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					    MP NOTEBOOK
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                                                            3rd Edition              May 2008
Staff:                                           For those poor souls that don’t golf, I am sure
                                                 that you will find something to fill the daylight
Editor      - John Styan, Burlington, ON         hours. Maybe you will be trying to kill the weeds
Asst Editor - Doc Aldridge, London, ON           in your yard without the use of herbicides, trying
Distribution - Jocelyn Labelle., PQ              to keep the bug population down without the use
Distribution - Del Blakney, Kingston, ON         of pesticides, etc. Or possibly driving your big
Webmaster - Dan Sellers, Calgary, AB             boy toy around, only not being able to afford the
                                                 gas for the fun. It seems that all the things we
                                                 grew up with and used during our adulthood,
Welcome to the third edition of the MP           originated from the dark side of somewhere and
Notebook. Winter has finally passed us           are no longer healthy for us or cost us an arm
over and for those of us that do, golf           and a leg. With every thing they are discovering
season has arrived, thank goodness. Joe          that is bad for us, I see the day when that very
Claus, ex-herbie-remuster to MP, Vic             thought provoking song, from 1964, written by
Sparks and myself will soon be making our        Rick Evans and performed by Zager and Evans,
way to Oscoda, Michigan for our annual 5         In the Year 2525, is very much becoming a
day golf trip. At least I think we golf or at    reality! “Everything we think, do and say was in
least we golf, I think. We make an attempt       the pill we took today. - JW
at it, anyways. This year, Vic has taken
over the reins of organizing and has laid
out three days of tournaments, putting
contests, closest to the hole and longest
drive competitions with prizes! Looks like it
will be a really interesting year. Most of the
other attendees (9) are from the Windsor
Casino and Track system, (OLG), security                  INSIDE THIS EDITION
or financial. We would like to see a lot
more MP’s involved but I guess most ORG               Lest We Forget – No Passings
just can’t take the time off. Four days of
unlimited golf and cart, accommodations
                                                      Monthly Status of the Branch –
and a golf bag full of fun, for only $280              CFPM’s Letter.
Canadian is really too much for me to turn            A story of Horror in Afghanistan
down. The five hour drive from Toronto is             Support Our Troops:
the only draw back.
                                                          o Our support is noted
And don’t forget about the Fred Roger’s                       world wide
Golf Tournament that is being held in July                o Red Friday’s Repatriation
in London, Ontario, this year. Again, Mr.                     Memorial Drive and Rally
Vic Sparks has grabbed the reins on this              Upcoming and completed
event. Check out the flyer attached to this
edition and remember, if your not going to
use your VIA pass to go to a possible                     o The Kingston Luncheon
pension claw back Rally on Parliament Hill,                   was a success
then climb aboard and make your way to                    o Fred Roger’s Golf
London for the Tournament.                                o Atlantic MP Mess Dinner
In regards to the Pension Claw Back Issue,
                                                          o Kingston Charity Golf
if you have not yet voiced your opinion to            The French Connection
your local Member of Parliament, please               Happenings on
do so, regardless of his or her party                 Editorial by the Assistant Editor
affiliation. We can’t be counted if we don’t
stand up. Keep your eyes and ears open                Flyer for the Fred Rogers Golf
for a possible mass rally in Ottawa.                   Tournament (Revised)
                                                                         PAGE 2

                       “Lest We Forget”

   “They shall not grow old as we   “Ils ne vieilliront pas comme nous
   that are left grow old;          qui leurs avons survécus.
   age shall not weary them nor     Ils ne connaitront jamais
   the years condemn.               l’outrage ni le poids des années
   At the going down of the sun     quand viendra l’heure du
   and in the morning,              crépuscule et celle de l’aurore.
   we will remember them.”          Nous nous souviendrons d’eux.”

      It is so nice not to have anything to put on this page.
                                                                              PAGE 3

                    Military Police Branch

   Capt (N) Steve       Canadian Forces Provost Marshal                  Her Majesty Queen
      Moore                                                                  Elizabeth II
  Provost Marshal      Monthly Status of the Branch Letter

  April, 2008

         Yet another month has come and gone and this one seemed to be as busy
  as the last. The highlight of the past couple of months was the deployment of Op
  ATHENA Roto 5, based primarily out of LFWA, and the return of the Roto 4 MP,
  based primarily out of SQFT. This is not to say all the troops come solely from the
  Areas indicated. In fact, we could not generate all the troops required to perform all
  the tasks expected of us without augmentation from across the country and the
  dedicated members of our Reserve Force MP. In addition, Roto 6, based almost
  exclusively on LFCA, has already started their training in anticipation of deploying
  at the end of the summer and by the time you read this most will be in Wainwright
  undergoing their validation exercise.

         On the Afghanistan front, you should be aware Sgt Turton and Cpl Walker
  sustained non-life threatening wounds as a result of an attack on a Police Sub-
  Station they were manning while Cpl Riley was repatriated and remains in hospital
  here in Canada after sustaining non-life threatening injuries resulting from his
  vehicle striking an IED. This strikes home the danger our people face in the
  performance of their duties. The tasks they were trained for and are performing
  puts them on the very “front lines” of the operation. In our case, through our role in
  Police Operational Mentoring and Liaison Teams (POMLTs). In this role, MP are
  working side by side with Afghan National Police at remote locations (police sub-
  stations) extending the rule of law throughout Kandahar province. This is one of
  the most critical functions in the extension of democratic institutions and is one of
  the most strategically important being performed in the theatre of operation.
                                                                                   PAGE 4

  On the issue of support to operations, I am currently in discussions with the
  operational and environmental commanders to examine ways in which we can
  better position ourselves to meet the many and, at times, competing demands
  for our services. The bottom line is that there are not enough MP to do
  everything that is asked of us and probably never will be.

