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									                                                          reading it there rather than in the newsletter itself,
                                                          whether paper or electronic.

                                                                  In other ways, a blog affords opportunities a
                                                          newsletter cannot. One critical difference is that a
                                                          blog can utilize links to other parts of the internet –
                                                          websites, videos, other articles and further
                                                          explanations. A blog is more easily found (and
VOL. XLV, NO. 3         _            MARCH 2012           more easily followed) by the wider public than a
                                                          newsletter article ever could be, even one published
Divine eternal lover,                                     online as well as printed and mailed. The purpose of
you meet us on the road.                                  my blog, which I began at the behest of
We wait for lands of promise                              congregation members, is to communicate and
where milk and honey flow,                                connect with God’s beloved both within and outside
but waiting not for places,                               the boundaries of Lutheran Church of the Savior.
you meet us all around.                                   Ideally this blog is one more way for me to
Our covenant is written                                   communicate the love of God in Jesus Christ for
on roads, as faith is found.                              you and for all the world, another place where the
- Sylvia G. Dunstan, “Bless Now, O God, the               living Word of God might become manifest in my
Journey,” ELW 326                                         flawed words.

        The season of Lent includes the entire                    As a pastor and a preacher, I cannot control
month of March this year. Sure, we had a few days         – or sometimes even recognize! – the Holy Spirit
in February, and we’ll have the tail end of the           communicating the Gospel of God’s love in Jesus
season in April, but this year March is an entire         Christ through my words and my life. I can,
calendar month to reflect on our relationship with        however, put myself out there, tell my own story of
God in Jesus Christ and to participate in disciplines     God’s love for me, and communicate to build
drawing us closer to God and God’s will for us.           relationships with others in many ways. What God
My own Lenten discipline this year is that I will         does with a pastor’s blog, I may never know. I do
attempt to blog (at my official LCS Pastor’s Blog,        know that I enjoy sharing my thoughts, expansions for all             of sermons, links to articles of interest, and more in
forty days of Lent. I made a similar effort last year,    this format. I appreciate the opportunity to do so
but, um, well… let’s just say that I am again deeply      more intentionally and consistently during this
grateful that the grace and love of God has the           season of Lent.
power to overwhelm and redeem my frailties and
failings.                                                 Pastor Andrew

