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									                                                                  Manager’s Toolkit

                                     AGREEMENT BETWEEN
                                 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR (IC)


                                  (Parish name and address here)

The purpose of this Agreement is to specify the nature and conditions of the relationship between

______________________________________________ Social Security/Taxpayer Identification
                (Name of Contractor)

#______________________________________________ hereafter referred to as independent

contractor (IC) and ______________________________, hereafter referred to as ___________.
                        (Parish name)

The following conditions of this agreement apply to the job of:

________________________________ for _________________________________________
                  Job Title                                            (Office/Department)

1. This agreement shall commence on __________ and terminate on or before _____________

2. Terms of Payment: $______________________ per _______________

3. (Will/will not) reimburse mileages

4. (Will/will not) reimburse tools and materials

5. Physical place of work: ______________________________________________________

6. Workers’ Compensation will be covered unless worker has business license that covers
   her/him for such benefit.

7. Neither federal, state, local income tax, nor payroll tax of any kind shall be withheld or paid by
   _________ on behalf of IC.

8. Works, documents, or images produced by the IC under the scope of this agreement are the
   property of the Archdiocese of Seattle. The IC may not use any information, written material,
   or any other documents during or after their work with __________ or must obtain prior
   explicit written permission from ___________.

9. The IC understands that he/she is responsible for Federal Income and Social Security taxes.

10. The IC agrees to maintain absolute confidentiality about proprietary, private, or sensitive
    information learned in the course of work, both during the work relationship with the
    ___________ and/or after the work relationship ends.
                                                                       Manager’s Toolkit

11. The IC agrees to provide the following services as outlined in the attached list of duties (if

12. Should there be any opportunity for financial compensation available as a result of any
    product or service developed, in part or in whole by the contractor, unless otherwise
    specifically stated, such compensation will be distributed to ____________.

13. In the event this position becomes a regular position, the IC understands that he/she cannot
    apply for the same position unless he/she was hired through an open hiring process.

Material violation of this agreement or any act exposing the other party to liability to others for
personal injury or property damage can be cause for terminating this agreement by either party
effective immediately.

This Agreement expresses all obligations between the two parties named below and there exists
no other agreement, written or oral, between these parties, involving the obligations outlined

__________________________________________                            ______________________________
                        Individual Signature                                      Date

_________________________________________                             _____________________________
                         Street Address                                           Telephone

 City                                          State       Zip Code

___________________________________________                                  _______________________
                Authorized Signature (Office/Department)                                 Date

___________________________________________                                 _______________________
                 Parish Administrator Signature                                          Date

Revised 08/11

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