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									           D.C. FREE SUMMER MEALS
                  HUNGER DOESN’T TAKE A BREAK
Become a participant in the D.C. Free Summer Meals Program so
  that D.C.’s children can receive free breakfast, lunch, and/or
 snacks after school lets out – applications must be submitted
                         By May 1, 2012.

Sites that participate in the D.C. Free Summer Meals Program provide free, nutritious meals
when school is out to children 18 years of age and younger. The program is especially
important for the thousands of children and youth who rely on school breakfast and lunch
during the school year. Given the continuing impact of the recession, families need help this
summer more than ever. If your summer program works with low-income youth, make sure
you are participating in the D.C. Free Summer Meals Program.

Having a meal sponsor is a huge help to not only a summer meal site but also the summer
program. The sponsor delivers the free meals to your site, contracts with the food vendor,
and handles the majority of the program administration. Sites must track the meals delivered
and served. There is no cost to your site if you have a sponsor!

The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) can sponsor your summer site but
you must act NOW:

   1. Complete the Site Information Form
   2. Complete the Sponsorship Agreement with DPR
   3. Send (via fax or email) the completed forms by May 1, 2012 to:
             Mark McCain, Office of Food & Nutrition Services, DPR
             Fax: (202) 541-9519
             Or email:
             If you have questions for Mark, he can be reached at (202) 716-9835
   4. Call D.C. Hunger Solutions (Sheena Simpson—, 202-986-
      2200 x 3029) for questions or help completing the application.
   5. Send D.C. Hunger Solutions an email at: to let us know that
      you submitted your materials for sponsorship. This way we can track sites
      participating in D.C. Free Summer Meals to ensure that the growing numbers of
      hungry children get food this summer.

   Do more for hungry children! Forward this alert to any summer programs immediately.
                                        Thank you!

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