Modern Trends in Kitchen Designs: What The Designers Has To Offer You! by noyeks


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									       Modern Trends in Kitchen Designs: What The Designers Has To Offer You!

If you are planning a renovation of your kitchen, or are wondering how to make your kitchen workspace
more efficient and beautiful, it’s always good to know and understand the latest trends in kitchen design. It’s
not like the old days when kitchen used to be the most neglected part of a house. Kitchens aren’t just
functional rooms anymore. Let’s take a look at what the designers has to offer you today.

       Counter Tops
        Most counter tops designed today are light colored and made up of Quartz or marble. Marble is
        preferred than using granites, as it’s lighter and more shiny than granite.

       Hardware
        Most people prefer finger pulls than decorative pulls. As they come with small finger grabs that lay
        on the top of the door, it producesless clutter.

       Stainless Steel Appliances
        Steel appliances are highly preferred by people as they are easy to handle and also because of its
        value for money.

       Integrated Set of Appliances
        Integrated set of appliances such as dishwasher drawers for small loads and under-counter
        refrigerators for special work zones are also available.

       Stainless Steel Finishes
        Stainless steel kitchen guarantees you easy cleaning process. When the whole package comes with a
        stainless steel finish, it makes it easy to incorporate with the kitchen environment. Also being scratch
        resistant, they give a neat and clean look to the kitchen.

       Cabinetry
        Mostly white cabinetry and darker natural woods like walnut and mahogany are mainly used to
        design cabinets. The days of fussy looking heavy detailed cabinets are gone, now it’s the age of full
        overlay slab panel door and drawer fronts.
      Social Kitchen
       These types of kitchen arrangements are meant for multi-operations. Incorporating cooking,
       preparation works and dining under the same hood. The area occupied by the breakfast table can
       also be used as the space for the kids to do their homework and projects, whereas the parents also
       have enough space to prepare the meal in a social and spacious manner.

      Integrated Sink Tops
       This is something inevitable, if you are selecting stainless steel for the counter top option; it’s good to
       use the custom fabricated integral sinks. There are several options here including the number of
       bowls, depths, sizes etc.

Choose your design wisely!

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