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									What is New in Anthropology?
Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Tanzania

               Dr. Charles M. Musiba
       Department of Sociology-Anthropology
   School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
   Field School Opportunities for Undergraduate and
            Graduate Students in Tanzania
1. Hominid behavioral ecology at Laetoli
2. Acheulian Industry at Laetoli
3. Conservation of animal trackways in the footprint tuff at
   Locality 8 at Laetoli
Cultural Anthropology:
4. Ethnobotanical research within Lake Eyasi Basin covering
   the Ngorongoro Area and Lake Eyasi
5. Impact Assessment of increasing tourism activities in the
   Ngorongoro Highlands and Lake Eyasi
Collaborative Research and Training in Anthropology
2001 - 2002 Participants:
   – Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Tanzania
   – Southern Connecticut State University, USA
   – Department of Antiquities, Tanzania
   – Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, Tanzania
   – Embaruway Secondary School, Ngorongoro,
   – Enduleni Primary School, Ngorongoro Tanzania

Future Participants:
   – North Dakota State University, USA
   – Serengeti National Park, Serengeti, Tanzania
   – Maasai Village Council, Enduleni Ngorongoro,
   Tanzania Field School in Anthropology
The Mission is:
1. To provide hands on learning experience in
    Anthropology to American undergraduate and
    graduate students, Tanzanian Primary, Secondary,
    and High School teachers, as well as the Tanzanian
    Antiquities and National Park personnel
2. To provide an interdisciplinary research experience
    to undergraduate and graduate students
3. To provide integrated anthropological research
    opportunities for faculty members from participating
       Research and Training Include
• Kiswahili language, Africa culture changes, people,
  and ecology of the Serengeti Region
• Human evolution in East Africa with emphasis on
• Research methodology – GIS and surveying methods
• Taphonomy and hominid behavior (actualistic studies)
• Archaeology of Tanzania - stone tools industry and
• Paleoecology of Laetoli and Olduvai Gorge
• Medical Anthropology
• Teaching practicum at Enduleni Primary School
Field School Research and Training Locations
Lake Eyasi               Laetoli

Olduvai Gorge

                      Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti
Field school contribution in paleoanthropological research
Fossil surface collection at Laetoli

               Documentation (photography &
               GPS readings), and site clearing
People and Ecology of the Serengeti Region

                  Faces from
  Cultural Anthropology research opportunities
                                      people of
                                     central and
                                     northern of

Hadzabe are the last of
the hunter-gatherers
communities in Sub-
Saharan Africa
       Hadzabe Camp-site and Life Style

 Tourism within the Eyasi Basin is threatening the very existence of
Hadzabe people, the last of the hunter-gathering group in sub-Saharan
The future of the Ngorongoro Crater Maasai
                       With privatization and aggressive
                       tourism promotion in Tanzania,
                       where do the Maasai stand?
Conservation efforts of 3.5 Ma animal footprints at Laetoli

                                                 how to
Making casts of animal prints

           Using fast setting silicone and blue
                 rock casting materials
 Future research and fieldwork plans include

1.   GIS data gathering and
     geological mapping of the
     Laetolil exposures

                                 2.   Documentation of Hadzabe
                                      medicinal plants and their use
3.   Landscape

                                               5.   Excavation and
                   4.   Medical Anthropology        documentation of
                        within the Maasai           stone tools

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