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									                Marketing Plan
 Nurturing Excellence &

                                        Submitted by :

                                        Abhishek Sharma, MT


Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT    1                          NET
                        NET : Nurturing Excellence & Talent
About NET :
This programs aims to promote and nurture students for competing at National / International
Science Olympiads & giving them a platform to undergo research in their specialized fields. It
will help not only students, but also the state of Maharashtra & the country in getting talented
students for representation at Olympiad levels which can be our ‘Future’ Scientists !

NET targets the students studying under levels of Class 7th to 10th. Talent Nurturing program has
3 stages. Every stage has an examination followed by self-learning nurturing content. Once, a
student sits for the first level examination, s/he is evaluated on all parameters of Science,
Mathematics & Logical/Mental ability using an objective type test. On the basis of evaluation, a
pre-designed CD/ERA module will help the student learn & prepare for the shortfalls in the first
stage and s/he is finally set for the next level. S/He can then appear for the second level
examination (again an objective type test) for testing his preparation. After evaluation of
second level, a second level of nurturing is done using similar but more focused & result
oriented pre-defined content CD/ERA module. After this nurturing the student is finally set to
appear for the final level of this program. The final/third level test comprises of a hybrid type
Olympiad test (comprising of both objective & subjective problems) on the pattern of
International Olympiads, specially designed by subject experts from different research

Problem Definition :
Currently NET stage 1 & 2 are available in an On-Demand mode. A student can come and
register with any ALC to appear for the tests and a final level/3 rd stage is set by MKCL according
to pre-defined schedule and number of applicants from any region.

Enough Marketing initiatives are not enabled on MKCLs end to promote this program among
the target audience. And therefore, the response is still lower as compared to the potential.

In the state, we have over 5000 channel partners through which we can effectively deliver this
program, as stated and planned. Even the channel partners are not motivated enough to
promote and run this program due to lower revenue sharing. They neither are promoting nor
devoting enough time to this project as their current involvement in delivering MS-CIT is both
lucrative and time consuming.

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                 2                                              NET

                    Strengths :                                            Weakness :
        Continuous evaluation & evolution.                     Existing Delivery channel is not promoting
        Nurturing & training camps.                             as expected.
        Exclusive content & modeled package.                   Fewer marketing initiatives.
        Step-by-step learning.                                 Delivery Mechanism through ALCs &
        Backed by experts from industry.                        Online mode not catching up.
        Availability & affordable.                             Language for content delivery.
        Prizes, Scholarships & fellowships offered.            Only state-wide presense.
        Over 5000 Channel partners.
        Online & On-demand.
                 Opportunities :                                             Threats :
        Expansion possibilities to all across India.           NSO organization with similar exams for all
        Tie-up with eminent personalities and                   streams & all classes is having presence all
         expert research institutions for holding                across India.
         workshops/camps.                                       Other certified and accredited Talent
        Expand and tap same students in class 11th              Search programs & Olympiads have an
         & 12th for Senior level exams.                          acceptance level among parents &
        Separate examination modules for                        students.
         Mathematics, Science, IT & other subjects              High fee (cumulative) if we compare from
         should also be explored.                                other such programs.
        Student database can also be used by ALCs
         for marketing other products (CRM).

Potential :
Currently if we target only the state of Maharashtra (as presence in state is our core strength);
we can utilize our set network of ALCs, TLCs, LLCs & RLCs apart from our own core team to
efficiently promote this program.

Let us look at the statistics of students appeared class 10th in Maharashtra state during 2009
( :

                   Fresh Students registered for HSC                       10,69,278
                   Repeating students registered for HSC                   1,11,087
                   Total Potential students of Class 10th                  11,80,365

                                                               Male                     Female
                                                         Fresh     Repeaters       Fresh     Repeaters
                     Distinction                       1,03,587        167       1,05,983       137
                    First Division                     2,27,002       1,567      2,10,325      1,012
       Potential Students likely to be brilliant             3,32,323                  3,17,457
                        Total                                             6,49,780

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                         3                                                NET
Assumption 1 : Likely to be said that only 60% out of these students will continue studying in
Science stream.

Therefore, Approx. student potential to target per class from schools running under
Maharashtra state boards = 60% of 6,49,780 = 3,89,868 or say 4 lacs

Which means, for classes 7th to 10th, potential students studying under Maharashtra State
board schools which may be targeted for NET program = 4 x 4 Lacs = 12 Lacs.

Assumption 2 : Apart from State board, there is also a presence of CBSE board schools as well
as ICSE board. Although, number of total such schools in Maharashtra state may be low, say
only 1 such school exists for every 3 state board schools.

Keeping this assumption, we can say that our potential target = 12 Lacs + 1/3 x 12 Lacs = 16 Lacs

If we are able to get 25% of this potential in our first attempt, 4 lacs x 150 = 6 Crores ! worth of
revenue may be generated. This is not the beginning… huge revenue potential will continue in
all three cycles of this examination every year. And with more awareness and reach, we can
have much larger potential.

Possible Solution(s) :
Here, we are discussing a few ideas and strategies so as to make this program a success for

We propose to make tie-ups with educational institutions/schools to reach the potential
students as an initiative from MKCLs end. Rather than just promoting this exam to be from our
ALC channel, we strongly recommend to promote the first exam initially through the schools.
The plan is like this…

Schedule the level 1 exam through schools in the coming February, say on 14 th of February

Pre-planning :

      Research and collect data of all the schools which run class 7 th to 10th under any board
      Make a region-wise list for Maharashtra state.
      Drill down this list to suit all ALC locations/Taluka’s under us.

