost.
     archive/2012/03/14/new-lower-prices-for-office-365.aspx      The cost of Lync, was impressively low by comparison
                                                                  with the competing systems – £65,000 in total,
     One school already taking advantage of the availability
                                                                  mostly for handsets and consultancy because the
     of Lync is Benenden, the well known girls’ boarding
                                                                  software licence is free with the school’s Microsoft
     school in Kent. There, a year and a half ago, IT Services
                                                                  licensing agreement.
     Manager Wade Nash and his team were contemplating
     the replacement of an ageing PBX telephone system            Now, having fully embedded Lync’s advanced
     with unified communications alternatives costing, from       telephony into school life, users are starting to explore
     £115,000 to £165,000, much of that being for licensing       the more advanced features – video conferencing
     at up £95 per user.                                          for staff interviews and meetings. Next will come a
                                                                  properly safeguarded solution for giving the students
                                                                  Lync in their boarding accommodation.

        ”Lync provides a better service while freeing up
         resources and money for the benefit of
          teaching and learning.”
     Then they became aware of Lync, not yet released.

16    Getting down to it                                                                                                                     education
                                          Software as a service, School-in-a-Box,   Cost Savings
Chapter 3 - A cloud with silver linings   bring your own device                     in Education

                                                                                                          The Microsoft Brand G

  “We’ve gone from £1.7 million per school to £500,000 per school.
Across the group our savings are £2 million per annum on ICT alone.”
                                            The Harris Federation

       Chapter 3 - A cloud with silver linings

     First step into the cloud                               Live@edu arrived as universities, particularly, struggled
                                                             with on-site email systems that just weren’t up to the
     with Live@edu                                           job any more. Mike Whyment, Program Manager at
     For many in education, the first experience of          Aberdeen University, explains in that White Paper how
     ‘Software as a Service’ delivered via the internet      his institution’s student email system was no longer up
     was with our free hosted ‘Live@edu’ email, offering     to the vastly increased expectations of today’s students.
     a vastly improved user experience at much reduced       The choice was,
     all-round cost.
                                                             ‘Either to invest in a new on-site system or outsource –
     In 2010 we published the Education White Paper called   which was clearly the cheaper option.’
     ‘Baby Steps into the Cloud’
     white-paper-baby-steps-into-the-cloud.aspx              How cheap?
     The phrase was borrowed from the person within          Mick Whyment quoted what he called a ‘quite
     Microsoft® who suggested that the schools and           tentative’ £60,000 a year. And when London Grid
     colleges that were then adopting Live@edu were,         for Learning went to live@edu their savings were
     in effect, taking a first step into the Cloud. Having   estimated at £10 per user – a total of £11 million.
     achieved that foothold they were then going on to       In fact the savings will vary, but by taking a hosted free
     experience other ‘Software as a Service’ applications   service you will certainly save on licenses, hardware,
     such as SkyDrive® and Office Web Applications.          energy, support, backup, filtering and spam. And, of
                                                             course, you invariably have a better service, with a
                                                             10GB mailbox for every user.
                                                                                                                                 The Microsoft Brand G
                                                             Now, of course, especially with the arrival of our ‘School
                                                             in a Box’ concept and Office 365 for Education, there’s
                                                             a real prospect of moving well beyond that ‘Baby Step’
                                                             into the world of the Consumerisation of IT (CoIT).

                                                             “You will certainly save on licenses, hardware,
                                                              energy, support, backup, filtering and spam.”
18   A cloud with silver linings                                                                                          education
                                                                          Software as a service, School-in-a-Box,                      Cost Savings
       Chapter 3 - A cloud with silver linings                            bring your own device                                        in Education

     School in a box                                          The Federation uses its own private cloud to provide ICT
                                                               school-in-a-box-reception-house-of-commons-29th-              for its schools, setting up their systems in advance, based
     A school with no servers? And no technicians?             february-2012.aspx                                            on a standard model, tailored to fit local needs. Working
     Not only is that possible, it actually exists,                                                                          that way, says Principal Dan Moynihan is considerably
     as we shall see.                                          There’s also a Civica case study of the Norwich
                                                                                                                             more cost effective than starting from scratch with each
                                                               implementation at
                                                                                                                             school and so, in terms of provisioning a school with ICT,
     ‘Software as a Service’, ‘Consumerisation of IT’ (CoIT)   education/downloads
     and the Microsoft® ‘School in a Box’ are all related                                                                     ‘We’ve gone from £1.7 million per school to £500,000 per
     to the idea of IT functions taken from a supplier over    Does this kind of installation save money? Yes, though as
                                                                                                                             school. Across the group our savings are £2 million per
     the internet. Norwich Free School, for example, which     the blog post says, there’s really no comparison to make,
                                                                                                                             annum on ICT alone.’
     opened in September 2011, is described on our schools     ‘…because to produce an on-site server-based system
     blog as having,                                                                                                         Is this where school ICT is headed? Second guessing
                                                               from scratch at a new school, up and running on day
                                                                                                                             anything about the future of technology is an imprecise
     “…a full and efficient service of ICT for learning,       one, would be prohibitive to the point where you
                                                                                                                             science. It’s certain, though, that ‘School in a Box’ is both
     management and administration but with no servers         simply wouldn’t.‘
                                                                                                                             flexible and responsive enough to play an increasing part
     around, and so nobody has to be around to look            A more direct comparison, perhaps, is found on the same       in the drive to provide schools with responsive, bespoke
     after them. Everything comes as a cloud service from      schools blog in the description of the Harris Federation of   and cost-effective ICT.
     Microsoft Partner Civica.“                                academies currently growing from 13 schools towards 25,

