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									Transcast is a free online archive of translation and interpreting resources produced at Queen’s
University Belfast for students, researchers and practising translators and interpreters.

Through a dedicated podcast system, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook group and YouTube and Vimeo
channels, anyone with an internet connection and an interest in translation and interpreting can
access cutting-edge research, training seminars, interviews with professionals, teaching resources
and a range of other translation and interpreting activities currently available at Queen’s University

With a globally-competitive programme of translator and interpreter training and an annual series of
training and research seminars by visiting scholars and practising translators and interpreters working
locally, nationally and internationally across a range of fields, Transcast provides fast, efficient and,
above all, free access to audio and video podcasts for anyone with a need for up-to-date learning and
teaching resources, educational content and research on translating and interpreting.

Access free Transcast translating and interpreting resources online at the sites below.

Be sure to follow for Transcast tweets, sign up to the RSS feed, join the Facebook group and
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Transcast Facebook group:

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Transcast is supported by the Higher Education Academy Northern Ireland.

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