         Blogging is a curious and relatively new art.              + + + + + + + + + +
It is writing, first and foremost, though in an
especially malleable form. One key to                     WELCOMING NEW MEMBERS
understanding blogging is that blogs (short for “web      Please join Pastor Andrew in a brief meeting after
logs,” as in “a chronological record recorded on the      worship on Sunday, March 18th for anyone who
web / internet”) are published directly by their          would like to be welcomed more fully into the life
authors, with little or no editorial intervention. This   of Lutheran Church of the Savior. We will discuss
is a blessing and a curse, as any blog (this one          membership, gifts for ministry, and how you can
included) is likely to demonstrate. In some ways a        deepen your relationship with our church family.
blog can be like a newsletter article: I use my blog      Based on this meeting, we hope to celebrate an
to publish periodic articles about our life together as   official welcome of new members through a rite of
Lutheran Church of the Savior. This “newsletter           Affirmation of Baptism soon thereafter. If you are
article” is posted to my blog, and some of you are        interested but cannot attend this meeting, please
                                                          contact Pastor Andrew by email or phone.
LENT WEDNESDAYS                                                  God. Join us around the new fire, the same fire in
As in recent years we will gather for a meal, Bible-             which God led the Israelites from slavery to
based education, and evening prayer.                             freedom. Hear the Easter Proclamation and the
   5:45 - Dinner                                                 ancient stories of our faith, the stories of God’s
   6:30-7:30 - Education (Being the Body of                      grace and love from Creation through the Hebrew
               Christ: Studies in 1 Corinthians)
                                                                 Scriptures. We will bring these stories to life with
   7:30-8:00 - Worship (Holden Evening Prayer)
                                                                 creative and lively retellings and vibrant musical
The Lent Wednesday Supper menu consists                          responses. Then gather around the font for a
of “savory” soups, sandwiches and dessert. A sign-               celebration of Baptism, the sacrament of welcome
up is posted on the kiosk for contributions of soup,             into Christ’s risen body. Continue with the first
meat, cheese, bread and desserts.                                celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord, in
        Proceeds from the suppers, along with a                  Word from the New Testament and finally in the
$350 grant from Thrivent, will be going to local                 meal that draws us into Christ’s presence and draws
hunger.                                                          Christ’s presence into us, Holy Communion.
        Please be generous with your donations for
                                                                 Afterwards, gather for a festival celebration of our
the supper, there are many in our community who
                                                                 risen Lord with good food and festive drink. And as
are going hungry.
                                                                 if the Vigil were not exciting enough, this year we
            + + + + + + + + +                                    hope to welcome our sisters and brothers from
                                                                 Sunnyside United Methodist Church to join us in
Holy Week is Coming Soon!                                        this unique, ancient worship experience, sharing
This year Holy Week is the first week of April, and              their gifts for storytelling and music among others
Lutheran Church of the Savior will be celebrating                in making this our most exciting and Christ-centered
Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion and the Three                Vigil yet!
Days, or the Triduum, of Maundy Thursday, Good
                                                                Easter Sunday again will feature a celebratory
Friday, and the Vigil of Easter on Saturday evening.
Each of these worship experiences is unique and                  breakfast and activities for children prior to our
features ancient ritual in current expression.                   10:00am festival worship of Word and Sacrament
 Palm Sunday will begin with a procession of the                on this holiest day of the Christian year.
    congregation featuring new Eco-Palms, fair-trade
    plants that benefit Lutheran World Relief, and will                + + + + + + + + + +
    include an interactive reading of the Passion of our
    Lord.                                                    SUNDAY FAITH ADULT FORMATION,
                                                             beginning on March 4th, has resumed sharing
   Maundy Thursday will again include the ancient
                                                             around the topic, “Understanding the Will of God”,
    ritual of foot-washing, emphasizing our humility         based on Anglican Dr. Leslie Weatherhead’s
    before we partake in Holy Communion as Jesus and         famouse little book The Will of God. Retired pastor,
    his disciples did on the night in which he was           Rev. John Kepler, will be the presenter/facilitator.
    betrayed.                                                         In the most difficult and challenging of
   Good Friday will offer a reflection on the death of      times, have you ever heard people casually throw
    God in Jesus Christ our Lord on the cross, the           out the phrase, “Well, it’s just God’s will!” Are all
    symbol of suffering and death through which God
                                                             the bad things that happen the will of God? How
                                                             can I understand the will of God for my life?
    paradoxically showed most clearly the power of
                                                                     This class, held in the church library, will
    love for us and for this world.                          run concurrent with Sunday school, 9:00 am
   The Vigil of Easter is the ancient ritual center of      Sundays, and is particularly suited for parents and
    our lives together as followers of Jesus, the night in   guardians of Sunday school kids, as well as anyone
    which God turned death to life, turned hatred and        interested in deepening faith through this five
    suffering and pain into pure love, and turned us         session series concluding on April 1.
    from flawed human sinners into beloved children of                                                           -2-
COMMITTEE serves this congregation by caring                     The flower chart will remain available for
for our members’ needs spiritually, physically, and     those interested in signing up to purchase flowers
emotionally. Beginning in 2012 we have a new            for any particular Sunday. The chart is located on
system for keeping track of our members by              the east wall of the narthex, next to the kiosk.
monitoring attendance. If you have not attended                  If you are signed up, please purchase the
worship for 6 week, the Congregational Care             flowers and place them in the church sacristy prior
committee will contact you and see how we can           to the Sunday morning service.
best meet your needs. The goal of this new plan is               The Altar Guild will place your flowers in
to provide pastoral and material care for our sisters   the sanctuary on Sunday morning.
and brothers, to the best of our abilities.                      If no one has signed up to bring flowers,
        If you have questions, or would like to join    green plants will be placed in the sanctuary. If you
the work of the Congregational Care committee, see      have any questions, please see me, Kerry Thurn
Barb Hogg, Chairperson. Normally we meet on the
last Wednesday every month at 2:00 p.m. however                  + + + + + + + + + +
in March we will meet at 4PM on March 28. We
welcome new people to join us and we would              FREE STORE of KALAMAZOO, located at the
welcome your input.                                     old Heritage Hall building on East Main Street, is
                                                        preparing for its Grand Opening on March 24!
         + + + + + + + + + +
                                                        Ways in which you can help:
WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY, led by Pastor                      - pray for the Free Store and the Eastside
Andrew, will meet at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday,              community
March 8. Our teaching resource is taken from            - donate clothing and household items;
Gather magazine, formerly Lutheran Woman                - give a financial gift
Today.                                                  - donate a non-cash gift
        We have been conducting a study of the          - sort items and set up displays
Gospel of Mark entitled To Follow and to Serve,         - bake cookies for Free Store guests
The Gospel of Mark.                                     - donate coffee and coffee supplies
         We are now on session 7, entitled Rising       - volunteer to work in the Free Store
Expectations. The bible readings are Mark 11:1-         - volunteer to sort clothing at the Free Store
13:37. If you do not have a copy of the Gather
magazine, please let the office know and we will        Please join us and work together to build this new
provide a copy of this month’s session. All women       ministry in the East Side Neighborhood!
are invited to attend.                                  Questions? Contact Erin Thompson

