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									       Quick and Simple Tips on Things to do in the City of Melaka

Melaka is located along the south western coastal straits of Malacca. The city is a treat
for the tradition lovers as one can find many historic buildings and happenings within
the city. Melaka’s name is found in the list of world heritage sites declared by UNESCO.

Worship: Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is one among the oldest temples of Malaysia. This
is a Chinese temple with a peculiar architecture. This antique worship place is crowded
with the locals during the festive seasons of the year. You can also find a huge lot of
churches which were constructed during the British invade. Every church is built with a
unique own style of design and architecture. Some of the old churches of Melaka are
Christ Church, St. Francis Xavier Church, St. Peter’s Church, etc. Each church has a history
behind, which you will understand when you actually go there.

Apart from churches you can also come across some historic Indian temples and Islamic

Sightseeing: Heeren Street is preserved as a heritage centre where you can find
buildings of ancient Melaka. Guides are there to explain you about the history of earlier
Melaka. Cheng Ho Cultural Museum showcases the ancient history of the city by
displaying all sorts of stuffs which were used centuries before. Baba-Nonya Heritage
Museum is another historic museum which is well maintained. The museum consists of
rich furnishings and floorings which will be a real treat for your eyes.
Stadhuys is the Governor’s old residence. By visiting this place you can know many
things about the ancient Melaka and its history. Also take a trip to the Malacca Sultanate
Palace, Gunung Ledang, A’Famosa Fort, Queen Victoria Fountain, Malacca Heritage
Centre, Bukit China, Villa Sentosa, etc. All the monuments are well protected and
maintained by the tourism board which is worth a visit.

Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary is a fun place for kids. You can see various
varieties of butterflies, fishes, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and birds.

A boat ride on the Malacca River can be an enjoying activity as you can see many
historic things in the midst of the journey.

This will be an adventurous ride for the entire family. You can find several hotels in
Melaka near the sightseeing areas itself. Book one for making your stay easy and

Shopping: Chinatown is the best destination to buy products at cheap rates. You can
buy garments, craft items, pickled food, toys, house-hold items, electronic goods, play
things, etc. here.
Right from the hat to shoe everything is available at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to
try out the street foods available here. The foodstuffs are extremely delicious and

Hotels in Malacca are constructed with a cultural touch of architecture. You will get a
different experience when you actually stay here. Book flight tickets to reach Kota
Kinabalu which lies in the eastern part of Malaysia.

This is another wonderful city similar to Malacca. There are several entertainment factors
and tourist attractive locations to cherish. Hotels in Kota Kinabalu is unique and

So Melaka and Malacca is a perfect place in to enjoy your vacation and stay with
beautiful sea view hotels. The following things do to in Malay beach are spa, diving,
white sand walk.

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