                                                                                                                                                                                       The Microsoft Brand G

19   A cloud with silver linings                                                                                                                                            education
                                                                                Software as a service, School-in-a-Box,             Cost Savings
        Chapter 3 - A cloud with silver linings                                 bring your own device                               in Education

     Bring your own device                                           Inspired by the story, we ran a further blog
                                                                     about BYOD in general,
     Schools constantly seek ways of stretching their                ukschools/archive/2012/02/14/some-thoughts-on-byod-
     IT budgets to pay for more devices. At the same                 in-education.aspx (the added comments are particularly
     time, students come in and out of school carrying               useful) discovering along the way some schools where
     hundreds of internet-enabled phones, netbooks                   the concept is being developed, and a local authority
     and tablets.                                                    (Hampshire) where advisers are preparing a paper on
                                                                     BYOD for the many schools asking them about it.
     In March 2012 we ran a post on our Microsoft® Schools
     Blog about Community School’s policy of             Cost saving, of course, is a strong driver here. The thought
     allowing students to bring their own devices to school          that you might quickly and painlessly expand your IT
     and have them logged on to the school network.                  estate is hugely appealing. As Hampshire adviser Daniel           Fearnley puts it,
                                                                     ‘BYOD is not only a great idea for learning, it makes great
     As a result, the total number of devices available to           financial sense too.’
     students is 1,700. Of these, 700 belong to the school and
     1000 to the students.                                           So the tide is running strongly, and it seems likely that as
                                                                     we approach 2013, BYOD will be an embedded policy and
     The cost savings there are clear to see.                        practice in many schools.
     ‘BYOD’ – ‘Bring Your Own Device’, already a hot topic in        With that in mind, the arrival of Microsoft System
     the business world and under debate in many schools, has        Centre 2012,
     been in place at for some years. It’s very much     cloud/system-center/default.aspx is going to make the
     in line with two core values – to be unafraid of    management of BYOD much easier. It’s referred to in the
                                                                                                                                                          The Microsoft Brand G
     taking risks in the interests of student learning, and to try BYOD blog mentioned earlier.
     for creative, low cost solutions wherever possible (more
     on that latter point under ‘Leadership’ in this eBook).

          ”BYOD is a great idea for learning, it makes great financial sense too.”

20    A cloud with silver linings                                                                                                                  education
                                                            Cost Savings
Chapter 4 - Becoming more efficient with technology         in Education

                                                                           The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Edu

                 “Effective leadership is essential if technology
                          is to realise its full potential.”

                                                                                                        Cost Savings
      Chapter 4 - Becoming more efficient with technology                                               in Education

                                      Efficiency                                              Moving paperwork to SharePoint® ensures transparency,
                                                                                              and records each step of a process – important when
                                      Our focus on direct cost saving shouldn’t mask          it’s necessary to know that a document, or a piece of
                                      the essential point that each of the technologies       course work has been properly dealt with.
                                      we describe carries increased efficiencies that then
                                      feed into improvements in teaching and learning.        Data on SharePoint rather than in a filing cabinet is
                                      And in turn, more efficient working is more cost        more readily analysed and used to inform policy.
                                      effective working.                                      Lync™ eases communication, removing
                                      There are many examples of the way Microsoft®           misunderstandings and cutting out unnecessary
                                      technologies can streamline the processes of            meeting attendances.
                                      administration and management. The savings that         MultiPoint® Server gives children state of the art
                                      result may not be directly cashable, but will allow     computing on demand.
                                      resources to be used for the core mission of teaching
                                      and learning.                                           Providing software as a service – as with our ‘School
                                                                                              in a Box’ concept – provides high quality ICT in
                                      Virtualisation, for example, as well as saving money    circumstances where it would otherwise be impossible.
                                      directly, gives the user a better, more reliable
                                      experience while easing the maintenance load on         Putting figures on this increased efficiency isn’t
                                      the technical staff, freeing them to support learners   always easy, but some have tried. Walsall FE College,
                                      and teachers.                                           the overall efficiency savings reaped from its own
                                                                                              SharePoint based learning and management system
                                      The same reasoning can be applied to each of            are conservatively estimated at around £50,000 a year.
                                      the technologies we’ve mentioned. Here’s just a
                                      few examples.                                           so-the-cost-saving-story-continues-163-50-000-saved-
                                                                                              with-ict-at-walsall-college.aspx        The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Edu

