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									The Lanarkshire Equally Well
         Test Site

        Lesley Mackay

• Background on the Lanarkshire Equally Well Test Site
• Aims and objectives of the test site
• Challenges…..
                     Equally Well
• Background
  Tackling inequalities in Scotland

  Report of the ministerial task force on health
  “Scotland’s health is improving rapidly but it is not
  improving fast enough for the poorest sections of our
  society. Health inequalities remain our major

• Test Sites
  8 test sites, different themes each generating evidence
  on what works to address health inequalities

• Delivering Change
  Purpose of the test sites is to transform Public
  Services to address inequalities
    The Lanarkshire Equally Well
             Test Site

Principal focus on raising employability potential
as a vehicle to alleviate poverty and improve health

     “Promoting people’s chances of sustained
            employment in Lanarkshire”
                                         Government Agenda
                    The evidence…

• Work generally improves quality of life and well-being,
  leading to better health outcomes, helps promote recovery
  and rehabilitation and reduces poverty and social inclusion

• Evidence shows being in work improves both your physical
  and mental well-being by bringing structure and purpose to
  your day

• Work can also improve your self-confidence and self-esteem
  by developing your sense of belonging and identity

• Evidence shows that being in work improves your health by
  as much as being out of work damages

• Supporting clients employability needs can reduce reliance
  on services

To work with partner services not
traditionally engaged with employability
needs of clients/patients such as NHS,
Social Work and Housing with a view to
developing onward referrals to support
clients/patients claiming IB/ESA or at risk
of claiming IB/ESA to enter or remain in
the labour market
   In Lanarkshire…

Working age population
   In Lanarkshire…

9% claiming Incapacity
   Benefit or ESA
Of the 96,000 who are currently
    ‘economically inactive’

  22.1 % state that they want to work
• To build upon the current infrastructure, continuing to
  develop coherent referral pathways from test site
  identified partner services to providers of employability
• To maximize NHS Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire
  Council /North Lanarkshire Council Social and Housing
  Services capability and capacity to support clients with a
  health conditions or illness to enter or remain in the
  labour market
• To produce and implement a Communication Strategy
• To monitor and evaluate activities and developments
  within the test site
• To share learning and experience with other across
Service/locality/department   Awareness/training   No of staff participating   Number    of   referrals   to
                              sessions delivered   in   awareness/training     service
NHSL Total                    59                   591                         73
SLC Total                     23                   280                         57
NLC Total                     44                   724                         151
Voluntary Sector              3                    66                          20
Self referrals                                                                 30

TOTAL                         127                  1603                        311
  Change in practice
• Non employability services understanding of where health
  and employability fits within service delivery and outcomes
• Front line staff recognising the benefits of health and work
  for their clients and promoting employability as a positive
  route to rehabilitation and recovery for clients

  Buy in and commitment
• Performance indicators - more conscious of role
  responsibility if targets are set- how are they managed?
• Competing priorities
• Current climate

  The bigger picture
• Taking a holistic approach to health care
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