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									Time To Stop Ignoring That Check Engine Light

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Monday, 02 July 2012 14:10

A newly released study on vehicle repair costs throughout the country has revealed that too
many drivers are still ignoring their check engine warning lights for far too long, which can lead
to much costlier repairs later on down the road. Published by CarMD.com, a website offering
diagnostic tools and tips for proper automotive repair, the study shows the most expensive
places in the country for auto repairs, and the most common issues that bring vehicles into the
shop. More than 163,000 repairs related to the "check engine" light were analyzed from January
1 to December 31, 2011. The warning light has been standard issue on all cars since 1996, and
covers 80% of all engine systems in a car, alerting drivers about problems that affect emissions
output and drivability. Repairs for components outside of the scope of its onboard diagnostics,
like tires, brakes, fan belts, and hoses were not involved in the study.

Topping the list as the most expensive state to service a car was Wyoming, with an average
cost of $389.18, which was 17% higher than the national average. A number of factors led to
this dubious distinction, including harsh weather and high altitude, which can do serious
damage to an engine's essential systems. More indirectly, the lesser populated and expansive
state also features fewer repair facilities that can be a trek for residents to make it out to. This
can lead to drivers ignoring lesser repair issues, instead waiting until serious and expensive
damage is done to their cars. The high number of catalytic converter repairs is a direct example
of this. These repairs are the second most common in the state, and are both expensive and
easily preventable. Only through neglecting small and inexpensive maintenance, like replacing
oxygen sensors, will a catalytic converter need repair. Through proper care, catalytic converter
repair work should be a rarity.

Rounding out the rest of the top 5 most expensive states were Utah, California, Montana, and
Arizona. Every state with a cost above the national average was located on the western side of
the country, where a high amount of airborne dust can do serious damage to an engine's
components. Replacing air filters and sensors can be an expensive fix. States from the Midwest
and New England featured the cheapest rates, with Indiana having the lowest overall cost in the
country, just $283.95.

When taken as a whole, however, the costs of repairs are trending downward. The overall
average cost of check engine light related repairs in 2011 was $333.93, with $215.32 for parts
and $118.61 for labor, 6% less than the year before. When compared to 2010, 40 states saw
their average drop, with only Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska,
North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and the District of Columbia experiencing an
increase. Most of the decrease comes from a dramatic decrease in labor costs, and a general
constriction of the automotive industry through the year. To try to counteract this, costs for parts
have been steadily on the rise.

Time To Stop Ignoring That Check Engine Light

Written by admin
Monday, 02 July 2012 14:10

The single most common repair associated with check engines lights across the country was
replacing a faulty oxygen sensor. In Wyoming alone, more than 10% of all repairs were because
of oxygen sensors. As such a small and seemingly insignificant component, this warning is
often ignored until it becomes a serious issue. Problems with these sensors can reduce fuel
economy by as much as 40%, and can lead to serious engine harm that requires much more
extensive repair to fix, such as catalytic converter failure. These study results demonstrate that
most people still chose to ignore their check engine warnings, instead waiting until much more
serious damage is inflicted on their vehicles before they bring them in for mending. This is a
frustrating cause for concern, one that organizations like CarMD hope to raise awareness for.

"Just as you map your trip and make your hotel or campsite reservations, it's important to check
your vehicle's health and pay attention to little nagging problems like diminishing fuel economy,
squeaky brakes and especially the pesky 'check engine' light," says Art Jacobsen, the Vice
President for CarMD. "You will pay less and have peace of mind by getting your car looked at
by your preferred mechanic on your own time and budget, versus being forced to make repairs
when you're away from home and loaded down with luggage. Nothing will ruin a family vacation
quicker than major car trouble when you are away from home."

Proper maintenance is an essential component to owning an automobile. Neglecting to correct
a minor flaw can eventually lead to serious damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.
The check engine warning light is designed to give drivers an indication that something is amiss
which, if not taken care of, can develop into a dangerous situation. If your vehicle's check
engine light is on, and has been for days or weeks, you should have your vehicle checked out
immediately, lest you find yourself broken down on the side of the road, or in an accident that
can leave you serious injured or killed.

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