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									Forest School Log
October 2011

            Welcome to our newsletter.
  We hope this helps in keeping you up to date with our
  Forest school activities.
  This April Forest School SNPT celebrated it’s 10 Year
  Anniversary, we celebrated with an exhibition at the
  Civic Centre, displaying photographs and children’s
  work, past and present, the deputy mayor and many
  of our friends and supporters visited and at the launch
  Nigel Little told stories to children.
  Also with an open day at Bishop’s Wood for all to join
  in Forest School activities such as den building,
  cooking on a camp fire with face painting, making
  puppets                                                         Open day at Bishop’s wood with plenty of Forest
                                                                   school activities for the whole family to enjoy.
Staff News                                                         Big Thank you to all our volunteers!!
We have some changes to the organisation:
Firstly, congratulations to Amy Humphreys, our              We’ve also been lucky to have some new volunteers join
(invaluable) Project Support Officer who got                us recently – volunteers completed their OCN Level 1
married recently and is now Amy Hines.                      Introduction to Forest School, are now able to come and
Secondly, we are very pleased to announce                   help out in the woods. Volunteers include Lorraine
that we have a new Manager,                                 Murphy, Hilton Charles, Timothy Flatman, Natasha
Deborah Kearsley-Evans, who will take up this               Desando, Danielle Rake, Rachael Williams, Jo Ann
role from the beginning of November 2011.                   Evans, Mudita Belani, Ai Hong, Sandra Morgan, Kayleigh
                                                            Daniels, Emily Best, Jo Huelin, Kenneth Warnes, Sian
          Staff at Forest School:                           Lloyd, Karen Proctor, Alistair Gill, Tori Wright, Katherine
                  Director                                  Warrington, Tara Forrester, Kyera Barker & Lisa Walker.
                Awi Frances
                                                                 And our wonderful sessional staff!
          Forest School Manager
            Deb Kearsley-Evans
          Forest School Leaders                             We are supported by our reliable & regular session
                Karen Jones                                 workers – Nigel Little, Prue Thimbleby, Maggie Fearn,
               Angie Rekers                                 Emma North, Sian Cornelius Claire Edwards & Kim
                Pixie Taylor                                Boland. Kate Davies and Leonie Thomas, two of our
                 Caz Wood                                   Forest School Volunteers, who have recently completed
          Project Support Officer                           their Level 2 Forest School Assistant course and are
                 Amy Hines                                  enjoying their new roles.
          Forest School Manager

           Forest Fun
            Deb Kearsley-Evans
                                                                              Become a volunteer
            Parties                                          If you would like to volunteer with Forest School
                                                              Our next Introduction to Forest School course is
             In the woods
                                                                               Nov 14-16 2011
                                                                             & June 25-27 2012
                                                                          Please contact FS Team

                                                                Forest School SNPT, Bishop’s Wood Countryside
                                                                       Centre, Caswell, Swansea, SA3 3BS
                                                                                 01792 367118
   2 hours up to 12 children
      Contact the FS Team
Projects over the last year have included Early Years at Clase Primary School, Pen - Y – Bryn Special
School, STF class at Daniel James Comprehensive School. We enjoyed taster days PURL Mentoring
Project, Tre Hafod Child and Family Clinic and The Brave Project, Women’s Aid.
 Early Years from Clase Primary at Llys Nini
 Another fantastic early years project held in the ancient woodlands
 of the RSPCA grounds in Penllergaer. The diversity of habitats
 enabled not only magical fairy treasure and bear hunts(!) in the
 beautiful woodlands but also the opportunity to explore in the flower
 filled meadows. The children particularly enjoyed: Physical activities
  - making giant bird nests(!) and dens, playing on the tree swing.
 Creative activities –squishing and squashing natural paints
 using buttercups, dock leaves and charcoal. Also, using clay and mud
 for modelling. Ecological activities – bug hunts/woodland foraging
 and flora/fauna identification.

 Pen- Y- Bryn at Llys Nini
 We worked with 10 teenage boys from Pen-y-Bryn special
  school for 6 months during the 2010-2011 school year.
 The boys worked on their gross motor skills with imagination,
  using rope to ‘fish’ into the long grass, make a Santa’s Sleigh,
 and find hidden wildlife puppets in the trees. We made ice
 sculptures and bird feeders. At Christmas time wreaths from
 willow and ivy. During this first term our trips to the woods
 were used to establish boundaries, to explore the woodland,
 and to learn about using fire safely for cooking.
 By the second term, the boys were firmly established in the woodland and their gross motor
 skills were being finely tuned with several working hard over the course of spring term to climb
 into trees in the hedge. Their success by the end of term was exciting for everyone!

Playschemes                                             Training
 As ever, all our play schemes are extremely          New to the Forest School SNPT training
 popular with spaces filling up quickly. During       programme is our Beach Discovery Inset day,
 the school holidays play schemes are run at park     which proved to be very popular at the pilot in
 Woods, Gower where children have the                 June with 12 teachers attending the lovely day
 opportunity to make dens, play environmental         at the discovering the shore line and its habitat.
 games, toast marshmallows on the campfire,           From September 2010 – September 2011 we
 and most of all – have fun and make new friends      have trained 25 Forest School Leaders, 6 Forest
 whilst exploring the woodland.                       School Assistants and 34 persons to Forest
                                                      School and many potential volunteers.

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