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									OFM                                       CONTACT                                          November 2008
        Newsletter of the OFM International Council for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation                            Prepared by the JPIC Office in Rome       

             In this issue:
                    Franciscan Fraternity among the Turks and Kurds in Cologne (Germany)
                    Angola: On the road to peace
                    Suggestions for JPIC animation in daily fraternal life
                    Assembly of the ECEN (European Christian Ecology Network)
                    9 reasons to be antinuclear
                    A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth
                    JPIC Course at the Pontifical University ANTONIANUM


In Köln (Cologne) there is a              several times, and have also been    The friars helped some Muslim
Franciscan fraternity of five             to Amsterdam, Paris and Rome.        students from Morocco to find
friars in Vingst, a poor part of          We usually travel with about         apartments. One of them lived
the city. Many migrants from              fifteen young Turkish boys and       with the friars for some weeks.
Sicily and Turkey live in this            girls. These trips have been a       His brother married a Christian
sector. The friars live in an apart-      good experience, and the days        woman from Vingst, whom he
ment in a house of the Parish             spent together help participants     met in the friars’ youth group.
where three other families also           to grow closer. We seek to expe-     The friars helped organize the
live. Since 1994 we are involved          rience the culture and the history   wedding, and participated in the
in work with the Turkish youth            of the places we visit. There is     ceremony.
in this part of Cologne. Every            respect and mutual understand-
Thursday and Friday (and so-              ding among us, Muslims and           Various Muslim religious orga-
metimes Saturday and Sunday)              Christians.                          nizations are headquartered in
about forty young Turks meet                                                   Cologne. Many Muslims from
with one of the friars. There are         Many refugees live in this part of   Turkey, Bosnia, Morocco, Alge-
four other leaders, former mem-           Cologne, and most come from          ria and Tunisia live there. The
bers of the group. We play soc-           Turkey. A lot of them are of         friars have promoted Christian–
cer or other games, organize              Kurdish origin. The fraternity       Muslim dialogue since 1982, and
computer work, try to do home-            has good contact with some of        have organized meetings and
work for school or preparation            these people, sharing life with      peace prayers with both the
for exams. We sometimes cook              them and helping care for their      Muslims and the Jewish commu-
something for the group and               needs. Three Kurdish refugees        nity. In 1996 and 2006 they
share the evening meal. If some-          and one Tunisian, who had no         organized peace celebrations for
one has problems with the police          legal status within Germany,         Muslims, Christians and Jews
or in court, we try to help them          have lived with the friars for       commemorating the anniversary
resolve the issues. The members           years. There is a campaign for       of the Pope’s prayer for peace in
of the group are all Muslims, so          those without legal status in        Assisi on October 27, 1986.
we respect Muslim feasts and              Cologne; it has been organized       These prayers took place in the
customs. Sometimes we speak               by the churches and other pro-       Domforum, a Catholic meeting
about religion, especially Islam          gressive people. This campaign       center near the Cathedral of
and Christianity. Every year we           is called “No human being is         Cologne. The atmosphere was
organize one trip to a town in            illegal,” and the friars take part   good between the groups, and
Germany, and another to a dif-            in it giving shelter to some         helped to bring people together.
ferent European country. We ha-           refugees. They share daily life,
ve visited Berlin and Hamburg             living together in an apartment.                   Jürgen Neizert OFM

                              ANGOLA: ON THE ROAD TO PEACE

“On the Road to Peace” is a             promoted a “friendly” way of           But parents continue to give their
project being promoted by all the       driving. Bumper stickers with          children toy pistols to play with.
Franciscans of Angola. The JPIC         different sayings were distribu-       We are visiting schools and
Commission and the Coordina-            ted: “On the Road to Peace;”           communities to promote our
ting Committee of the Franciscan        “Everything for Peace;” and            campaign, “Christmas without
Family of Angola (FFA) are              “Everything for Life.”                 Violence.” Each child who deli-
working together to involve all                                                vers a toy weapon will receive
the brothers and sisters in this        For the end of 2008, the FFA is        another toy. This is one more
journey toward peace. The first         organizing a children’s campaign       small contribution of the Francis-
phase of the project was a time         against toy weapons. The go-           cans of Angola toward Peace.
of consciousness-raising for taxi       vernment is sponsoring a nation-
drivers; it encouraged respect for      nal campaign encouraging the                Coordinating Committee of the
customers and traffic laws, and         population to turn in firearms.          Franciscan Family of Angola-FFA

