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									                                                                                                Welcome to the new
                                                                                                children and their families
                                                                                                who are joining us this

                                                                                                To Misbah Akhtar, Matthijs Van
                                                                                                Kuijk , Ashleigh Hatchett,
                                                                                                Javairia Hussain, Junias Lee,
                                                                                                Ben Lisley, Keon Morris , Connor
                                                                                                Wakeman and Daniella
                                                                                                Roberts-Smith who will be
                                                                The new access                  joining Cygnets Group.
                                                                doors in Year 1
                                                                                                To Tryphena Lee, Neilon Pascall,
                                                                                                Cathy Pomeroy, Daniel Sills,
                                                                                                Seamus O’Connell, Ibraheem
Welcome Back!
                                                                                                Butt, Jon Jaffri, Theo Hewett,
As always the summer holidays have raced         home time. We are hoping to use the            Michael Hook and Alisha
past and we are at the start of a brand          screens to provide more instant information    Mehmood who will be joining
new year here at Newtown. What an                for parents and also to show you video
                                                                                                Swallows Group.
exciting year it is going to be with changes     clips of the children working and eventually
to the curriculum, new trips, the Queen’s        little films they have made themselves –
                                                                                                To Kristina Blakeney, Evie Bryant,
Jubilee and finally the Olympics!                watch that space!
                                                                                                Finlay Osman-Duffin, Kian Turns,
We trialled the creative curriculum last         Yet again you will have come back to           William Verrinder, Freddy Wright
term with our whole school project on the        changes around the school in our ongoing       and Jayda Wellington-O’Kyere
seaside and we felt that this was a positive     efforts to improve the school environment
                                                                                                who will be joining Wrens Class.
approach to teaching and learning so we          for the children. This summer we have put
are going to continue it this term. This half    doors from Jackdaws classroom to the
                                                                                                To Harry Chaer, Bella Cornford,
term the children will be finding out all        middle playground and an internal door
                                                 between Owls and Jackdaws so that the          Alanna Devine, George
about Chesham.
                                                 children in year one can enjoy more free       Feinson, Ibrahim Jaigirdar,
Another curriculum change that we are                                                           Izwiramambo Jambawo, Nimah
                                                 access activities together. The middle
going to introduce is a new maths initiative                                                    Morgan, Filip Panasiuk, Zoe
                                                 playground is the next project and we are
called Brilliant Bonds. One of the issues that
                                                 hoping to get that completed as quickly as     Piazza-Nickson, Jake Tyle and,
Ofsted brought up was the children’s
                                                 possible but are waiting on some external      Jacob Watts who will be joining
instant recall of basic number facts so over
                                                 funding.                                       Sparrows Class.
the summer I have written a new scheme
to address this. I look forward to telling you   With all the building work some of the Key
all about it at the Parent Information           Stage 1 classrooms are looking a little bit    To Mia Wellington-O’Kyere and
meetings this term. The other change with        shabby and could do with repainting. We        Charlie Peel who will be joining
Maths is that the children will be grouped       were hoping that the parents of each class     Jackdaws Class.
across Year 1 and 2 so that they can             might come and help paint their child’s
access maths at the appropriate level for        classroom over the first weekend of the        We know you will all be
them. Maths will be done every morning in        October half-term. Please keep the             very happy and
the first teaching session and the children      weekend free and watch out for the letter
                                                                                                successful at Newtown.
will move to the appropriate classroom,          coming home!
similar to Funky Phonics.
                                                 The Autumn Term is a particularly busy one
At the end of last term three TV screens         so please keep an eye on the parent             Don’t forget if you ever have
went up around the school, one in the            noticeboard, TVs and for letters.               anything to discuss with the
front entrance, one in the hall and one in
                                                 Thanks as always for your ongoing support,      Headteacher or any of the
the back playground. Sadly we were
unable to launch Newtown TV as we were                                                           teaching staff just let us know
waiting for the company who provided the                                                         and we will make you an
screens to do the training. However I am         Julia Antrobus                                  appointment as soon as we
sure you will all have noticed the one in the
back playground before school and at                                                             can.