  On other Branch issues, Cdr Andy Gale has submitted his release from the CF
  to take effect Jul 08. Andy has decided it is time to pay well-deserved attention
  to family and is returning to the US Northwest where his wife’s family resides.
  The Branch is taking care of the departure with dignity process and a message,
  with all the applicable details, will be released shortly. As a result of this, I have
  had the pleasure to announce that Maj Sylvie Beaudry, who is currently the
  Cmdt of the CF MP Academy, will be promoted to LCol and assume the duties
  of DPM Secur this summer. LCol Dave Shuster will move to Winnipeg to
  assume the appointment of PM 1 CA Air Div replacing LCol Jim Legere who is
  posted to a position in Norfolk VA with the US Joint Force Protection Command.

  On the NCM front, I had the pleasure of promoting MWO Myke Hamm to CWO.
  He has already assumed the position of CFNIS CWO replacing CWO Colin
  Lyon who is off to the newly created position as the PM CANOSCOM CWO. In
  addition to this, this is a very active posting/promotion season with the following
  promotions anticipated: 7 x MWOs, 17 x WO, 34 x Sgts, and 59 x MCpls. That
  said, the Branch remains short a total of 154 NCMs. This is an incredibly
  exciting and challenging time for the Branch with the support MP provide to the
  many and varied operations (both domestic and foreign, routine and
  expeditionary) rarely in greater demand.

  Looking a little further afield, we have the Change of Command of 5 MPU (Maj
  Steeve Gregoire assuming command from Maj Michel Zybala) and the CF MP
  Academy (Maj Doug Boot assuming command from Maj Sylvie Beaudry) to look
  forward to. The Change of Command of the Academy is scheduled for Tue 8
  Jul and there are a number of activities surrounding this. Please stay tuned for
  further announcements on this in the coming weeks.
MP NOTEBOOK                                                                                 PAGE 6

                                                                                               PAGE 5

   The Horrors of Afghanistan
   The true story of what our MPs
   face In the combat zone known as
   Afghanistan – by Cpl John Riley
    2 MP Unit serving with 1 MP Unit
   in Afghanistan.

 The date was April 4th, 2008 and I was serving
 in Afghanistan with 1 MPU under the POMLT,
 stationed at PSS Zangabad. One of the unit’s
 objectives was to clear and keep Fosters Road
                                                     The next thing I remember was being attended to
 open. We were responsible for patrols of
                                                     by a medic while being transported to Kandahar
 Fosters Road to ensure no Improvised
                                                     Airfield (KAF), in a Blackhawk helicopter, where
 Explosive Devices (IEDs) had been placed on
                                                     the doctors began working on my injuries. I spent
 the road. I, along with a gunner and driver,
                                                     two days in KAF and during those 2 days I had the
 were in an RG-31 armoured patrol vehicle. I
                                                     opportunity to telephone my mom and girlfriend to
 was sitting in the seat, behind the gunner. I
                                                     tell them what had happened and that I was
 overheard a message that came over the radio
                                                     injured. This was not the funniest job.
 from the receiver on the gunner’s head,
 indicating someone requested we to go to
                                                     I was next transported to the US Airfield at Bagam
 check out an area for something near PSS Haji.
                                                     where I was assessed by several American
                                                     doctors; had x-rays and scans of my injuries. I was
 As we approached the area, we must have             then was air lifted to US Hospital at Landstuhl,
 been hit by the IED; I don't remember much of       Germany where I spent close to two weeks. My
 the blast itself. I remember being in pain and      wounds were kept clean and I was taken care of
 groaning, then the next thing I felt was my chest   by the American nurses and doctors. The
 rig being pulled up over my face and being          Canadian Liaison Officers at the base were of
 extracted through the roof of the RG-31. I was      great assistance to me during that time.
 placed some feet away from the vehicle. I do
 remember saying to myself, wow that looks bad,      I was transported back to Canada and I was
 (the vehicle) and it had not yet occurred to me     admitted to the Ottawa Civic Hospital, where
 we had been caught in the explosion of the IED.     several surgeries were preformed to deal with my
 The next thing I heard was the sound of small       injuries. After these surgeries completed and I
 arms firing and I initially thought we were under   was stabilized enough to be transported, I was
 attack. I was informed that it was just ammo        transferred to the Pembroke General Hospital. I
 inside the vehicle that was being cooked off by     have now begun my rehabilitation and I hope to
 the heat of the flames.                             soon be returned to CFB Petawawa.

