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					   4 Important Steps For Losing Weight
1. Drink water.
Many people mistake thirst for food cravings, so when you feel like eating
something, drink a glass of water first. Drinking water also helps you feel fuller.
Some gurus recommend drinking water (or diet soda) just before you start to eat
a meal. Keep on drinking as you eat to add size and weight to your meal.

2. Eat frequently.
People who are healthy and hold weight gain off for more than a few years tend
to eat an average of five times a day. Small and recurrent meals are likely to
suppress your appetite, increase your energy, boost your mood and speed your
metabolism, because the process of digestion itself burns calories.

3. Stay away from soft drinks.
Soft drinks are a big source of empty calories in everyone’s diet. But fluids don’t
satisfy your appetite as well as solids. A study in US found out that when people
were fed 1880 kilojoules daily as jelly beans or as soft drink, the soft-drink
drinkers gained a considerable amount of weight, but the jelly-bean eaters
compensated for the extra calories by reducing other foods. So if you get cravings
for something sweet, you’re better off chewing it than pouring it down. If you’re
really thirsty, reach for water or diet coke instead of juice or a regular soda.

4. Increase your protein intake
Research indicates that protein extends the feeling of being full better than
carbohydrates or fats do. Studies in Scotland, Denmark, Norway and England
have discovered that people who ate a high-protein breakfast or lunch were much
less hungry at their next meal. Protein also needs a few more calories to digest.
But don’t go too crazy. Stay with low-fat protein sources such as low-fat milk,
cottage cheese, chicken breast, egg whites, fish, and whey.

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