       Newtown News ● Volume 3, Issue 1 ● Newtown Early Years and Infant School ●
Staff Profile                                         Mr Alistair Wilson
                                                      SEND Co-ordinator and Owls Class Teacher
                                                      Before joining Newtown Alistair worked for the Youth Service in
                                                      London and Buckinghamshire working in Schools and FE Colleges.
                                                      He has two children Michael, who is ten years old and at Brushwood
                                                      School and Connor who is five years old and in year one here at
                                                      Alistair joined the Newtown staff two years ago, after his first year of
                                                      teaching in High Wycombe and has loved every minute of it. He has
                                                      taught in year two for the last two years and his highlights included
                                                      the residential stays at Shortenills Environmental School.
                                                      Since 2010 Alistair has been the SENDCo, Special Educational Needs
                                                      and Disability Coordinator for the whole school and is currently
                                                      taking a Masters Degree in this area. He strongly believes that is
                                                      important that all children at Newtown have the same opportunity
                                                      to learn, flourish and develop and reach their full potential.
                                                      Alistair is a passionate Scouser, (person from Liverpool) and he
                                                      dreams of the day when he leads out Liverpool FC at Anfield. He
                                                      admits that his time has probably passed as a player but maybe
                                                      there is still hope as the manager, in his dreams!
                                                      Alistair is looking forward to an exciting new school year as a Year
                                                      One teacher, especially with the new curriculum changes and
                                                      layout of the year one classrooms.

Before and After School Club
We can now offer provision from 8am – 4.45pm every day, at a very reasonable price and staffed by full time members of
the school support staff.
The cost for a morning session is £3.50. In the afternoon there are two options available, 3.15 – 4.00pm (or 4.00pm –
4.45pm after another school club) or 3.15 – 4.45pm.The cost we are working on is £3.50 for up to 45 minutes and £7 for
between 45 minutes and 1½ hours.
Parents can sign up for a whole term or single days by the Thursday of the week before. Booking forms are available on
the website or from the school office.

Activity Clubs for Autumn Term 2011
School activity clubs booking letters will come home week beginning 12 th September. Parents will be informed of which
clubs their child has got into on Friday 16th September by text. The clubs will start the week beginning 19th September.
Recorder Club            Year 1 and 2             Lunchtime        Max 12           Fee payable
Dance Club               Year 1 and 2             3.15 – 4pm       Max 12           Fee payable
Sewing Club              Year 2                   3.15 – 4pm       Max 8            Free
Yoga Club                R, Year 1 and 2          Before school    Max 12           Fee payable
Gardening Club           Year 1 and 2             Lunchtime        Max 12           Free
Rugby Club               Year 2                   3.15-4.15        Max 12           Fee payable
Bible Club               R, Year 1 and 2          3.15-4.10        Max 10           Free
Mini-Olympics Club       Year 1 and 2             3.15-4.20        Max 18           Fee payable
Story Club               Reception and Year 1     3.15- 4.00       Max 12           Free
Gym Club                 Year 2                   3.15-4.15        Max 12           Fee payable
Wycombe Wanderers        Year 1 and 2             3.15-4.15        Max 18           Fee payable
Football Club
Remember if you are on income support then the school can apply for free / heavily subsidised places for after school
activities or even Chesham Leisure Centre swimming lessons and holiday clubs. Just contact Mrs Antrobus or the office for
more details.

