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									             Relay For Life of South Harford County, May 18-19, 2007
             www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood                                                  03/20/07

                    A Recipe for HOPE
                         The money we raise at Relay helps to fund ACS programs like…
  OUR 2007
   GOALS                                              HOPE LODGE
  80 Survivors           Getting the right care sometimes means cancer patients must travel away from home,
                         often to a cancer treatment facility in another city, which places even more of an
   60 Teams              emotional and financial burden during what is already a challenging time.
                         The American Cancer Society is trying to make this difficult situation easier for cancer
 OUR 2007                patients and their families through 22 Hope Lodges – free, temporary housing facilities
                         for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. But Hope Lodges are more than just
 STATISTICS              a place to stay – they provide a home-like nurturing environment, so patients can get
                         support from others going through the same experience. A cancer survivor’s recovery
  22 Survivors           involves much more than medical treatments; it takes hope to heal. Hope Lodge offers
    26 Teams             the warmth and security of home in a setting where the love and encouragement of
                         others enlighten and inspire guests. At Hope Lodge, guests rally around each other,
131 Participants         building life-affirming connections and lifetime friendships.
    $ 16,562
                         Hope Lodge is also a place to learn about cancer and how best to fight the disease.
                         Guests have access to the American Cancer Society’s 24-hour toll-free call center, Web
NEXT COMMITTEE           site, and comprehensive on-site libraries full of information. At Hope Lodge, cancer
                         patients and their loved ones are armed with the vital information to help them make
   MEETING               informed decisions.
 April 16, 2007
EHS, Metzger Suite       In addition to a comfortable and resourceful environment, Hope Lodge also provides
  6:30-8:00pm            convenient accommodations such as private rooms and bathrooms, with space for a
Everyone Welcome!        family member or caregiver. Lodges offer kitchen facilities and rooms for gathering to
Call Holly for details   watch TV or to share encouragement. Transportation to nearby treatment is also
    410-638-5393         provided through the Lodges.

                         Hope Lodges are just one tangible example of how the American Cancer Society gives
    2 0 07               back to communities. Hope Lodges not only increase access to care and provide a
TEAM CAPTAIN             home away from home free of charge for cancer patients and their families seeking
                         treatment far from home, but they also serve as a community center for a variety of
MEETING SCHEDULE         cancer initiatives, programs, and patient support programs.
  EHS cafeteria
                         Accommodations and eligibility requirements may vary by location. To find a Hope
  6:30-8:00pm            Lodge and learn more about a specific facility, call the American Cancer Society
April 3, 2007            toll free at 1-800-ACS-2345, or visit the ACS website to learn more:
  EHS cafeteria                                      APRIL 3 DEADLINE
                             Team participants must register by April 3rd in
May 1, 2007                     order to be guaranteed a Relay T-shirt.
May 14, 2007
                                                  American Cancer Society Mission:
                          The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization
COUNTDOWN:               dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and
                              diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy and service.
 59 DAYS                         For information on cancer or American Cancer Society programs,
                               please call 1-800- ACS-2345 (1-800-227-2345) or visit www.cancer.org.
            Relay For Life of South Harford County, May 18-19, 2007
             www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood                                               03/20/07

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,
      And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.                                Emily Dickinson

                  SURVIVOR STORIES OF HOPE: Lindsey Harbert
                              Two years remission next month!
                The most beautiful, breath-taking day of my life occurred on August 7, 2004 and that was the day I
                married my husband, surrounded by loved ones, on a stunning summer afternoon. Little did I know
                that this beautiful day would be overcast by the darkest day of my life. On September 24, 2004, a
                little over a month of being newlyweds, my husband and I received the most devastating news of our
                short-lived life together. I was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, at the tender age of
                22. I was just embarking on my life as a wife and beginning a three year graduate program to obtain
                my dream of becoming a nationally certified school psychologist. October 16, 2004, I began my six-
                month journey of chemotherapy.

