LANGLEY OFFICERS’ SPOUSES’ CLUB
                                     Governing Board Meeting Minutes
                                            1 September, 2011

Board Members Present:

Dawn McCarty, President                                Kristin Auch, Advisor
Dawn Olson, Parliamentarian                            Stacy Williams, 1st Vice President
Libby Marks, Administrative Treasurer                  Robin Henley, Charitable Treasurer
Dulce Howe, Golf Tournament/Scholarships               Carol Hale, Programs and Associates
Lucy Sankey, Special Activities                        Ruth Wright, Hospitality
Linda Ruiz, Membership & Reservations                  Kathia Mock, Reservations
Karen Johnson, ACCents Editor                          Beth Davies, Webmaster
Kathy Dershem, Ways & Means                            Terry Nelson, TOSA Liaison
Dyann Schilling, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 by President Dawn McCarty.

Dawn M. welcomed our advisors, and introduced new advisor, Kristin Auch.

Robin Henley moved that we approve the minutes of the last board meeting as recorded. Libby Marks
seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The Board Reports were as follows:

President: Appointed new Secretary, Dyann Schilling. Everyone needs to ensure they log their volunteers
hours, on and off base. There are "Volunteer" parking permits for those who give 25 hours a month.
Encouraged everyone to show up at Boss & Buddy on 16 Sep on the upper deck of the O'Club. Also discussed
publicizing events on the base marquee (contact Dyann Schilling for help) and the club marquee.

Secretary: Getting up to speed.

Parliamentarian: Attended Budget Meeting and Document Review Meeting. Ordered gavel for President.
Posted docs on website for membership review prior to voting. Reminded everyone to be familiar with them, as
we will follow the rules.

First Vice President: Nothing significant to report.

Administrative Treasurer: Turned last year's treasurer's books over to auditor and tax preparation. Did some
shopping and planning for the September function "Bedtime Bunco". Carol Hale is now the Programs Chair.
Reminded everyone to join for "Bedtime Bunco"; wear PJs; Club will offer a discounted drink, and there will be
lots of prizes and good times. Went over Treasurer Report.

Membership & Reservations: Discussed upcoming Membership Coffee. There will be "Ask Me About"
name badges for members. Chairpersons met to get organized. Prepared information to be handed out at the
Coffee. Made posters for the reservations and membership tables. Stacey will be responsible for Reservations
as co-chair. Karin will be responsible for Membership as co-chair. Kathia will work with Stacey at co-chair.
Linda will be the official chair to oversee operations and assist as needed.

Dulce recommended that new members be contacted to ensure they know about the upcoming special activities.
Lucy offered the flier for the Coffee to anyone who wanted some to distribute to new members.
Dawn M. reminded everyone that for events there is a link on the website for babysitters, and if anyone has
trouble finding a sitter, to give her a call and she'd help.

Hospitality: Sent Welcome New Baby cards to Amber and Austin Hood on the birth of their son, and to
Ashley and Andrew Mamot on the birth of their son. Made inquiries about a new Baby Gift Momento from the
LOSC. Talked to TOSA about baby gifts for less than $10 which can be purchased as needed, rather than
keeping an inventory. Lucy mentioned that she knows about a bib that can be embroidered that will cost only
$5. Sent Sympathy card to family of Joanne McCaw, who died on 25 Aug. Will also send a $20 honorarium.
Will bring welcoming pineapple pins and some other material to the Membership Coffee.

Programs: Nothing significant to report.

ACCents Editors: Set up LOSC email account. Set up electronic newsletter account. Updated member email
list. Published Aug/Sep ACCents newsletter. Emailed newsletter to current members. There will be a new
format for the newsletters...current format isn't printer-friendly. Everyone will get a newsletter, and need to
ensure those without email get it and the fliers for special activities.

Webmaster: Met with prior webmaster to transfer books and secrets. Updated site as requested. Created
Facebook page to help publicize activities and events.

Ways and Means: Nothing significant to report.

Special Activities: Contacted potential vendors for Coffee for their attendance or contributions to door prizes
and swag bag items. Contacted potential base organziations for Coffee attendance. Submitted EAL to Security
Forces for Coffee vendors. Picked up swag bag items from Yankee Candle, Anderson's Home and Garden
Showplace, Sweet Frog, Newport News Parks and Recreation. Created new table signs for various
organizations for September Coffee.

Charitable Treasurer: Turned in last year's books over for audit and tax preparation.

Scholarship: Was able to pass motion allowing for additional spouse scholarship and $250 Diane O'Malley
scholarship. Determined distribution of scholarship awards and contacted the Enlisted Spouse Club to
deconflict any awardees, as awardees are restricted from receiving scholarships from both organizations. We
missed many high school award nights due to timing, but was able to present awards at Tabb, where the most
awardees went to school. In total, awarded 10 scholarships to graduating high school students and 2
scholarships to spouses...checks were sent to the colleges with copies going to awardees. Wrote article for
ACCents and LOSC website. Plan to revise application deadlines.

Golf Tournament: Set date for golf tournament for 14 Oct, after ensuring no other tournaments scheduled that
may take away from participation in ours. Completed and submitted fundraiser request to Golf Course, and
they will send to Legal and FSS...received approval. Mailed out over 140 letters to business and members of
the Langley Civic Leaders Association requesting scholarship or donations. Received hole scholarship from
Langley Federal Credit Union and Hampton Roads Harley Davidson and items from Poquoson City Hall,
Taylor's Do-It Center, and Green Gates Gifts. Was offered a car from Tysinger Car Dealership for Hole in One
prize...checking on legalities. Received free green fees from local golf courses. Northrup-Grumman indicated
they will donate $2500 to scholarships. Planning to have a sign up at the Coffee, apply for Northrup-Grumman
grant, and advertise.

JSL Luncheon: Changed location to Bayview, and scheduled for March.

Other Business:
Dawn Olson reminded everyone to submit motions in writing before the meeting.

Dulce made a motion to add a new position that would target younger generation of officer spouses called
"Volunteer Coordinator". After some discussion, she decided to withdraw her motion, as the president can
appoint temporary positions as required without a vote.

Robin moved that Ruth Wright be allowed to serve in Hospitality for a third year. Kathia seconded. Motion

Meeting was adjourned at 11:17.

Respectfully submitted,

Dyann Schilling

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