    Newtown News ● Volume 3, Issue 1 ● Newtown Early Years and Infant School ●
The PTA Family BBQ & Children’s Disco                               Parent Information Evenings
Saturday 24th September 2011                                        Year 1 & 2, 20th September
4.30 - 6pm                                                          Nursery and Reception, 27th September
Please join us for a fantastic family BBQ. With the children        We started doing parent information evenings last
entertained in the disco you may even get the opportunity to        year to provide a more informal way of providing
chat and meet other parents! Watch out for the letter coming        parents with important information and also to
home.                                                               provide an opportunity for parents to ask any
                                                                    questions. Another important reason for having the
                                                                    meetings was to enable parents who cannot come to
                                                                    school during the day to meet other parents and
                                                                    staff. The school provides drinks and nibbles so you
Can you help the PTA!                                               are welcome to stay on and just have a chat.

The Newtown Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of          The response to the meetings last year was very
parents and teachers whose main role is to enhance the              positive so we have decided to continue them this
children’s time at Newtown offering a range of fundraising          year. We have however decided to give a little more
activities throughout the school year. EVERYONE is welcome          shape to the meetings so that parents know what to
to come to any meeting and you don’t have to come to                expect.
every one! There are currently have about 10 regular
committee members and lots more parents who just help out           Year 2 8pm      Tuesday 20th September
occasionally or on specific projects.                                     Termly curriculum overview
Every year the PTA spends money on projects that directly                 Changes to the way we teach Maths,
impact on the children. In the past they have bought new                   including Brilliant Bonds
play equipment for the playground, including the climbing                 Shortenills information
wall and the trip-trap bridge. Last year the PTA raised £3000 to          Parent questions
pay for the fantastic astro-turfed play area and also spent
over £2000 on a huge number of new books for the school             Year 1    7pm      Tuesday 20th September
reading scheme.                                                              Transition Information, how is Year 1 different
Events and meetings set up for next term so far are listed                   Termly curriculum overview
below so please come along. Members of the PTA will be at                    Changes to the way we teach Maths,
the Family BBQ on the 24th September so feel free to                          including Brilliant Bonds
approach them and introduce yourself and they can let you                    Parent questions
know more about how the PTA is run.
                                                                    Reception 8pm Tuesday 27th September
Autumn Term 2011                                                          Transition Information, how is Reception
Tuesday 13th Sept.       7.30pm Meeting in the staff room                  different
Saturday 24th Sept.      4.30 - 6pm Family BBQ                            Termly curriculum overview
                                                                          How we teach reading and writing
Monday 3rd Oct.          7.30pm PTA Social and AGM in the
                                                                          Parent questions
Saturday 8th Oct.        7.30pm QUIZ NIGHT                          Nursery   7pm     Tuesday 27th September
Friday 21st Oct.         1-2pm Sausage Sizzle                                Termly curriculum overview
Tuesday 1st Nov.         7.30pm Meeting in the staff room                    How we teach reading and writing
Friday 25th Nov.         Chesham Lights turned on – PTA stall                Parent questions
                         in high street
Monday 28th Nov.         7.30pm Meeting in the staff room           Please join us for the meetings it is a great way
Saturday 3rd Dec.        Christmas Bazaar and Santa’s Grotto        to find out more about what is happening in the
                                                                    school and how you can help your children

Parent Council
At Newtown we believe that helping children to succeed is a shared task in which parents and teachers should play an
equal role. Parents have a huge impact on whether or not a child fulfils their potential and when a school develops a real
partnership with parents the children go from strength to strength.

As part of our commitment to parent partnerships we have a Parent Council that can input into and impact on the
strategic decisions being made by the school. ANYONE with a child at Newtown can be involved, the only experience
you need in that of being a parent, and your views are as valid as anyone else’s! The Parent Council meets once or twice
a term and becoming a member would only commit you to those meetings.

We would really like the parent council to reflect our school community, so please consider becoming a member when
the letter comes out this term. You really can make a difference.