                                                                                              And in an FE blog post in July 2011 we describe
                                                                                              Brockenhurst College’s work with BECTA on identifying
                                                                                              savings of £123,000 over eight years from streamlining

     ”More efficient working
                                                                                              management processes.

      is more cost effective working.”
22   Becoming more efficient                                                                                                                 education
                                                                                                                                      Cost Savings
       Chapter 4 - Becoming more efficient with technology                                                                            in Education

     Strategic change                                            At the same time, March 2012, we hear of a teaching         School leaders, including senior IT staff, if they are to
                                                                 and research collaboration between Warwick University       make the most of the available technology, probably
     While technology can make your existing                     and Queen Mary, University of London – eighty miles         need to think not so much about ‘How can it make our
     systems work more effectively, at a level beyond            apart. It’s not difficult to arrive at three conclusions.   current job easier?’ as ‘How can we use this opportunity
     that, they may make it possible to improve the                                                                          to completely rethink the way we do things.’ Adding,
     systems themselves.                                           1. Similar collaborative arrangements are already         of course, ‘So as to improve the learning experience of
                                                                      appearing between schools, in academy ‘chains’,        our students.’
     At Oldham College, the transparency and ease of
     communication brought about by SharePoint® made it               federations and other partnerships. This is a
                                                                      trend that will increase.
     possible to completely change the organisation of the
     College from the traditional hierarchical structure to        2. Technologies such as Microsoft® ‘Lync’ will play
                                                                                                                             And finally. Last but not
     one based on cross-departmental project teams.
     The fact that senior managers can see all
                                                                      a significant part in making such collaborations
                                                                      work efficiently and cost-effectively.
                                                                                                                             least, the key ingredient is...
     documentation as it develops means they can
     monitor developments within project teams in a less
     directly involved way.

     And in our blog on Lync™ at De Montfort University,
     IT and Media Director Michael Robinson says,

     “We’re seeing more multi-disciplinary and collaborative
     working, with virtual teams sitting across the structure.
     We’re looking at modernising many systems to go along
     with that.”
                                                                                                                                                                   The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Edu
     In Higher Education generally, there are fundamental
     changes coming. A consultative report launched in
     March 2012 by the Higher Education Funding Council
     (HEFCE) says

     ‘...many institutions are reconsidering their fundamental
     role, market position, structure and partnerships.
     For some, this may raise questions about the pros and
     cons of collaborations, alliances and mergers (CAM).’

23    Becoming more efficient                                                                                                                                            education
                                                                                                                                      Cost Savings
       Chapter 4 - Becoming more efficient with technology                                                                            in Education

     Leadership                                                  And in July 2011 we published a blog post on               “They weren’t complicated, costing huge sums of money.
                                                                 Isobel Bryce, head of community school         They were ideas from teachers who had seen the
     Effective leadership is essential if technology             following her presentation at that Summer’s Sunday         potential of ICT to engage students in a way that would
     is to realise its full potential for bringing               Times Festival of Education. Her talk was entitled         have huge results for their schools.”
     efficiency and value for money across a school,             ‘Leadership at All Levels’ (which at
     college or university.                                                                                                 Consequently, as she went to develop ICT within the
                                                                 includes students)
                                                                                                                            school, she and the leadership team have consistently
     We’ve seen that the proper use of appropriate                                                                          looked for low-cost, creative solutions such as extensive
     technology can play a key role in controlling costs and                                                                use of mobile devices for video and in-class messaging,
     helping to ensure that all the school’s resources support is committed to Microsoft’s Partners in        video conferencing with cheap webcams and
     the core mission of teaching and learning.                  Learning Programme. Isobel Bryce determined early          podcasting with inexpensive microphones and the PC’s
                                                                 in her headship that the purpose of Partners in            built-in sound recorder. She says,
     At best, though, the benefits will remain piecemeal
                                                                 Learning was in line with her own vision for peer
     and transitory unless there is vision and purpose at                                                                   ‘We still encourage students to utilise fully the amazing
                                                                 to peer professional development – in itself a cost-
     every level of leadership. Deputy Head, Mike Herrity,                                                                  technology they carry with them on a daily basis.
                                                                 effective approach to CPD.
     makes this point strongly in our blog post on paper                                                                    The accessibility and availability of new technologies
     saving at Twynham School           Value for money has always figured strongly in the         continues to be a key consideration alongside value for
     ukschools/archive/2012/03/14/saving-money-with-             leadership vision at She says, of the ideas   money and cost effectiveness.
     paper-saving.aspx                                           she’s seen,

                                                                                                      ”Effective leadership is
                                                                                                       essential for technology                                    The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Edu

                                                                                                       to realise its potential
                                                                                                       in education.”

24   Becoming more efficient                                                                                                                                             education
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