 I was pulled further away from the burning
 vehicle and the danger of the cooked off
 ammunition. At that time, another MP from
 Zangabad, who had not been on patrol with us,
 was working on my injuries. I made him check
 and re-check my injuries to ensure that I had all
 my body parts. Shortly thereafter, the MP that
 was the driver of our RG-31 sat on the ground
 next to me. I later discovered that he was
 responsible for pulling me from the burning
 vehicle. Again, I remember also asking him to
 check me over to determine if I had all my body
 parts. He also reassured that everything was
                                                               PAGE 6
    Afghanistan cont’d

  I would like everyone to know how much I
  appreciate my girlfriend, Jennifer MacCormack,
  who kept in contact with me during this whole
  ordeal by email and ensured that all my family and
  friends where kept up to date with what was
  occurring. She has been a great support and has
  done an excellent job.

  The injuries I sustained in the explosion of the IED
  were a fractured left arm, fractures to my back,
  fractured right tibia and fibula, fractures to my right
  ankle and foot, fractured left ankle and a small
  bleed to my head that receded.

  I will be returned to Petawawa when I am
  discharged from the Pembroke General Hospital,
  where I will continue my rehabilitation and
  physiotherapy. I hope to soon be on a return to
  work program, with the expectation and hope of
  returning to full MP duties at the base in

  On Tue, 5/6/08, MWO GR. RIDEOUT wrote:

  The following update is provided for Cpl Riley .

  He was moved to Pembroke Hospital (room B120-
  M1) from Ottawa Civic Hospital on Monday 28
  Apr. He was moved to the rehabilitation wing and
  continues to improve.

  Visitors are still required to wear a gown and
  gloves upon arrival. He is conducting
  physiotherapy and starts back in the gym shortly
  and is eager to "Get back at it".

  He is using his left arm more and can weight bare
  on his left heel with the air cast. His right leg is still
  non weight bearing. He is still required to wear his
  back brace for any type of movement.

  John is recovering well and would like to thank all
  those that have sent in well wishes and email.

  He is accepting visitors and for those outside the
  Pet AOR you can send him an email at

  GR (Glen) Rideout
  Unit Sergeant Major
  2 Military Police Unit
  The LCol George Taylor Denison III Armoury
  1 Yukon Lane, Room C332
  Toronto ON M3K 0A1
                                                                                                       PAGE 7


 This article is from a British Newspaper, The Mail, and was submitted by Ian and Cathy MacKenzie.

 Pictures that should shame all British reveal the shabby way Britain treats its fallen heroes


 They serve the same Queen, fight the same foe and lay down their lives with equal valour and sacrifice.
 But when the fallen heroes of Canada and Britain come home, the welcome is very different.

 At airbases in both countries there is only sombre respect. But today The Mail on Sunday publishes extraordinary
 pictures that contrast the final road journeys: in Canada, there is a police escort and crowds line the route; in
 Britain, the hearses are denied outriders and go unremarked.

 Should we show more respect to our returning war dead? Tell us your view below

 Shameful: In Canada, (above), roads are cleared and police stand to attention to welcome home fallen heroes. In
 Britain, (below) hearses carrying our war dead routinely get stuck in traffic without even so much as a police
                                                                                                       PAGE 8

 Coffins carrying the Canadian soldiers' bodies are driven 107 miles from the airbase at Trenton, Ontario, to a
 coroner's office in Toronto; in Britain the trip is 50 miles from RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, to the morgue at
 Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.

 In Canada the road is cleared and a police escort of several squad cars ensures a smooth passage as
 onlookers pay tribute and police and fire officers salute.

 But in Britain most of the journey is spent ignored and stuck in traffic – because Thames Valley Police refuse to
 provide an escort as they "focus on community safety rather than ceremonial roles".

 Last night MP Quentin Davies, who is heading a Ministry of Defence study into strengthening public support for
 Britain's Armed Forces, labelled the failure to provide an escort for our war dead "despicable".

 Tale of two homecomings: The Canadians, above, were killed by a bomb near Kandahar, Afghanistan. British
 Marine David Marsh, 23, (below left) and Lt John Thornton, 22, were killed while on patrol in Helmand province.
                                                                                                   PAGE 9

                                                                                                       PAGE 15

  Other Service personnel and police from other Forces concur.

  The intensely moving pictures of the Canadian repatriation are being emailed among British soldiers and have
  been posted on the internet.

  Canada currently has 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and has so far lost 82. Britain has lost 91 from a total of

  The series of pictures includes emotional scenes last year when six Canadian soldiers were flown home.

  Captain Jefferson Francis, 36, Captain Matthew Dawe, 27, Master Cpl Colin Bason, 28, Corporal Cole Bartsch,
  23, Corporal Jordan Anderson, 25, and Private Lane Watkins, 20, were killed together in their armoured vehicle
  by a massive roadside bomb near Kandahar.

  Along the entire route, on 50 motorway bridges, at roadsides, intersections, on the sides of roads, in fields and
  even on the central barrier of the busy motorway, local people, firefighters and police stood to attention, Royal
  Canadian Legionnaires lowered flags and whole families proudly waved "We support our troops" placards.

  Sombre: The Canadian heroes, above, arrive at an airbase, while in Britain, below, the dead troops are
  ceremoniously carried to a hearse at Wootton Bassett
                                                                                               PAGE 10

 Remember or forget: In Canada, flag waving crowds cram motorway bridges, above, while the cortege
 carrying the British soldiers from Wootton Bassett, below, is abandoned in traffic
                                                                                                  PAGE 11

 The spectacle was so striking that the highway, part of which was known as the Queen Elizabeth Way, has
 now been renamed the Highway of Heroes.

