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									       Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

   Westbury Group Practice – Patient Participation Survey and Report

Westbury Group Practice total population is 18445.

This is broken down as:-

   Age Range                 Male                 Female                  Total
       0-4                    578                   492                    1070
      5-16                   1297                  1442                    2739
     17-24                    844                   785                    1629
     25-34                    991                  1044                    2035
     35-44                   1319                  1299                    2618
     45-54                   1366                  1284                    2650
     55-64                   1114                  1155                    2269
     65-99                   1574                  1858                    3432
     100+                      0                     3                      3
     Total                   9083                  9362                   18445
        %                    49%                   51%                    100%

Within our practice population ethnicity is recorded for 3275 patients (20%)
this is broken down as:-

            Ethnic Origin                                      Total
              Chinese                                           18
     Other Black background                                     1
               African                                          4
             Caribbean                                          7
     Other Asian Background                                     11
      Bangladeshi or British                                    25
   Pakistani or British Pakistani                                1
      Indian or British Indian                                  16
     Other Mixed background                                     14
          White and Asian                                       10
     White and Black African                                     4
    White and Black Caribbean                                    5
     Other White background                                     161
                Irish                                           17
      British or Mixed British                                 3431
                Total                                          3725

The practice is fortunate to have a long established Patient Participation
Group but in addition we aimed to recruit an email Patient Reference Group
that represented the practice population. We reviewed the Joint Strategic
Assessment for the Westbury Community Area as it seemed important to
ensure that we tried to reach patients who were part of vulnerable groups or
who had specific unmet health needs. The aim was to ensure we were
providing good access and receiving feedback from these groups. The

                                     March 2012
       Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

particular health issues for Westbury are high prevalence of cardiovascular
disease and cancer and poor male life expectancy in comparison to other
community areas in Wiltshire. In addition there are a high number of
vulnerable families in the practice area, Childhood obesity is a particular issue
as are teenage pregnancies.

The practice has 8788 patients with Chronic Diseases such as asthma,
diabetes or coronary heart disease, some of whom have multiple chronic

The practice encouraged people to join the Patient Reference Group by
texting all patients over 14 years of age with a recorded mobile phone
number. The number of texts sent was 6815.

In addition, the practice advertised the new reference group and tried to reach
all aspects of our population by:

      Posters displayed at all practice sites
      Attaching information to repeat prescriptions
      Attaching information to appointment cards
      Placing information on the Practice Website
      Advertising information in the local paper The White Horse News which
       is a free paper delivered to every home in Westbury.
      Flyers added to new patient application packs
      Display screen in the waiting room
      Flyers given out in baby immunisation clinics
      Flyers given out in our diabetic clinics
      Flyers given out in our No Worries clinics

To try and reach the vulnerable families we:

      Spoke to the Children’s Centre and left information to encourage
       people to join.
      A Nurse and Practice Manager also visited the Youth Centre to talk to
       the local CAYPIG (Children and Young Peoples Information Group) to
       talk about Sexual Health services and to try and recruit young people
       so they could spread the message about involvement as well as
       highlight available services for young people.

We contacted different local organisations and posters were displayed at:

      Westbury library
      Local pharmacies
      Fairfield Opportunity Farm to publicise the group to our patients with
       Learning Disabilities.
      Tumblewood, a Childrens Home for girls.
      Morrisons supermarket

                                     March 2012
        Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

The practice have involved the Patient Participation Group with all aspects of
the PRG from set up, approving questionnaire, to consultation on the findings
and action plan and they have been very helpful and supportive in the
process. Our PRG has 100 members.

Our Patient Reference Group Profile is:-

   Age Range                  Male                 Female                  Total
     25-34                     1                      4                       5
     35-44                     5                     10                      15
     45-54                     8                     16                      24
     55-64                     14                    21                      35
     65-99                     10                    11                      21
     Total                     38                    62                     100
       %                      38%                   62%                    100%

Within our Patient Reference Group ethnicity is recorded for 28 patients (28%)
this is broken down as:-

             Ethnic Origin                                      Total
       Other White background                                    2
       British or Mixed British                                  26
                 Total                                           28

We asked our email group for socio economic and ethnicity information but
we understood that many people did not want to provide this information. We
received 37 responses to this question and established that of those who

      12 were in full time employment
      4 were part-time employed
      5 were self employed
      2 were unemployed
      3 were on long term sick
      11 were retired

      33 were home owners
      4 were in rented accommodation

We were disappointed that despite our best efforts, we were not to be able to
recruit more young people to the group and we will continue to try and
encourage greater membership from the younger population.
Discussions have taken place about how to extend this recruitment drive
further in Year 2 and target underrepresented members of the community.
The plan includes a Health Fair that the practice is running in the summer on
a Saturday to publicise its services, new surgery and also to undertake health
screening. This will be provided in partnership with other community groups.
The aim is to access more of the male population for health screening and

                                      March 2012
       Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

also to try and get them signed up to the PRG. This event will be advertised
on the website once the date is set.