As stated previously, Justice,               97,1-2; 98,1-2). The friars          in the fraternity, in our pas-
Peace and the Integrity of                   should dialogue about all of         toral work, in the neighbor-
Creation are transverse values               these aspects as they prepare        hood. Learn how to practice
that are essential to our charism.           the Fraternal Life Project.          forgiveness and reconcilia-
JPIC is not a collection of extra-      b.   The Fraternal Life Project           tion.
ordinary actions, but rather the             should surely include an          f. When preparing the Frater-
form that our Franciscan reli-               analysis of the reality              nal Life Project, reflect on
gious life takes when we seek to             surrounding the fraternity.          the need to promote respect
live universal brotherhood and               This will allow the friars to        and care for Creation.
minority. This life is reflected             know the poor and what they          Concrete ways of living this
first of all in our style of life, in        suffer, and will lead the            aspect of our lives might be:
the day to day actions of our                friars to find ways to serve         austerity in the use of goods,
communal living. We offer here               them. Concern for the poor           energy and water; recycling;
some suggestions for animating               is a characteristic of Francis-      resisting the “use it and
JPIC values in daily fraternal               can fraternity.                      throw it away” mentality;
life:                                   c.   Friars can live justice in           reducing the use of plastic;
                                             daily life by giving special         encouraging use of public
a. In preparing our Fraternal                care and attention to the            transportation; using pro-
   Life Project. This is an im-              elderly and infirm friars, by        ducts that contain little or no
   portant moment in the                     helping with domestic cho-           contaminants.
   journey of a Fraternity. The              res, by eliminating any dis-      g. Cultivate the virtues of
   Fraternal Project ought to                crimination against lay bro-         welcoming and hospitality
   take into account the princi-             thers, and by treating all           for all, but especially for
   pal dimensions of our Fran-               workers justly.                      strangers or those of differ-
   ciscan forma vitae, which are        d.   Promote fraternal gatherings         rent cultures or religions.
   found in the Rule and in the              and celebrations, and share       h. Remember in daily prayer
   GGCC: prayer, fraternity,                 information about “the good          and Eucharist the life of the
   minority, evangelization. In              works” done by the brothers.         brothers and the fraternity,
   this process, JPIC Animators              Such activities increase com-        the life of the people of the
   should remind the brothers                munion and peace.                    parish, of the neighborhood,
   what Chapter IV of the               e.   When choosing themes for             of the country, and of the
   GGCC says about minority,                 ongoing formation, be sure           world. Highlight special da-
   and what Chapter V says                   to include those that deal           tes like “Earth Day” or
   about promotion of justice                with the problems of society.        “Human Rights Day,” to
   and peace in the task of                  Learn how to resolve con-            help remember the needs of
   evangelization (cf. GGCC                  flict in nonviolent ways.            society in our prayer.
   91; 93,1-2; 95,1-3; 96,1-3;               These skills can be applied

i.   In regard to evangelical            j.   In evangelization:                          weight as catechesis
     witness, we ought to consi-                  a. Remember that in                     and the sacraments
     der our use of money and                         our      evangelizing               (cf. DCE, 22, 25).
     goods. Gratitude, restitution                    work we must give                c. Promote collabora-
     and sharing are important                        priority to witness of              tion between friars
     values in our charism, and                       life, both personal                 and laity in all as-
     we can live them in diverse                      and communal. For                   pects of the evange-
     ways: designating a fixed                        this reason, the sug-               lizing task, but espe-
     percentage of income for the                     gestions listed above               cially in the area of
     poor, in the form of projects                    should be taken very                social ministry.
     for human development;                           seriously.                       d. Encourage the crea-
     looking for alternative in-                  b. Promote        “social”              tion of JPIC commit-
     vestment opportunities, like                     charity as part of our              tees or teams in
     ethical investment funds or                      ministries and evan-                parishes and schools,
     ethical banks or micro-credit                    gelizing work, inclu-               so that they can
     organizations, so as to give a                   ding concern for the                promote JPIC values
     greater social impact to our                     excluded, solidarity,               in their respective
     money; allowing organiza-                        human promotion,                    settings.
     tions that perform a social                      work for peace and
     function to occasionally use                     care for creation.                      JPIC Office - Rome
     our facilities for free, or at a                 Such concern should
     reduced rate.                                    be given the same