 Since then, every body travelling along the Highway of Heroes has been greeted by hundreds of ordinary
 Canadians who often wait for hours in the bitter Ontario winter to show their respect and support.

 Lieutenant Colonel Jim Legere, Provost Marshal for the 1st Canadian Air Division Headquarters, wrote of one
 such journey in a letter to a Toronto newspaper.

 He said: "Although words cannot possibly do justice to this heart-wrenching experience, I thought it important
 for you to be aware of the overwhelming – and I mean overwhelming – support provided by law enforcement,
 fire services, ambulance services and, indeed, the public at large, for this very solemn occasion.

 "I could not believe my eyes as we made the solemn journey from Trenton to the coroner's office in Toronto.
 "Every on-ramp had a police vehicle blocking traffic, with members standing by the vehicles saluting. "Entire
 police detachments stood along the route, saluting in front of their vehicles.

 Patriotic: In Canada, flag waving crowds line the route, while locals honour the British soldiers in Wootton
 Bassett, below, without a flag in sight
                                                                                                       PAGE 12
 "Fire halls had their trucks out, with their members in full dress uniform out front paying respects to our comrades.
 "People stopped their cars along the side of the road, got out and saluted or held their hands over their hearts.
 "As we neared downtown, the streets were lined with crowds waving Canadian flags and paying their respects.
 "The outpouring of support for our fallen heroes and their families was beyond belief."

 Lt Col Legere's letter concluded: "Never before have I been as proud to wear this uniform."

 Honour: Former servicemen and women line the streets in Canada to pay their respects, above, and in Britain the
 hearse passes without notice, below

 Highways for Heroes have been designated in other Canadian cities and many people pay their respects when a
 fallen soldier returns. Police escorts are the norm.

 The spectacle contrasts strongly with the progress of a British cortege which The Mail on Sunday was given
 special permission to follow earlier this month.

 Lieutenant John Thornton, 22, and Marine David Marsh, 23, both of 40 Commando Royal Marines, were killed in
 a vehicle explosion while patrolling in Helmand Province.
                                                                                                         PAGE 13

 Hand on heart: Firefighters stand by the engines to salute the hearse in Canada, but, below, the British hearse is
 tied down in heavy traffic

 Their two black hearses and an empty spare hearse accompanying them were initially escorted by Wiltshire Police.

 The cortege first passed through the village of Wootton Bassett where locals, forewarned by the RAF base, gather
 at the war memorial to pay their respects.

 But for much of the rest of the trip to Oxford – where the bodies undergo post-mortems before being returned to
 their families – the hearses are on their own, led only by an undertaker's car.

 They were cut up by impatient motorists at roundabouts, stuck in traffic and generally ignored by the public, their
 significance lost because of a lack of the gravitas that a police escort would provide.

 The problem has arisen because the Wiltshire Constabulary escort – normally three motorcycle outriders and two
 patrol cars which stop other traffic along the route – has to "peel off" at the Oxfordshire border where the Thames
 Valley force area begins.

 The corteges then have to fend for themselves on Oxford's notorious ring-road.

 Inspector Mark Levitt of Wiltshire Police has taken up the matter with Thames Valley.
                                                                                                              PAGE 14

 Respect: Scores of police get out of stopped cars as the Canadian soldiers are driven past. In Britain, below, the
 streets remain empty.

 He told The Mail on Sunday: "I phoned one of the road policing managers and asked if they would continue the
 repatriation escorts to Oxford and he said it was not in their force policy to provide one for this type of thing."

 Insp Levitt, who has helped organise the stops at Wootton Bassett war memorial, added: "We have officers who
 come in on their days off to help with the escort duties, because they want to show their respects to the young
 soldiers who died for us and are genuinely touched by the tribute and respect shown by the people of Wootton

 Salute: As night falls in Toronto, firefighters stand to attention ahead of the cortege. In Britain, police peel off at the
 Thames valley border and go unnoticed
                                                                                                PAGE 15

  But Thames Valley Police defended their failure to provide an escort.

  They say that even before April last year, when RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire rather than Lyneham was
  used for repatriating war dead, the force provided escorts only if there was an "operational need", such as large
  numbers of vehicles, families or people involved.

  Assistant Chief Constable Brian Langston claimed that "most of the time" escorts were not required or
  requested. "I've spoken to my counterpart at Wiltshire Police and I understand they provide escorts because
  of the people involved at the Wootton Bassett events. "We try to provide what people say are their priorities,
  and so far that's been to focus on community safety rather than ceremonial roles."

  A man holds a hand to his heart on the motorway as the Canadian cortege passes, above. But the British
  hearse passes without so much as a wave from passers by, below
                                                                                                          PAGE 16

 But Labour MP Mr Davies said: "It is very much to the credit of Wiltshire Police that they are stopping traffic and
 giving dignity and respect to those who have given their lives to this country. "I think it is disgusting that the police
 in Oxfordshire do not do the same."

 Thames Valley Police are, however, well versed in escort duties. The force operates its own Protection Group
 which provides security for the Royal Family at Windsor Castle, escorts visiting heads of state and guards the
 many Government officials and other VIPs who have homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

 Quentin Davies acknowledged that a Canadian-style Highway for Heroes may not be right for Britain but added:
 "It is very comforting to the families to know that places like Wootton Bassett have paid direct and specific tribute.
 "It is very important to let the public reflect on their sacrifice. Indeed they [the families] might even feel they have
 been betrayed without it."

 Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army colonel, said: "This is the latest breach of the military covenant.
 "Even in death our men are being scorned. "The compensation our Servicemen receive is pitiful, the shortages
 of body armour are scandalous, the way the Government is trying to gag coroners over the death of Servicemen
 disgusting. “Now we have this. All of these things shout of shabbiness."

 The Ministry of Defence refused to comment, claiming it was "a local issue".

                                                                    Please be advised that due to the number of
     Red Fridays Foundation                                         participants attending this drive, police services
                                                                    can not escort all vehicles to Toronto from
      Repatriation Memorial                                         Trenton. Only the memorial procession of the 82
                                                                    red vehicles and special vehicles are to be
         Drive and Rally                                            escorted on the highway. This is to minimize
      Trenton to Downsview                                          disruption to community business in Trenton and
                                                                    Toronto. The length of time to keep roads closed
          May 31, 2008                                              and the amount of resources needed, it is
                                                                    impossible to escort all vehicles. Trenton OPP
                                                                    will escort safe passage through Trenton to the
                                                                    Highway of Heroes (401). Each group driving to
                                                                    Toronto will be lead by a CAV motorcycle.

                                                                    The memorial procession consisting of only the
                                                                    82 lead drivers with red vehicles and special
                                                                    appointed vehicles will be escorted by police from
                                                                    Trenton Centennial Park to Toronto Downsview
                                                                    Park. Police services provided by OPP, OPP
                                                                    Golden Helmet Motorcade, Durham Police Service
                                                                    and Toronto Police Services.

                                                                    Communities are invited to be on the overpasses
                                                                    throughout the trip and to line up along Sheppard
                                                                    Ave W from the Allen Road to the Downsview
                                                                    Park Entrance. The procession will look
                                                                    spectacular with all police services involved and
     Due to DND activities at Downsview Park on May                 the Golden Helmet Motorcade.
     31, 2008 - the arrival of the memorial procession
     has been delayed. Departure times from Trenton
                                                                    Location: The launch from Trenton will be at
     to Toronto starts at 12:00 noon. The Highlighted
                                                                    Centennial Park east side by the Amphitheatre.
     procession of the 82 red vehicles representing
                                                                    All registered drivers must book in starting at
     the recent fallen will leave last at approximately
                                                                    9:00am. The CAV (Canadian Army Veterans) will
     3:00 pm. This time has been chosen so people on
                                                                    be marshalling the parking and the launch of
     the overpasses can start watching the vehicles
                                                                    participant drivers.
     with flags as they travel the memorial drive.
                                                                                      PAGE 17

         Upcoming and Completed
                                                             CHAPTER OF CAMPVET.CA
                                                             LUNCHEON – APRIL 19, 2008

  Location:                 Army, Navy, Airforce Club
                            317 Gore Road, Kingston, On

  Date/Time:                April 19, 2008 - 11:30 a.m.

  OPI:                      Dell Blakney -
   Kingston Luncheon – Now a done deal

   On 19 April the Spring Luncheon was held
   for the Kingston Chapter of

   About 47 attended and some old friends
   were seen and some new ones were
   gained while the majority partook of a steak
   dinner at our favorite luncheon hangout
   The Army, Navy, Air Force Club.

   Some new faces included Mad Mike
   Mulvihill, Notebook Editor JW Styan & his
   wife, Vic Sparks and his better half, (I may   Mr. George Elliott holds an “O” Group the some of
   get edited on this submission (*.*) ), Glenn   the established members of the Kingston
   Russell & Sgt Ken Urquart from the MP          Campvets Chapter.

   Fred McGilligan brought Tom Wedseltoft,
   OPP, who will retire this fall & who was a
   visitor/friend to the Kingston MP
   Detachment. Tom has indicated that he
   would like to attend future luncheons. I
   spoke to another former OPP friend who
   was another regular visitor to the
   detachment and yet another opportunity
   exists to expand on old friendships. The
   support of the OPP as outlined in the
   second edition of the MP Notebook
   provides for mutual support between
   forces.                                        Old friends meet again – Rick Doig and
                                                                                                 PAGE 18

Special Thanks to Chelsea Payette, Ray & Theresa
Payette’s daughter who worked the sales table selling
Dale Goodies DVD/CDs & Clothing, MP Support the
Troops Pins and providing information on MP Kit Shop
Coins & Ball Caps and 2 MP Pl Coins.

The next Luncheon has been booked for September
20, 2008.

Discussions about The Old Guard Concept

Steve MacDonald had to cancel attendance and
making a presentation concerning the Old Guard
proposal. I must however report that although there
was no group discussion there were a number of                Sales of the Dale Goodie material
conversations concerning the Old Guard and no-one             and the Support the Troops material
present had an interest in participation in the guard. It     were brisk.
is generally agreed that we should continue the
luncheons for social purposes only, that everyone
wants to continue to meet in the spring and in the fall
and that former/retired/serving members should
continue as we presently are and not try and influence
how the trade progresses or how former/retired
members contribute/participate.

