Grocery store layout by 8i756ty


									  Produce          Deli           1            2            3             4               5             6
Apples         Ham          Lunchables   Kid bread     Shampoo      Yogurt          Salad dress    Spag sauce
Oranges        Turkey       Bologna      John bread    Deodorant    Go-gurt         Olives         Spaghetti
Grapes         Beef         Chix nugg    Laura bread   Band-Aids    Drink           Gherkins       Tom sauce
Celery         Provolone    Steaks       Bagels        Lotion       yogurt          Dill pickles   Crushed to
Carrots        Muenster     Chicken      Raisin bran   Cotton       OJ              Catsup         Soups
Potatoes       Salami       Roast        Buns          Toothpaste   Lemonade        Mustard          Tomato
Lettuce        Tuna         Hamburg      PB            Tylenol      Cheese          Mayo             Chix nood
Bananas                     Pork loin    Jelly         Cold med     Eggs            Miracle         Clam
Salad                       Hot dogs                   Pantyhose    Sour cream      Whip           chow
Tomato                                                              Butter, tub     Relish         Ramen
                                                                    Butter, stick
      7              8            9           10             11          12               13             14
Rice           Cake mix     Cereal       Cookies       Juice        Napkins         Tide           Lean Cuis.
Inst. Potato   Frosting     Oatmeal      Crackers       Apple       Plates          Clorox         Frozen
Can fruit      Crisco       Pancake mi   Snacks         Cranberry   Silverware      Clorox II       Waffles
 Pear          Oil          Syrup        Roll ups      Bottled      Cups            Dish Det        Pancakes
 Peaches       Flour        Coffee       Candy         water         3 oz           Dishwasher      Fr. Toast
 Mandarin      Choc chips   Tea          Gum           Soda          5 oz           Fabric soft     Scrambles
Applesauce     Pie crust    Creamer      Peanuts        Diet Coke   TP              Soft scrub     Pizza
Gravy          Br. Sugar    Hot Choc     Doritos        Caff-free   Paper towel     Bar soap       Ice cream
 Chicken       Sugar        Cat food     Popcorn        Sprite      Puffs           Hand soap      Coolwhip
 Beef          Spices                    Pop tarts      Fresca      Hand wipes      Kitchen        Popsicles
Boxed pot      Jell-O                    Pretzels      Kool-Aid     Baggies         spray
Canned veg     Pudding                   Cheetos                    Gall Ziploc     Dis tablets
 Gr. Beans     Evap milk                                            Straws
 Corn          Cond milk                                            Toothpicks

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