I am a survivor for many reasons and the most important being the fact that I maintained a positive attitude
throughout this process. Not to say that there weren’t times that I broke down to my husband and didn’t want to
continue on. Or when my beautiful hair was falling out in clumps in the shower. Or when that shot of Neulasta had
me experiencing bone pain, the most excruciating, indescribable feeling that can never been understood through
description, only through experience. I worked full time and went to graduate school full time (in New Jersey), and
tried to be the wife, daughter, sister, and friend I had always been. I never got sick of the chemo really. I lost most
of my hair, gained a few pounds (!), and was often tired, but I persevered because I knew that my chances of beating
this were far greater than succumbing to this disease.

Chemo days at GBMC were not something I usually dreaded. I had formed relationships with the nurses and often
spent those 6-8 hours chuckling with them, speaking to other patients, and doing school work. One of the greatest
miracles through all of this was my oncologist, Mr. Robert Donegan, who became so much more than a doctor to
me. He answered the millions of emails I sent and would often visit me on treatment days to ensure that I was
doing alright. I think there was something in me he saw as well, knowing that I was so young and fighting so hard,
and that my chances of survival were far greater than some of his other patients. I believe I instilled the same sense
of hope in him that he had given to me.

Next month is my two-year check up and I am feeling great. As I look back on those two years, I realize how far I
have come and how far I have yet to go. I will graduate this spring with my second graduate degree and in
September, my husband and I are expecting our first baby together.

Life truly does work miracles and having been a part of Relay for Life for three years now,
I hope to work for the cures and miracles that everyone who is “fighting the good fight”

Are you aware of the current campaign at the Klein's Family Markets? Through April 8th, you earn one (1) gift card
point for every $75 spent in a single transaction at a Klein's store. Collect five (5) gift card points and you can
redeem them for a $10 Gift Card.

If you shop at the Klein's stores, would you consider donating your points to the Survivor Committee? We will
redeem the Gift Cards to benefit the Survivor Dinner. Bring the collected points or your Gift Card to us at any of the
                             rd        th          st
upcoming meetings, April 3 , April 16 and May 1 . We've already earned one Gift Card! Thank you in advance
for your support!

Please share your ideas, or put us in contact with Survivors we can invite!
Deb Leadore, Survivorship chair
410-272-6157 or debleado@comcast.net
           Relay For Life of South Harford County, May 18-19, 2007
           www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood                                          03/20/07

One person seeking glory doesn’t accomplish much; everything we’ve done has been the result of
          people working together to meet our common goals.         Red Auerbach

NEWS FROM THE TEAM COMMITTEE                                             THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY
                                                                             NEED TO KNOW!!!
Congratulations to our top fundraising teams so far:                   Youth under 18 must sign a Youth
Woven Dreams ($2,133), Friends for Life ($1,630), and the Old          Agreement form to participate in Relay.
                                                                       The form explains the behavior
Bay Steamers ($1,080)! Thanks for all your hard work so far!
                                                                       expected of them during the night.
                                                                       Forms can be picked up at Team
Congratulations to Woven Dreams who won my
                                                                       Captain Meetings, sent to you in the
challenge last month. They were the first to reach $2,000 and          mail, or downloaded by clicking on
received a basket from Kirkland’s as a thank you from me.              “YOUTH WAIVER FORM” in the left
                                                                       column of our Relay web page.
Be sure to attend the next team captain meeting focusing
on Team Spirit on April 3rd. Get all your questions answered,          For All Raffle Fundraisers- you
turn in your paperwork and donations, get more forms, reserve a        MUST fill out a Harford County
campsite, etc. Meeting will be held at the EHS Cafeteria from 6:30     Sheriff’s Office form before the event
to 8:30 p.m. We’re expecting another visit from the Prize Patrol, so   AND you MUST tell them afterward
                                                                       how much money you raised. This is
wear your Relay gear! This will be your last chance to win an ACS
                                                                       not an option, but a law. If you need
organizer bag and to purchase tickets to win the special               more information or you need a raffle
Longaberger Relay For Life Purple Passion Basket.                      form, please email Deb Leadore at
Team Captain incentive prizes:
April 3 - Have your team raise and turn in at least $500 and receive   For All Food Fundraisers - You
        a Relay For Life bistro mug                                    are not allowed to sell items that have
May 1 – Have EACH team member raise at least $100 and receive          been cooked by you offsite (like bake
        a prize (TBD). This is not an average amount. Each team        sale items) at all. Teams that will be
        member must have raised at least $100 by themselves.           serving "potentially hazardous" foods
                                                                       (anything required to be a certain
Registering online is the easiest way to register for Relay. Go        temperature or opened or cut) need to
to our Relay website, www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood , click         apply for their own permit. When you
                                                                       fill out a Health Department permit, put
the SIGN UP button and follow the instructions on the screen. The
                                                                       "ACS Relay For Life – your team name"
web site is also a great source of information and a place where       for Name of Organization and the $25
you can publicize your Relay fundraisers.                              fee will be waived. Teams that will
                                                                       serve      “non-potentially   hazardous”
Online Registration Rally, March 21-31 --- The faster you get          foods (anything sold in its own
yourself as a team captain registered online, the faster your team     container or skin, like whole fruit)
members can register online!!! Then all of you can fundraise           should let Holly know what they are
online directly from your own customized web page. Try it…you          planning to serve. Holly will submit
will see how easy it is for you and your donors too!                   one master list of these non-potentially
                                                                       hazardous foods to the Health
Let’s Relay!                                                           Department to get it approved. If you
Lori Hinman, Team Recruitment and Team Mentoring                       need more specific information on this,
lorihinman@comcast.net                                                 please         email        Holly     at