It is understood that events like the Rogers Golf
Tournament, supporting the MP Kit Shop, the MP
Support the Troops Pins, 2 MP Pl Coin purchases and
supporting the Troops in Afghanistan clearly
demonstrate a commitment and contribution to the
branch. The use of campvets is very successful as a
communication comradeship tool without having to            Rick Doig, Vic Sparks, Ginny Styan and
create an old guard.                                        Katie Sparks feast upon the excellently
                                                            BBQ’d Steaks with salad, baked spuds
                                                            and all the trimmings.

       Dell Blakney (the OPI) –“ Man,                         Dan Lynch, who was in town for a
       look at all those great desserts –                     Legion Conference –“ Lets now get to
       damn that diabetes.”                                   the serious side of this luncheon.”
                                                                                                 PAGE 19

                               ASU Kingston Charity Golf
                            In support of the MP Blind Fund

 Place:                     ASU Kingston Garrison Golf Course

 DateTime:                  Friday, August 22, 2008 – 8:00 a.m. Shotgun

 Accommodations:            Arrange your own

 Cost:                      $85.00 per entrant – Power Cart extra $15.00 –
                            covers golf, meal and prizes.

 Contact:                   Cpl Pierre Compeau at 1-613-541-5010 extension
                            5648 or e mail him at

          2008 Atlantic Region MP Mess Dinner

 Date/Time:                 May 15, 2008 1900 hrs - ????
 Location:                  CPO’ and PO’s Mess, Juno Tower
                            CFB Halifax

 Accommodation can be booked at the Juno Tower for Sgts and above and at Stadacona A Block for
 the Jr NCOs.

 A Meet and Greet is scheduled for 1400 hrs, 15 Feb 08, at the Military Police Lounge.
 Cocktails - Bar opened at 1830 hrs.
 Mess Dinner - 1900 hrs to ?????

 For further details or inquires, feel free to contact any of the three OPIs.
 PO1 Sylvain Bolduc - (902) 722-4289
 Sgt Denise Bolduc - (902) 427-7429
 Sgt Alana MacGillivray - (902) 722-7965

 Note from the Editor: I have to apologize to the organizers of this event – It should have been posted in the
 last two Notebook Editions but was completely missed by myself and the rest of us westerners. Hope the
 dinner is a huge success! Please, send us a report on how it goes with some pictures for the next edition
 and it will be posted. JW
                                                                                                     PAGE 20
 Bienvenue a
 La French

  JOSS LABELLE MILITARY POLICE MASTER                                   POSTING APS 2008
                                                        Received note from WO Alain Girard (Algeria) - Joss
 Just a reminder to you all!                            thanks for sending me the MP NOTEBOOK, it is
 Since the Annual Posting Season (APS) is coming        always interesting to know what is going on in the
 soon I am asking all of you to not forget to let me    trade and with people because as far as I am, I
 know of your change of EMAIL Address My list is        sometime I lose some facts. By the way, I will be
 still growing and is updated every day now and it      posted to Québec City next July with the MP reserve
 includes over 700 names and address. It is             St-Malo as a RSS (Regular Support Staff).
 always available to you, upon request, at                                                   RETIREMENT

    RETIRED MILITARY POLICE BADGE AND                   PO2 Alain Joanisse - Alain is experiencing a great
                  WALLET                                moment in his life, he as officially accepted a new
                                                        job with the Ontario Government in Ottawa and will
 3 years ago, the AFP association made available        be retiring from the CF on April 11. Alain was
 to their members a retired AFP badge and wallet,       supposed to be promoted in July and posted with the
 and after many requests for the same, Jean-Marc        career manager.
 Beaulieu has taken the initiative to make a
 “Retired” badge and wallet available for all retired      CONGRADULATIONS ALAIN AND ALL THE
 MP’s. This badge, will only be available to retired       SUCCESS IN YOU FUTURE CHALLENGES
 MP,s on pension with more than 20 years service.
 Documentation is required before the badge and                       NEWS FROM THE PAST
 wallet can be purchased for $25.00 shipping
 included. Documentation required for purchase is       Richard Couture (RCMP Surrey BC)
 a photocopy of your CF retirement certificate from
 CDS or Record of Service Identification Card. The      After more then 20 years, I relocated Rick who was
 badge is available in French or English and the        with me in CFB St-Jean in the 80's. After his first 8
 word RETRAITÉ or RETIRED replaces your                 years service with the RCMP on the Island of
 badge number. Any people interested can send           Vancouver near Victoria, he is now in BC where he
 proper documentation with a cheque or money            has completed 20 years service with the RCMP. He
 order to Jean-Marc Beaulieu, 9 Lilac, Shannon,         is in charge of a patrol team (General Duty) and
 Qc, G0A 4N0 or he can be contacted at                  action is not missing. Life is great out there for him,                                       his wife and 2 children.

