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									                                                          Updated October 2011

Top five myths about Pension Credit

Customer doesn’t think they’ll be eligible for Pension Credit
Tell them not to rule themselves out. Around 88% of claims are successful
and 2.7 million households across the UK receive it.

They’ll get so little it’s not worth claiming
Even if they only get a little extra each month, receiving Pension Credit may
help them get money for other things, such as rent, council tax or towards the
cost of keeping their house warm.

It’s difficult to claim Pension Credit
It only takes one free phone call and they won’t have to fill in a form.

They have some savings so they won’t get anything
Having some savings or another pension doesn’t necessarily rule anyone out.
In fact, if they’re aged 65 or over they might be entitled to extra money for
having saved some money towards retirement.

They own their own home so they won’t get anything
Owning their own home doesn’t rule them out. Nearly half of families who get
Pension Credit own their own home.

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