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									                                                                                 Mrs. McCleery

      WELCOME                 AP CHEMISTRY
                         TO                                             phone: 281-420-4500 ext 4203

                               Cl a ss ro om W e bs ite:   www.scienceinabox.net

   Mrs. McCleery’s Classroom Guidelines
About the course…                                  Find me on Facebook to get class
We will be studying a variety of topics               updates and homework help!
throughout this chemistry course.
Some you are already familiar with!
     Measurement & Matter                     *Pencils and Pens (blue or black ink only)
     Atomic Structure                         *Graphing Calculator (TI-84)
     Chemical Reactions                       *Composition notebook
     Stoichiometry
                                               *Binder or folder of some sorts
     Gases
     Bonding                                  *Textbook: Whitten, David, & Peck
     Liquids & Solids
     Solutions                                Along with the above items, please bring
     Kinetics                                 your brain and a willingness to learn
     Equilibrium                              everyday!
     Acids & Bases
     Thermochemistry
      Organic Chemistry
     Nuclear Chemistry                         Grades will be posted and updated
     Descriptive Chemistry                     regularly.

                                                60% Tests
                                                20% Classwork
                                                20% Labs

                                                *** YOU CANNOT EXEMPT THE FINAL
                                                IF YOU DO NOT TAKE THE AP EXAM

                                               Retests & Tutorials & MakeUp Labs
                                                Chemistry tutorials will be held after school. A
                                                schedule will be provided and posted on the
                                                classroom website.

                                                Retests will be given only if you attend at least
                                                one hour of tutorials. Retests will only be given
                                                Wednesday after school.

                                                If you miss a lab, you must come in after school
                                                the following Tuesday to perform the lab. Lab
                                                makeups will not be offered at any other time.
                      Mrs. McCleery’s Classroom Guidelines Page 2

 AP Test                                           Rules
The AP test is Monday May 7th at 8:00am.
                                                      1. All school rules will be enforced in my
There are two sections to the exam, multiple             classroom.
choice and free response. All your class exams        2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the
will be structured exactly like the AP test.             bell rings.
                                                      3. Everyone is expected to have notebooks,
We will review two week prior to the test.               paper, and pen/pencil everyday.
                                                      4. You cannot disrupt others from learning.
The exam costs $87. To see if you qualify for a
                                                      5. You cannot disrupt the teacher from teaching.
fee reduction please visit the website below.
                                                      6. It is your responsibility to obtain
/waivers/guidelines/ap                                   notes/materials when you are absent.
                                                      7. Have respect for yourself, others, and the

More on the AP test to come!                             teacher at all times.

Tutoring                                          Expectations
                                                  AP Chemistry is a tough course. You will
The best way to learn is to teach others.         have to spend at least 1-2 hours studying
The quickest way to fail the AP exam is to        outside of school.
make silly mistakes. In order to address          If you fall behind, chances are that you
both of these I will be giving EXTRA              will stay behind.
CREDIT for tutoring other chemistry               In order to keep up I suggest you form
students.                                         study groups, ask lots of questions, come
                                                  in for tutorials.
The other chemistry teachers will notify
me if a student is in need of a tutor. I will
then let the class know about it. There is        Signatures
a form that must be filled out. You may
tutor in either my classroom or the other         I have read all of the above information and am well
teacher. Either way, the tutorial must be         aware of the expectations and guidelines of this
verified by me or the other teacher.
                                                  Student Signature ___________________________
You are responsible for coordinating the
tutoring session.                                 Parent Signature ____________________________

You will receive 1 point of XC for every ½                   Parent Contact Information
hour spent tutoring.
  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL                   Email:_____________________________________
             EARN XC!
                                                  Do you have internet access at home? ___________

                                                  Able to attend after school tutorials?    ___________

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