                                        ASSEMBLY OF THE ECEN
                                         September 24-28, 2008 Milan

ECEN (European Christian Ecology Network) is the main instrument of the Conference of the European
Churches dealing with our relationship with nature and the environment from the perspective of Christian
Theology and the Christian way of life. This organization includes Protestants and Orthodox churches and
other organizations from 40 European countries. The ECEN also collaborates with similar organizations of
the Roman Catholic Church; its web site is

September 24 – 28 were days of           the environment. Other 3 – 4              years ahead (next 10-15
intense work; they were enga-            people distributed leaflets con-          years). This is due to the
ging and stimulating because of          cerning initiatives being dis-            current and growing emis-
both the various speeches given          cussed with the passer-by. The            sion of the greenhouse gases
and the close – mesh network of          people walking by were really             into the atmosphere. The
relations that were built in this        interested and stupefied; some            projected actions of reducing
ecumenical reality. I will ex-           even joined us, thus enlarging            the greenhouse gases aim at
pound on this more under some            the circle.                               stabilizing the levels of CO2
important emerging points be-                                                      at 450-550 parts per million
low. But first, I would like to          Let us look at the main points            to which the 2-3° C corres-
recall gladly a nonviolent action        emerging from the ECEN:                   pond.
which more than 100 of us were            Especially interesting, from           The necessary estimate de-
part of at the square behind the             the scientific point of view,         gree of reduction to stabilize
Dome of Milan on Friday, Sept.               was the speech of prof. Jean          the rise of temperature a-
26. It was about creating a                  Pascal Van Ypersele, vice             round 2° C is seen to be
“statement of silence”, engaging             chair of the IPCC. In short,          increasing. In other words, a
and stimulating for us and for               he stated that the rise of the        greater degree of reduction
those who were passing by.                   average temperature a-                will be necessary with res-
Indeed, we formed a semicircle,              round 2-3° Celsius (in                pect to what was thought in
standing solid and upright in a              comparison to the pre-                the past.
rigorous silence for exactly an              industrial era prior to              Even the estimate of the
hour. Each one had his own                   1750), is already being               consequences for the in-
message board around his neck                taken for granted and will            crease in temperature is con-
with a small appeal on behalf of             continue to be so in the              sidered by the experts to be
    continually getting worse. In       ppm are estimated to be              and on the responsibilities of
    other words, based on tem-          under 3% (in some studies 1-         the Churches and their lea-
    perature rises, the conse-          2%) of the world GDP. The            ders (see the final document
    quences could be worse              maximum value of the 3%              of the Assembly:
    with respect to what was            correspond to a slow – down
    estimated before.                   of less than 0.12% of the            oads/milan08docit.pdf )
   In order to have an idea, a         average growth rate of the          With temperature rises, cities
    possible description of the         GDP. At any rate, these              will be the most exposed
    consequences of an increase         costs would be lower in              because a microclimate
    of 2° C are as follows: “An         global economic terms if an          cupola/dome is being crea-
    increase of 2° would exas-          active political protection of       ted. This is caused by the
    perate current key vulnerable       the climate stimulates tech-         presence of high concentra-
    situations and would lead to        nological changes, such as           tion of pollutants and by way
    others as well, such as ne-         investing on having carbon           of a multiplier effect of heat
    gative effects on our health        tax introduced directly in the       in a closed environment.
    caused by heat waves,               development of renewable             The solution does exist and
    floods, and drought. Other          energy or a lower Carbon             that would be to create large
    examples include malnutri-          dioxide emission.                    green areas with trees, parks,
    tion and infectious diseases,      All the representatives of the       and green belts. However,
    plus more millions of people        Churches present at the              this kind of solution goes
    [in some parts of the world]        ECEN have underscored                against economic profit at all
    would be exposed to higher          how a change of lifestyle is         cost. So, in the future, cities
    levels of stress for water.         necessary and urgent now             – at least in the summer –
    There would be more dama-           more than ever. Many prac-           will become unlivable.
    ge caused by storms and             tical examples of concrete
    inundations, and more dama-         interventions have been                           Claudio Giambelli
    ge done to coral reefs.”            shown regarding water, ener-
   The macroeconomic costs             gy, mobility, etc. Also, great
    for stabilizing the CO2             emphasis has been put on the
    equivalent to 450 and 550           sharing of practical solutions