The Questionnaire

The Practice reviewed the findings of previous questionnaires and reflected
on complaints and comments from patients to establish priorities for the
questionnaire to focus on. Questions that had been ratified by previous
independent surveys were suggested for use in the survey. It was clear to us
that the main issue for patients is around access and so the questionnaire
was drawn up to focus mainly on this area. The questionnaire was circulated
to members of the PRG for their comments and their feedback was
incorporated in the final questionnaire to ensure that we were addressing the
areas they felt were important. The questionnaire was also discussed with
the Patient Participation Group before it was finalised.

The survey was conducted by emailing to all the members of the PRG,
sending by post to members of the Patient Participation Group and by
distributing to patients between 1st and 24th February 20112. 409
questionnaires were completed and analysed. The results were collated
using a spreadsheet analysis.

The complete survey results, comments and action plan are attached with this

In summary, the results of the survey demonstrated:-

The areas that patients were most satisfied were the manner in which they
were dealt with by reception staff ( 91% rated very good to excellent). The
general care received (rated at 75% very good to excellent) and the way in
which treatment was explained (rated at 78% very good or excellent).

The areas that patients were least satisfied were with the telephone system
where only 43% rated as very good or excellent. Other areas that needed
improvement were with not seeing the preferred choice of doctor (only 40%
agreed this was very good or excellent). Getting through to test results on the
phone was also highlighted. Although this question did not apply to 38% of
patients, 10 % rated this as poor or only fair. Opening hours at the surgery
were also an area where only 68% of patients thought these were very good
or excellent.

Action Plan

The draft action plan was developed in discussion with the Patient
Participation Group. This was then emailed to all members of the PRG
together with the results of the survey. The Reference Group were asked if
they agreed with the action plan and if there were any other issues they felt
we had missed or should be addressing. There were no areas of
disagreement other than a suggestion that it would be better not to have an
engaged tone when all telephone lines were in use. This comment will be

                                     March 2012
       Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

considered alongside other feedback that the plan has been based on, and
the majority view will be followed as it is recognised that there is no perfect

However, the practice has decided to source a new telephone system with a
local 01373 number, extend the number of lines available and strengthen the
infrastructure so that more staff can be available at busy times to answer the

The practice is reviewing doctor’s lists to ensure that patients are allocated
equally amongst the doctors to try and aid access to preferred GP. We have
also discovered that patients are not always aware that the nurses are able to
assess, treat and some can prescribe medication. An advertising campaign
will take place to heighten awareness that often patients can be seen and
receive treatment by seeing the nurse much more quickly. Patients can also
be reassured that the nurse will arrange for the patient to see the doctor
quickly should that be necessary.

How patients receive test results is also being reviewed and will be provided
differently to improve access for patients.

Opening Hours were highlighted as an issue and we believe this is because
patients are not aware of our extended opening hours. We believe we need
to advertise this better and will do so more extensively.

Our core opening hours, when patients can access us are:-
Eastleigh Surgery Opening Times:-

                  Day                                    Opening Times
               Monday                                     08:00 - 18:30
               Tuesday                                    08:00 - 18:30
             Wednesday                                    08:00 - 18:30
              Thursday                                    08:00 - 18:30
                Friday                                    08:00 - 18:30
              Weekend                         Closed (but see below information
                                                     about Extended Hours)

                                     March 2012
      Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

Bratton Surgery Opening Times:-

          Day                   Opening Times AM             Opening Times PM
        Monday                      08:30 - 13:00                   Closed
        Tuesday                     08:30 - 13:00                14:30 - 17:30
      Wednesday                     08:30 - 13:00                   Closed
       Thursday                     08:30 - 13:00                14:30 - 17:30
         Friday                     08:30 - 13:00                   Closed
       Weekend                         Closed                       Closed

White Horse Surgery Opening Times

                  Day                                   Opening Times
              Monday                                     08:00 – 17:30
              Tuesday                                    08:00 – 17:30
            Wednesday                                    08:00 – 17:30
             Thursday                                    08:00 – 17:30
                Friday                                   08:00 – 13:30
             Weekend                         Closed (but see below information
                                                    about Extended Hours)

Our Usual Extended Hours are:-

                  GP                                   Extended Times
              Dr Beale                        Wednesday 17.45pm - 20.05pm
              Dr Khalid                           Tuesday 7.30am - 8.00am

              Dr Safeer                           Tuesday 7.30am - 8.00am

            Dr Edwards                              Wednesday 17.30pm -
                                                       20.00pm (Bratton)
              Dr Taylor                        Wednesday 17.30pm - 20.00pm
            Dr Gumbley                           Thursday 17.30pm - 20.00pm
          A GP on rotation                       Every other Saturday morning
                                               8.00am -10.30am (Eastleigh or

                                    March 2012
       Westbury Group Practice Patient Participation Survey and Report 2011/2012

Local Patient Participation Report

 A copy of the full report is attached. It has been circulated at a public
meeting of the Patient Participation Group. It has been circulated by email to
our Patient Reference Group and is published on the Practice Website. A
summary of the findings and action plan is available in the practice waiting
rooms and is incorporated in the Practice Newsletter.

We aim to build on the feedback received this year and develop our Patient
Reference group further as we look forward to our move to the new surgery.

The Practice would like to thank the Patient Reference Group and
Patient Participation Group for the time and commitment in helping the
practice produce this survey and report. We would also like to thank
our patients who took the time to complete the survey. If you would like
to join the Reference Group, please email us on we will be delighted to hear from you!

                                     March 2012

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