Kids in the wagon are free by 8i756ty


									              Wag’n Walk Registration Form

I am a: ________ walker ________ team ________ vendor               _______ sponsor

Phone:__________________________ email: ____________________________

Address:_________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________

    If an Individual Walker: Name________________________

    If on a team: Team Leader: _______________ How many on your team? ____

    Team Name __________________ Organization, if appl: _________________

    If a vendor/sponsor: Business: ______________________

Please select one:
   ____ As a team leader, I will help my team raise a minimum of $25 per member.

   ____ I plan to be an individual walker, for a donation of $25.

   ____ I plan to pull a wagon, for a donation of $25. Kids in the wagon are free.

   ____ I don’t have a dog, but would like to adopt a dog for the walk, for a
         donation of $25 (dogs will be provided for the Humane Society).

   ____ My business would like to become a vendor for the event, for a
        donation of $25.

    ____ My organization/business would like to become a sponsor:
         Top Dog $5,000+
         Leader of the Pack $2,500—$4,999
         Hot Diggety Dog $ 500—$ 2,499
         Puppy Power $ 50—$ $499

  ____ In-Kind the form to or
  Please returnDonation in amount of $__________. mail to PTC, Dogwalk, 663
  Medical Ridge Rd., Clinton, SC 29325.

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