         Next Team Captain Meeting: Team Spirit Stirs Up Hope!
                   Tuesday, April 3 at EHS cafeteria, 6:30pm-8:00pm
  Incentive prize to be awarded: Relay Bistro Mug, if your team has raised and turned in $500 by
               April 3; extra incentive if you can tell us your onsite fundraising plans!
              Special guests: Lou and Kathy Linn from Hope Lodge and JHU students
             Relay For Life of South Harford County, May 18-19, 2007
             www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood                                             03/20/07

TEAM SPOTLIGHT:                                           EXTRA TEAM CHALLENGES
                                                                    FROM TEAM MENTORING!
  Grace’s Grateful Grapes
                                                    Receive a special prize if your team raises $500
                                                    more than your March 8th total by April 3rd.
                                                    Also, receive a special prize if your team
                                                    challenges a team similar to yours and wins that
                                                    fundraising challenge. You must tell Lori about
                                                    your challenge as soon as you know about it.
                                                    Email lorihinman@comcast.net.        Make your
    Girl Scout Troop 1553 is part of                challenge fun and have the losing team have to do
        Grace’s Grateful Grapes                     something fun!

Our team, Grace's Grateful Grapes, is
relaying for the 6th year. Our 1st year                       RESERVE YOUR CAMPSITE!
was a short one, with our team forming
just 12 days before Relay!                          Email lorihinman@comcast.net and let her know if
                                                    you want the same spot as last year. If you want a
My husband is an 8-year survivor, which
                                                    new spot or are a new team, please let her know
was our initial reason for forming the
team. Since that time, I have lost my
                                                    how many people are planning to spend the night
father and younger brother to cancer.               and how many tents, etc. will be brought. If you
                                                    need an RV space, let her know the size of your
Our team's name was simple: Grace,                  vehicle(s).
since most of us had a "connection" to
Grace UMC; Grateful, because we are,
either grateful for our friends and loved                  RECIPE FOR HOPE recipe cards
ones who are cancer survivors, or                   As a special gift to survivors attending our Relay
grateful for the time we had with those             event, we want to present them with a “Recipe For
we have lost to cancer; Grapes, as we               Hope” Cookbook.
are all fruit of the vine. Plus, it had a nice,
memorable "jingle" to it.                           Be sure to get together with your team and write
Our fundraisers this year are:                      out your “Recipe for Hope” recipe cards. They can
 Ribbon of Hope purple antenna toppers             be inspirational recipes or actual recipes. We
    for $3 each                                     would love to have each team represented with at
 Pink Basket of Hope raffle including an           least one recipe! This will make a touching and
    afghan with Ribbons of Hope crocheted           personal gift to survivors from all of us who Relay
    in it
                                                    for them!
 Purple Ribbon of Hope basket raffle
    including a Ravens double tied blanket.         Blank recipe cards are available at all meetings
Tickets for each raffle are $1 each or 6/$5.
                              Karen Mitchell        and by contacting Holly at jhmpdv@comcast.net.

