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									                               Web Site Questionnaire
This questionnaire will help you to think through the type of Web site you would like to have, as well as give
me the information I need to begin. Whether I am developing a new Web site or redesigning your present
site, the clearer you are about what you would like, the easier it will be for me to develop. The proper
portrayal of your Web site and it’s effectiveness are key to your success in the Web environment.

Please take the time to fill out the form below. Doing so can save all of us a lot of time sending e-mails back
and forth to clarify different parts of the design and Web site set-up process. You are free to request
changes at any time during the design process.

Contact information:

Contact name:_________________________________________________________________



Phone:_________________________________                   Fax:_________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________


What is the purpose of developing/redesigning your Web site?

___ A means of company communication.
___ Establish a web presence and credibility.
___ Experiment and look for market demand.
___ Help my company relate to and communicate with other companies.
___ Improve customer service.
___ Keep existing customers informed.
___ Make price information available to customers or suppliers.
___ Make product information available and save money in the process.
___ Provide a community service.
___ Sell a product or service.
___ Attract visitors and sell advertising.
___ Provide easy access to photos/information to friends/family.
___ Other:_____________________________________________________________________

Web Site Technical Information:

Present WWW URL (if any):_______________________________________________________
New domain name(s) requested (if applicable):________________________________________

Other choices if first choice is not available:___________________________________________
Would you like me to assist you with deciding on a domain name? Yes No Maybe

Would you like me to register the domain name?            Yes     No     Maybe

Have you registered with a hosting company to host your Web site?              Yes     No

If Yes, What is the URL of your hosting company?____________________________________
Please give me the Web address where I could access the control panel for your current Web
site. Please also supply the user name and password for accessing your Web site account with
the hosting company.

User Name:_____________________________________________

Would you like me to set up domain hosting for your Web site?         Yes    No     Maybe

Please list at least five keywords that you think visitors will enter into a search engine to find a site
like yours.________________________,______________________,______________________,


List some of your goals or objectives in developing or redesigning your site._________________


Please mark next to the words below that best describe the type of image would you like to

___Professional ___Modern ___Classy ___Peaceful ___Old-fashioned ___Casual ___Ethnic
___Humorous ___Simple ___Academic ___Muted/Understated ___Fun ___Conservative
___Corporate ___Feminine ___Friendly ___Relaxed ___Athletic ___Hi-tech
___Informational ___Masculine ___Family ___Children ___Western ___Cutting Edge
___Elegant ___Serious ___Exciting ___Polished ___Bright/Bold

How would you describe your average client/customer/visitor to your Web site?______________

Please give the Web address of any competitor’s Web site and/or site that you find attractive:

Site Information:

Colors – What color combinations would you like?______________________________________

Layout – Is there a particular layout you would like?____________________________________


Which of the following describes the availability of text content for your site?

___ Use the content of our present site.
___ We will provide you with the content in electronic format.
___ We have brochures and other literature, which you can use to develop the content with our


Do you have any graphics that you would like me to use for your Web site? Yes          No     Maybe

How many photos or graphical images do you estimate you would like on your site?________

Do you have them in digital format, or would you require us to scan the images

What format are the graphics you would provide? Jpg          bmp gif tiff png      other    not sure


Do you want animated graphics? Yes No If yes, please describe:_____________________


Do you want to incorporate any video clips into your Web site? Yes No If yes, please describe:


Do you have your own logo you would like me to use?         Yes    No     Maybe

If Yes, do you want the colors associated with your logo to be the main color scheme of your site?

   Yes    No     Maybe

Do you want me to design a logo for your site?        Yes   No    Maybe


Generally, a Web site consists of a home page with several links appearing on that page to
different pages (within that Web site). Please mark next to or list topics that you would like to link
to (within your own Web site) from the home page.

___ Products ___ Services ___Support ___Contact Information ___ Links ___ General
Information ___ Other:__________________________________________________

Do you want to link any other (external) Web sites (i.e. mfgs. of your product, complimentary
products sites, information sites, corresponding sites)? Yes No

If so, please list them:____________________________________________________________



Would you like to have forms on your site (guest sign in, E-mail information request, etc.)? Yes
No Need More Info. If so, please list them:_________________________________________


Would you like to have the ability to sell items online and/or have an online store within your Web
site? Yes No Maybe

If so, how many items do you estimate you will have in your online store?___________

What is the sales tax in your company’s location?_________

Please explain how you would prefer to charge for shipping or enter values in the spaces below.

Total amount of purchase                           Shipping Charge
$__________ to __________                          $__________
$__________ to __________                          $__________
$__________ to __________                          $__________
$__________ to __________                          $__________
$__________ to __________                          $__________

Do you have any special shopping cart needs such as the ability to accept checks/money orders,
offer discounts, free shipping, etc.? Yes No
If Yes, please explain____________________________________________________________.

Keep in mind that I will need to be provided with item numbers, photos and descriptions of the
items you wish to sell online.

Other Details:

Is it important that your site be accessible by mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberries, etc.?
Yes No         Not Sure

By what date would you like your site completed?______________________________________

Do you intend to keep the site updated? If so, how often and who will be responsible for updating
and providing the content?________________________________________________________

If you had a difficult time answering any of these questions, would you be interested in having me
assist you in the conception and development of your Internet presence?
Yes No Maybe Need More Information

Where did you hear about Dancing Bear Web Design?_______________________________

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. This will greatly assist me in giving you
a more accurate proposal for creating the best possible Web site for your needs!


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