     Newtown News ● Volume 3, Issue 1 ● Newtown Early Years and Infant School ●
Uniform                                                                Attendance and Punctuality
Please remember to send your child in with a suitable coat             Year 1 and 2: School day starts 8.50am
EVERY day. The weather is particularly changeable at this              We expect the Year 1 and 2 children to line up at
                                                                       8.50am when the bell rings and come in with their
time of year and we do let the children go out every
                                                                       class. Unfortunately due to the size restrictions in the
lunchtime unless the rain is torrential.                               corridor we do ask parents to say goodbye outside
If the weather warms again up please also send your child in           and not come into school with their children. It is a
with a sun hat. We do NOT allow the children to wear                   tight fit with 100+ children let alone if we had 100+
sunglasses as these are easily lost or broken.                         adults as well! If you wish to catch your child’s class
                                                                       teacher they will try to be out a few minutes before
The PTA do a terrific job of selling the uniform, if you need          8.50am. If you wish to hand things in to the office or
anything new you can either download a uniform form from               speak to Mrs Antrobus we would ask that you come
the website or ask for one in the office. If you would rather          back round to the front of the building to do this. If
have good quality second hand please just note it down on              you arrive after 8.50am you will have to bring your
                                                                       child to the office entrance where their name will be
the form. Someone from the PTA comes in once a week
                                                                       recorded in the late book. The late book is analysed
usually on a Friday to fill the orders, which will be put straight     by the staff and governors every term. Lateness
into your child’s bookbag.                                             affects all the children as the whole class is disturbed
                                                                       when a child arrives late.
Don’t forget to label anything new, we get a donation if you
buy your labels from                             Nursery and Reception: School day starts 9am
                                                                       In Nursery and Reception the children are expected
                                                                       to be brought in at 9am, the parents are welcome to
Behaviour                                                              stay for a few minutes or to leave immediately. We
                                                                       would ask that you get your child into good habits
We work really hard with the children in school to help them           and arrive at 9am every morning.
understand about responsible behaviour. All the children are
frequently reminded that,                                              Attendance
                                                                       The government research has shown that an average
At Newtown we care about each other, our work and our                  child needs to attend 95% of the school year in order
school.                                                                to make good progress. Anything under 90% would
                                                                       be seen as cause for concern.
In school we have a few simple rules that the children know            Currently at Newtown the Headteacher is allowed to
well and praise good behaviour constantly so the children              authorise family holiday of up to 10 days during the
know what is expected. Any problems are dealt with                     academic year providing the child has an
immediately and appropriately because every day is a new               attendance rate of 95% or over. If the child’s
day and we want to avoid children thinking of themselves as            attendance is under 95% the holiday will not be
                                                                       authorised. Holiday during term time MUST be
                                                                       discussed with Mrs Antrobus before a booking is
It is really important that children receive clear messages from       made. The school will not authorise holiday at the
all the adults in their lives and we would ask you to set them a       beginning of the school year or the first half of the
                                                                       summer term in Reception or Year 2.
good example in the playground before and after school by:
                                                                       If a child has persistent or recurrent illness causing their
   Being kind and considerate to other parents and children           attendance to drop below 90% the school nurse may
                                                                       be asked to be involved to give the family support
   Not swearing
                                                                       and advice.
   Not dropping litter                                                If a child’s attendance is consistently poor then the
   Ensuring that the gates are shut all the time to keep              school is obliged to refer them to the Education
    everyone safe                                                      Welfare Service who will work with the family to
   Parking considerately and NEVER on the zigzag lines                improve attendance. If attendance is still poor then
                                                                       the Education Welfare Service may decide to
Always remember to praise your child more than you criticise           prosecute the parents.
them, that way they will want to be good more often!

Surfing the Web
If you spend any money internet shopping you could be raising money for the school. Just by clicking through the website
you will be raising money to spend on fun stuff for the children, how easy is that! You can click through to virtually all the
major web retailers so please go online and check it out.
You can also raise money every time to search for something on the internet if you use.
Don’t forget the school website for copies of all the latest letters, uniform orders and much, much more…

      Newtown News ● Volume 3, Issue 1 ● Newtown Early Years and Infant School ●

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