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                  4                                              NET
      Make a list of possible human-resource available with us in conjunction with Marketing
       of MS-CIT course from January till End of January as well as of the human resource who
       will be responsible for the final delivery of the NET examination all across.
      Depute work of School visit, well in advance after discussing all the possible fronts.
      Engage into designing posters for display at schools & ALCs and get them ready by the
       end of December.
      Design & Print the leaflets including a small perforated form for student registration-
       cum-data collection.
      Design & Print form for schools, including an overview, benefits and structure of NET
       program to register them so that a data bank can be maintained for future use.
      Plan for other mass marketing tools like, exhibitions, radio-jingles, TV ads, hoardings &
       banners at all possible suitable locations.
      Check for the financial feasibility and suitability of such marketing execution.
      Get the examination papers ready in multiple set along-with the OMR sheets in soft-
       copy by the end of December-2009. Once the actual response is high, get them printed
       for final examination by January-2010 End.
      Distribute the Marketing material to the concerned staff/channel member, for

Execution :

      Approach Schools, all across Maharashtra for Registering students for this exams
          o Initially during the MS-CIT Marketing days, of 1st – 15th Jan-2010, engage into
             talks with principal & teachers for creating awareness about this exam in their
             schools and display a poster on school’s notice board telling about NET.
          o Right after 15th Jan-2010, once our MS-CIT admission process is over… reduce
             the process load from ALCs, TLCs, LLCs, RLCs from 16th Jan to shift their focus
             from MS-CIT to NET.
          o On 16th, ALCs submit DD to TLCs. After that, employ the strength of this channel
             to visit all schools (from where there is a positive feedback) and educate children
             about this program. Later by end of January, they can start focusing in their
             regular activities.
          o Distribute a leaflet to all students of class 7th to 10th and ask them to talk to their
             parents, teachers for more details about the program.
          o Ask them to get the leaflet filled back and deposit it to their class teachers.
          o Ask them to bring a fee of Rs. 150/- if they wanted to appear for this program
             and deposit it to their concerned teacher/ALC representative during any time till
             the end of the month, i.e., January 31st 2010.

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                 5                                              NET
      We will have a collection of students appearing for the first-round, as well as a database
       of our potential student base for this program.
      Deploy admit cards to all students (it may be like a list of students, their roll no./reg. no.
       & centre of exam. But, it is preferred to deploy & distribute separate admit cards to all
       students, it gives a confidence and works as a morale booster for both the student &
       his/her parents) by the first week of February-2010. Deadline is Feb-07-2010.
      Reminder about the examination is to be done by the concerned school
      Schedule for deploying resources to desired locations for examination.
      Take the examination on Feb-14-2010. Collect all answer-sheets and deploy the same to
       one base station from all the regional centers by 21st Feb-2010.
      Declare result by March 25th 2010 and instruct schools to declare it on their result day.
       Ceremony for selected talented students should also be held using member schools and
       concerned ALC/TLS/LLCs.

Future Planning :

      Screen the data and collect it in a soft repository (database).
      Sort it out on various parameters and schedule to contact all possible students and
       parents through ALCs / in person or through telephones.
      Deliver ERA/Nurturing content to all 1st level applicants and promote for 2nd level exams,
       which may be held at ALCs on a specified date/period.
      Educate parents, students and other potential audience about our initiatives and the
       Olympiad exams. Awareness is the best tool to market for such an educational program.
      If student/parent response is not good, hold a similar exercise at school level for 2nd
       level exam (during july/august-2010).
      Use the current school & student database to promote our NET program for reaching as
       much of student-pool as we can.
      Structure the program such that it can be made more attractive and remove all process
      Tie-up with partner organizations to conduct workshops/camps to nurture students.
      Increase the number of prizes/scholarships to promote & motivate according to region-
       wise talent ranking, school-wise, district-wise and state-wise rankings. And later on, if
       we can have a nation wise presence, a nation-wide ranking would be a PLUS.

Key inputs & suggestions :
We have kept a date in February for first level examination because, at this time, almost all
students must have completed their syllabus and shall be preparing for their final exams. So, we

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                  6                                               NET
can also promote that this exam may help them prepare in the right manner and they can test
their preparations. And, soon after testing their talent in this level, students can prepare and sit
for 2nd level at the beginning of next session. This will also help the student in preparing for the
next level, as level sets high once s/he moves to next standard. Also, since, after the results, we
must be deploying the ERA/CDs for nurturing, it will help the student learn during holiday
period. Parents will see it as a chance where they can engage their children during vacations
into a productive learning process.

We believe that the current model of having three levels of examinations is well suited with our
aim and it can attract as, none of our competitor has such structure.

                    A pictorial view of the whole program is shown above :

We also recommend continuing with the three tier fee system, as it gives students more
flexibility in choosing and burden is removed. A single one-time fee for all three exams may de-
motivate students from lower background to register.

Although, we must admit that this FEE seems to be high as similar exams cost lesser than this.
FEE for 1st level of this program should be reduced. Or rather, we propose to form two groups
viz., Rural & Urban. Urban students shall pay a fee of Rs.150/- while, we shall take a fee of Rs.

Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT                  7                                              NET
75/- to 100/- from rural students. This way, more and more students can be attracted to this

We should also look for tie-up with recognized professional bodies like MSBTE/Research
organizations/Olympiad Societies for using their name & logos in order to promote our NET

With this, we believe that we can cover the complete target audience and such an effort will
enable us to tap large potential from our target audience for all our programs including NET.

Any suggestions are most welcomed!


Report by : Abhishek Sharma, MT              8                                           NET

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