                            9 REASONS TO BE ANTINUCLEAR

1. Nuclear energy is very dan-      It needs to be amply subsidized      It will never be an economical
gerous.                             by the state (for which we all       and viable solution for reduction
The tragedy of Chernobyl has        pay) on a continual basis in order   of CO2 emissions in the struggle
demonstrated the capability for     to exist. For example, the cost      against climate change. In fact,
harm and catastrophes from this     for management of radioactive        nuclear energy is excluded from
source of energy.                   waste in Spain, according to the     the financial incentives provided
                                    calculation of the National Com-     in the Kyoto protocol.
2. Nuclear energy is the most       pany for Radioactive Waste
unclean.                            (ENRESA), will be more than 13       7. Nuclear energy does not
Nuclear power stations generate     billion euro just until 2070.        promote energy independence.
residual radioactive waste whose                                         Many countries need to import
danger remains for tens of          5. Nuclear energy is not ne-         the uranium that is used as fuel
thousands of years. The proper      cessary.                             in nuclear power stations; this
way of managing, treating and/or    The cases of Germany and             creates a complete dependence
eliminating it is still an unre-    Sweden prove that, if there is       on foreign sources.
solved issue.                       sufficient political will, it is
                                    possible to eliminate the use of     8. Nuclear energy will also
3. Nuclear energy requires the      nuclear energy while also redu-      come to an end.
least man power per unit of         cing CO2 emissions, in ful-          The reserves of uranium-235 (the
energy produced, less than any      fillment of the Kyoto Protocol.      fuel for nuclear reactors) will
other renewable energy.                                                  only last for a few more decades.
                                    6. Nuclear energy is not the
4. Nuclear energy is expensive.     solution to climate change.
9. Nuclear energy is incompa-        It fulfills none of the premises      socially just, and not environ-
tible with a model of sustain-       for sustainable energy use: it is     mentally acceptable.
nable energy use.                    not economically efficient, not
                                                                                            Greenpeace Spain


Care For Creation: A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth, by Ilia Delio OSF, Keith Douglass
Warner OFM and Pam Wood. St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2008.

This book sprung from conver-        individuals and communities to        under-developed – theme in
sations between Sr. Ilia Delio       grow in their care for creation, so   Franciscan JPIC work, but si-
OSF and myself about the need        we invited Pam Wood, a spiritual      multaneously make the riches of
for a popular book that weaves       director with expertise in expe-      our Franciscan theological tra-
together the best of Franciscan      riential learning, to help us.        dition more widely available to a
theology with contemporary en-                                             range of audiences. We designed
vironmental concerns. Delio, one     Care for Creation presents four       this book specifically to assist
of the leading contemporary          sections on classic themes in the     the Franciscan movement in its
Franciscan theologians in the        Franciscan tradition -- creation,     own formation in caring for
English-speaking world, and I        community, contemplation and          creation, but also provide tools
had led several retreats and         conversion – as resources for         for working with a range of other
workshops together. There are        deepening our respect for the         groups curious why St. Francis is
many books about St. Francis         integrity of creation. Each sec-      the Patron Saint of those who
and his love of creation, but we     tion begins with a popular des-       promote ecology. This is an ideal
wanted to write about our broa-      cription of ecological ideas, then    resource for Friars in initial
der theological tradition, and to    moves to a Franciscan theology-       formation, Secular Franciscans,
bring it into dialogue with con-     cal reflection, and then provides     social justice groups, and those
temporary environmental science      a selection of meditations, action    promoting vocations to our way
and policy. We wanted to write a     steps, and faith formation acti-      of life.
popular book, but to provide a       vities. As authors, we wanted to
host of formation activities for     address an important – but                         Keith D. Warner OFM



The JPIC Office in Rome, together with the Antonianum, is once again preparing the JPIC course which will
be offered at the Antonianum April 20-30, 2009.
Mornings of the first week will be for JPIC Animators and will deal with practical issues for animation work;
the afternoons, open to all, will deal with fundamental theological and Franciscan themes for JPIC.
The four days of the second week will be dedicated to themes of environmental justice: the biblical,
theological and Franciscan foundations for our concern with the environment; an analysis of current
ecological problems like climate change, energy sources, water, food and agro-fuels (bio-fuels); and a
practical conversation about how to respond to these problems.


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