                                                        Guy Belley (RCMP HQ OTTAWA)

                                                        A other friend that I lost track in the 80's almost in
                                                        the same period as Richard that I managed to find
                                                        is back in the capital region. Guy left the CF and
                                                        joined the RCMP in 1992 where he spent 12 years in
                                                        BC working with different sections. He enjoyed BC
                                                        very much and is planning to take is last posting out
                                                        there after the Olympics. He is now with RCMP HQ
                                                        in Ottawa as a Cpl with the National Security
                                                        Section. He is on the list to be promoted to Sgt and
                                                        transfer to Computer Section if promoted.
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   From the CAMPVets
   Articles taken for those
   that do not visit the
   Campvet’s Website

 MP Receives US Army Commendation Medal
 Posted by: Myke Hamm (IP Logged)
 Date: April 29, 2008 04:39AM

 On 25 Apr 08, Major Sylvie Beaudry,
 Commandant of the Canadian Forces Military
 Police Academy, accompanied by CPO2 Mike
 Amirault, acting ACWO, presented Sgt Lance
 Gibson with the US Army Commendation Medal.
 Sgt Gibson was recognized by the Secretary of
 the US Army for exceptionally meritorious service
 in a combat zone while assigned as the Combined
 Explosives Exploitation Cell Fingerprint
 Technician to the Joint Task Force Paladin, while
 deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan in
 support of Operation Enduring Freedom, from 9
 Mar 07 to 23 Sep 07.

 Very, very well done Sgt Gibson!

      There was a lot of bragging about Toys for Big Boys on Campvets recently. Should the
                                    Truth ever really come out!

              What the owner sees                                   The real picture

                                             The CWO GTO
                                                                   PAGE 22
               Should The Truth ever really come out
    What the owner sees                         The real picture

                    Joe Claus’s White Stallion

              Gary Chaisson’s Home away from home.

                       Doug Abbott’s Ride.
 Staff Editorial                                                                                    PAGE 23
 Submitted by Scott (Doc) Aldridge                        a platoon, a section if you’re lucky, jeep teams; and
 Assistant Editor                                         then a single person, a Pointsman.” He went on to
                                                          say “I never liked the Meatheads, but I respected
            “It’s Simply NOT IN Our Nature”               them, even if I wouldn’t admit it at the time.” (Last
                                                          part included simply for the record, ‘cause I doubt
                                                          he’d ever admit that again in front of anyone else!”).
                  Which is Easier?                                 Where is this going you ask? Simply that
      A Single MP Association OR Herding Cats             maybe a single Military Police Association is not
                                                          possible at this moment because it really IS not our
       I received a very interesting e-mail a few weeks   nature. We are used to working more on our own
 ago from a fellow ORG who I have met only                than as a group… a patrolman, a pointsman, and
 through my writings in the Sitrep/Notebook,              as an investigator, etc. We are, in actual fact,
 CAMPVets, and other ORG postings. According to           chosen and then trained to be able to work mostly
 this gentleman, I have been away too long and he         on our own and not have to depend on anyone
 was wondering if I still shared the same interest        else. That is a good point in many ways, but when
 and passion for the Branch, The ORGs, and                it comes down to it, do we really know how to work
 creating a single Military Police Association? When      as a group? Sure we can work “in a group” under
 I wrote him back, I asked him if he was interested       the control of someone else, but not “as a group“,
 in coming on board in some of the projects His           ourselves. Could this actually be preventing us
 answer, I found very curious, candid, and oh, so         from wanting to be joiners? Or at least prevent us
 very true...“As a Military Policeman, now an ex MP,      from wanting to be "involved". Those that are
 I guess it’s not in my nature.”                          destined or natural leaders of groups will get
       To paraphrase the late Waylon Jennings;            involved, however the followers, the “silent
 “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be               majority” generally will not…thus any attempt to
 MP’s”. Yet, come to think of it, he very well may        organize an association of Military Police may
 have the solution the whole CMPA, 1MPPLA, Old            prove to be too difficult.
 Guard, C PRO C and RCAF, and respectfully other                   So what exactly is the point? Over the past
 affiliated Security Branch Associations’ issue.          two to three years; ideas such as 1MPPLA, the Old
            So let’s review…The MP is trained in          Guard, Campvets, and even the rebirth of the
 infantry section tactics, depending on posting, may      CMPA have been offered, promoted… Many
 received further training as a gunner, zipper-head,      members have stepped forward with ideas to get
 or even how to build a Bailey Bridge under the           others interested and involved, but to no avail.
 cover of darkness. He/she can lay a telephone            Events, like the reunions, luncheons, and golf
 line like a Signalman, and treat injuries like a         tournaments are organized in hopes of giving all of
 Medic. Knows a map and symbols as well as an             us something that our trade has not promoted or
 Int OP, and must know many levels of the law             offered until recently… a place to belong. And until
 better than a Judge Advocate. Even as a private,         recently, that was impossible within our trade
 he must know his business; for even a General will       because it was NOT in the history of our trade. Our
 come to him for information, or he may be called         trade has no recognized battle honours, though
 upon to attend with that same General, an “O”            many of our predecessors were there amongst the
 Group in a tent or room full of officers. And you        smoke and blood. Military Police and Provost
 know what, there are a lot more comparisons that I       Platoons, detachments and sections were farmed
 could think about, and probably use the phrase, “A       out to other Regiments and Service Battalions. No
 Jack of All The Trades?” , which may cover it.           wonder we have trouble agreeing on one Military
            An old vet, I currently work with and not a   Police Association, when some of our members
 former MP... pointed out a most telling thought in       would actually know the history of the RCR, PPCLI,
 this comparison where the trades and their                     st
                                                          and 1 Hussars better than our own.
 breakdown, in his opinion, are the most effective                 As an ORG, I am embarrassed to say that I
 (his words and thoughts and paraphrased): “In an         know about the history and exploits of 1 MP
 Infantry Regiment, you have battalions, companies,       Platoon, but as for the history of our trade as a
 platoon, then a rifle section. In the Navy, you have     whole I do not. Were there Military Police/Provosts
 fleets, squadron and ship’s companies. Even the          on Juno Beach? I can tell you that I believe it is
 Air Force with some of the most advanced                 only logical they were, but I cannot ever remember
 weaponry in warfare, they fight better in squadrons      reading or hearing about it at Borden during my
 complete with ground crew. Yet, with MP’s, what,         TQ3 course.
                                                                                                  PAGE 24
           Perhaps as ORGs, it is not important to
 form a single association, but get out and
 support the associations that offer up events
 and opportunities that are to your liking. Let’s
 not criticize if an event has a small turn out, but
 laugh along with the attendees as they relate
 new memories to us over such forums as
                                                       The Canadian Forces Military Police Academy kitshop is, the new MP Notebook, the
                                                       where serving members, retired members and their
 1MPPLA website, and other avenues of                  loved ones can obtain:
 communications. It may not be in our nature to
 attend as a group, but I know personally that
 Military Police have some of the best                                     Soldier gear
 storytellers in any trade. Just maybe we can
 start to actually build something together                                Police gear
 “separately”… for that would seem to be in our
 nature.                                                                   Mess kit
           Finally, and with all due respect to
 1MPPLA President JB Hosegrove and Mr. Bob                                 Clothing
 Smith, I am not sure that Branch ties are the
 answer at this time. I would personally like to                           Gifts
 see the ORGs step up and help our trade out
 by promoting our history, our accomplishments,                            Collectables
 and legends. I am sorry to admit that I am not
 sure we have one, but if we don’t, it’s high time
 our trade had it’s own Guidon. It would be a             We strive to bring you quality items at low cost
 first step in recognizing past and present…and          because we are not a retail outlet. We have a
 future.                                                modest markup which in essence permits us to
                                                       keep our doors open. This kitshop exists to serve
                                                       you, consequently, your support is necessary for it
                                                                           to continue.

