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					 Anti Wrinkle Crème for men
How to apply an anti-wrinkle for men?

For several years, cosmetics for men is booming. If the fact of taking care of her skin was
previously unthinkable for a manly man, now there are many who do not hesitate to use beauty
products including anti wrinkle care.
Why must men also take care of their skin?
Even if the facial skin of men is thicker than women's, it still requires to be cleaned and
moisturized daily with suitable products. Men have oilier skin than women, and therefore it ride
later because the layer of sebum guarantees them more tone and strength.
However, when wrinkles appear, precisely because their skin is thicker, they are also deeper,
more pronounced and more difficult to mitigate. That is why men should also moisturize and
treat their skin against wrinkles, with a gel or moisturizer non-greasy to delay the appearance of
furrows, often due to dehydration of the upper layer of the epidermis.

What anti wrinkle use and how to apply?

Men often tend to use the products of their partner, but they are often too fat, too perfumed and
do not meet the needs of male skin. The anti-aging creams for men are numerous, pharmacies,
or even in stores like Sephora cosmetics or Marionnaud.
Among the anti wrinkle cosmetics for men is the most popular care Biotherm Homme Age
Fitness, priced at € 35.90 (average price recorded in December 2010). This is a non-greasy gel,
fresh texture and treat the first signs of aging.
The wrinkle natural vegetable oils such as cumin or wheat germ (available in grocery bio) can
also be used on sensitive and reactive skin men because they do not contain any preservatives.
It is important to penetrate into the skin, touches without rubbing or pressing too hard so as not
to irritate the skin or creating unsightly redness. Use about 2 hazelnut product you chaufferez
few moments in your hand, then massage the face until absorbed circle of care. For a more rapid
care, it is preferable to use morning and evening.

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