Fall Retreat Update February 2012

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					                                Fall Retreat Update March 2012

We continue to make progress with the fall retreat preparations. Our decorating committee is at full swing
with making plans for a festive celebratory atmosphere. Sounds like it should be wonderful! You go girls!

The attendance prize patrol is working hard to obtain those nice freebies we have been able to pass out in the
past years-surprise surprise! Thanks Ladies!!

Teacher and vendor contracts are coming back into our volunteers and will have more information about this
in Hannibal. Keep in mind spring meeting April 13-14; it should be a great spring celebration!

This helps tremendously when preparing the membership booklet for its distribution in the fall. If you have
not paid your dues, please check the label on your current booklet and do so if necessary. If you are not sure,
please contact Donna Reed your membership chairman, and she will be able to assist you.
IN ADDITION-If you know of any informational changes for your local guild or local quilt shops please see
that Donna gets that information as well. This is a big job and we can help make it easier to manage with
just a little bit of our time in advance of registration.

Speaking of registration, right now it appears we will be able to keep that ugly wolf called inflation away
from our doorway for one more year. Our prices do not look to be any different from last year. The only
thing that may change this would be the cost of meals; however it would be a minimal increase if any. There
is no early check in available without paying extra but if you would like to come on Thursday rather than
Friday, well, just put that down on your registration form and it will be billed through the guild tax free for
you. There are many things to see and do along with local shopping in Jefferson City. The visitor and
convention bureau will have coupon booklets available for those who come early and would want to take
advantage of this opportunity.

CARPOOLING: 1. An arrangement whereby several participants travel together in one vehicle.
This is how the dictionary defines carpooling or ride sharing. Well, we here with the MSQG call it a reason
to shop hop and get to know new friends! If you are concerned about the cost of traveling to fall retreat and
would like to share a ride or would be willing to share your ride with another friend, please contact your
retreat chair and we will put you in contact with someone in your area or along your route to give you a lift!

BINGO! Remember to sew up your bingo card and go through your stash for your 2 ½ strips. The more
you bring the more it is possible to win! Given the enough, we can then do a Sunday morning jelly roll race!

Charity projects are quilts for kids in hospital settings. Anything goes and just about any size as well.

The friendship block is the crazy block, 12 ½ block to finish at 12 inches.

Challenge-If you need your fat quarter please get in touch with your retreat chair.

If any of you would like to be included with helping out or if you may have any suggestions for fall retreat
please contact Pat Smith your retreat chair. psmith75@centurytel.net

          Man O Man am I getting excited, just seven more months, and C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N!

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