                                                                      Contact Information



                                                            CFMPA Kit Shop c/o MCpl B. McHale
                                                                        bldg 0169
                                                                 Box 1000 Station Main
                                                                     CFB Borden, ON
                                                                         L0M 1C0

                                                                  (705) 424-1200 ext 3487
                                                                       CSN 270-3487

                              Fred Roger’s Golf Day 08
                                           London, Ontario
                                Meet & Greet: Friday July 11th
                                Golf Day: Saturday July 12th
                                            Three Events:
The Fred Rogers Memorial: All invited to play
The Pointsman Cup: for Currently Serving Members:
The Mini Golf Natural Challenge: Open to all
Course and Facilities:
Golfland Golf Centre
1720 Crumlin Side Road, (Near the airport), London ON
(9 holes, small but challenging):
   18 holes just $24.50 on weekends. Golfland has a T-Bird Lounge like pub, a patio and BBQ that has
been made available for our event both Friday and all day Saturday. There is a driving range, club
rentals, electric golf carts and the pull carts. The Mini Putt is a natural grass Mini Putt course that will
cause even the best golfer to quaff “a few ale and tell some lies”.

   The owners of Golfland are very honoured to host the Rogers Golf Day, and extend an invitation to all
MP vets, serving members, friends and family to come out for the weekend.

FYI: 18 from the Blue tees 6520 yds. 18 from the Red tees 5690 yds Par 70

Cost of Tournament per player:
$65.00 (participation in all events)
18 holes regular course ($24.50)
18 holes Mini Golf ($12.00)
BBQ Saturday night ($15.00),
Trophies and awards ($13.00)

You can choose Golf, Mini Golf or both, but dinner and prize money is compulsory regardless of which
events you enter.
Any extra monies will be turned over to MP Kit shop to help cover any requests made by troops in the
field for items to bring home a little closer.
To Register for the Rogers Golf Day:
For all inquires and registrations for the Golf Day, you are asked to please contact Mr. Vic Sparks. Vic is
an avid golfer and has experience in both organizing and running Golf events

Registrar and Golf Day Convenor: Vic Sparks

488 Lalonde St
Rockland, ON
K4K 1B1

Those that are looking to come to London, that Via Rail Free Pass could come in very handy on this
one!!! I invite you to check out!
For the best price for your rooms. I am reluctant to book a hotel or motel for members as you may have
your favourites, and of course the Government rate kick in for “business trips”, doesn’t it?.

Should you wish a recommendation, then try “Airport Inn and Suites”, 2230 Dundas Street East, London.
Toll Free 1-877-464-1200. Rooms are $105.00 per night, up to 4 to a room. And believe me, any decent
RCAF member would love the décor.

Event Schedule:
*Friday    1800 hrs:     - Meet and Greet at the Golfland Bar, which is open until 0100 hrs.
                           There are pool tables and dart boards.
*Saturday 0900 hrs.      - Tee off’s get started. Last tee off around 1400.
          1900 hrs       - BBQ
          2030 hrs       - Awards, Presentations
*Sunday   0900 hrs       - Brunch

Contact List:
OPI: Doc Aldridge
Registrar and Golf Day Convenor: Vic Sparks

488 Lalonde St
Rockland, ON
 K4K 1B1

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