                                            Newsletter Submissions
Telling others why you Relay encourages more involvement and strengthens commitment. If you are a cancer
survivor who would like to share your story, please email your story to Holly at jhmpdv@comcast.net to be featured
in the “Survivor Stories” column. If you are a team captain or participant who wants to share your team’s story,
please email that to Holly at jhmpdv@comcast.net to be featured in the “Team Spotlight” column.

Also email Holly you flyers or announcements about offsite fundraisers for inclusion in both the newsletter and the
web page.
           Relay For Life of South Harford County, May 18-19, 2007
           www.acsevents.org/relay/edgewood                                         03/20/07

                 DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR                                          SUPER YARD
              PURPLE PASSION BASKET!                                               SALE
Designed especially for our Relay and generously donated by Mike
Bennett of the Longaberger Company! This beautiful unstained Medium
Market Basket has a pink over dark purple band studded with ribbon                March 31 &
tacks to symbolize Hope.
     Our special                                  Purple Passion
                                                                                    April 1
    basket is filled                               Basket Raffle                  8am – 5pm
     with a large
    assortment of                                  $2.00 each or               215 Garnett Road,
  Relay spirit items                                3 for $5.00                     Joppa
         and                                        DRAWING:                    (410) 679-8605
   purple goodies
   for you to enjoy                              APRIL 3, 2007                   Hosted by the
     at Relay and                                                              Old Bay Steamers
       beyond!!                                 Benefits Relay For Life
                                                of South Harford County          & Little Crabs
   Tickets are still available for this wonderful basket.
  Call Holly 410-638-5393 or email jhmpdv@comcast.net.                         Floral Fundraiser
                                                                            Benefits National Ovarian
          Onsite Fundraising in the works…                                     Cancer Coalition

   Team Name                        Fundraiser                             USAFlorist.com will donate
   Long and Foster Relay Realtors   Blinkee Pins                           20% of the purchase price
   Old Bay Steamers                 Crab Dogs, chips and soda              of any item ordered either
   The Happy Campers                Light Up Necklaces, shopping spree     via Internet or by telephone
                                    raffle, candles                        to support the National
   Woven Dreams                     Bingo                                  Ovarian Cancer Coalition.
   Grace’s Grateful Grapes          Ribbon of Hope antenna toppers and     To place a telephone order,
                                    raffles                                please call 1-800-838-8853 and
                                                                           remember to mention reference
    Let us know what your team is planning!!                               code 788 so that NOCC will
                                                                           receive the donation.

                                        Committee Information
Event Chairperson:      Holly Voelker   410-638-5393                      jhmpdv@comcast.net
ACS staff:              Kelly Scott     410-933-5174                      Kelly.Scott1@cancer.org
Accounting/Registration: Alison Leonard 410-734-7243
Campground (acting):    Mike Hinman     410-538-8951                      lorihinman@comcast.net
Corporate Sponsorship: Santa Jones
Entertainment:          Judy Fritz
Food:                   Bonnie Haden    410-676-8182                      ehaden@bcpl.net
Logistics:              Lori Hinman     410-538-8951                      lorihinman@comcast.net
Luminaria:              Ardella Jackson 410-836-1159                      malstq@msn.com
                        Nancy Lagan     410-888-8888                      overhome2@earthlink.net
Prizes & Awards:        Louise Costello 443-243-5216                      louise.costello@longandfoster.com
Publicity:              Holly Voelker   410-638-5393                      jhmpdv@comcast.net
Survivor:               Debbie Leadore 410-272-6157                       debleado@comcast.net
Team Recruitment/Retention: Lori Hinman 410-538-8951                      lorihinman@comcast.net

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