         + + + + + + + + + +                                     + + + + + + + + + +

MEETING will be held on Sun., March 11 at               MINISTRY) - will meet on Sat., March 17 at
11:30 a.m. in the library/meeting room. See or call     10:30 a.m.
Deb Rafferty if you have any questions regarding                Our prayer shawls are available for LCS
the hymn selection process.                             members and for family and friends of members. If
                                                        you would like to know how to be a part of this
         + + + + + + + + + +                            ministry or if you know of a need for one of our
                                                        prayer shawls you may contact Joan Ulmer, 382-
          Church Office: 269-342-0069                   0871.
           Church Cell: 269-250-0521
                                                                 + + + + + + + + + +
        E-mail:                                                                  -3-
WE KNOW” Presented by Dr. Paul Maier                  Holy Communion Education on March 18th
Dr. Paul Maier, Professor of Ancient History at               On this Sunday, children will join Pastor
Western Michigan University, is one of our            Andrew in learning about Holy Communion. Using
country’s leading authorities on the biblical world   Lutheran Pastor Dan Erlander’s book, A Place For
and a widely acclaimed author and speaker. He will    You, we will explore this unique and powerful
present the fourth in a series of seminars at Zion    sacramental expression of God’s love for us in Jesus
Lutheran Church in Kalamazoo. In this seminar,        Christ. Jane Norton, our resident Sunday
Dr. Maier will look at the sources of information     Communion bread baker, will be on hand to include
regarding Jesus, illuminating scripture with          children in baking our bread for the following few
evidence from archeology and secular history.         Sundays.
When: Saturday, March 10, 2012                                All are welcome to receive the bread and
        9:00 AM - 3:30 PM                             wine/juice of Holy Communion in our Sunday
Where: Zion Lutheran Church                           worship, real presence of Jesus Christ among us
       2122 Bronson Blvd.                             with God’s Word for God’s people. This class is a
       Kalamazoo                                      great opportunity for children to receive education
               Lunch will be provided                 after which parents might choose to allow their
Pre-registration fee: $15 Adults                      children to take Communion each Sunday. Contact
                      $10 Students                    Pastor Andrew with questions or concerns related to
    (Forms available on the usher’s table)            this event or
Registration at door: $20 Adults                      our communion practices.
                        $15 Students
                                                               + + + + + + + + + +
         + + + + + + + + + +
                                                      LUTHERAN-EPISCOPAL CAMPUS MINISTRIES
LCS CHURCH SUPPER                                     Religious Perspectives: Islam
  Fri., March 30                                      Tuesday March 13th, 7:00 pm /Fetzer Center, Western
                                                      Michigan University: The second lecture of this series,
Lutheran Church of the Savior is serving dinners on   presented by LECM-WMU, WMU’s Department of
the last Friday of each month. Serving time will be
                                                      Religious Studies, and other partners, will feature
from 5-6:30 p.m. Invite your family, friends, and
                                                      renowned Imam Sayid Hassan Al-Qazwini, who will offer
your neighbors for an evening of fellowship and
delicious food!! The menu for this month is:          a Shi’a perspective on Islam. All are welcome for this
Swiss steak, buttered carrots, mashed potatoes,       engaging and educational event. For more information,
salad, dessert and beverages.                         contact Rv. Dr. David Louder at
The cost is: adults/ $8                               or 269-743-4287 or visit
             children under the age of 10/$4
Proceeds are designated for the general church                 + + + + + + + + + +
Please Note: In order to plan for the amount of
food needed (and nothing is wasted), you are          TIME to SPRING FORWARD
encouraged to purchase your tickets in advance or           Daylight Savings Time begins on
make reservations. Tickets may be purchased on                   Sunday, March 11
Sunday mornings.                                      Be sure to set your clocks ahead one hour before
         Take out orders are welcome for neighbors,   going to bed Saturday night (March 10).
friends, or relatives
Volunteers are always needed for these meals for
either set up, serving, or clean up. If you are
interested please contact Linda Burgan: 342-9249
                                                               + + + + + + + + + +
         + + + + + + + + + +
ATTENDANCE for:                                          CELEBRATING a
     Feb.  5    120                                         MARCH ANNIVERSARY:
     Feb. 12     61                                             06 Jason and Tracy Whitfield
     Feb. 19     78                                             21 Loyal and Bonnie Eldridge
     Feb. 26     66
                                                                       + + + + + + + + + +
            General                 Designated           PRAYERS are being offered to:
Feb.   5    5,310.57                  165.00             . . . . the sick, those awaiting treatment, those
Feb.  12    2,482.00                    40.00            hospitalized and those recuperating: Emalynne
Feb.  19    3,533.45                    35.00            Flickinger, granddaughter of Marianne VanMelle;
Feb.  26    2,330.85                    25.00            Jane Secor’s little friend, Tucker; Edna Geik’s
                                                         grandson, Kenny and her neighbor, Jimmy;
“Common Cents”: Feb. = $54.21                            Bernadette’s brother-in-law, Earl; Jane Bradshaw;
        Total to date = $128.11                          Martie Gates’ friend, Kenny; Linda Schmitigal’s
                                                         friend, Deb C.; Wilma Cool’s niece, Bonitta; Carol
         + + + + + + + + + +                             and Jerry Malmud; Tom Oliver’s sister, Sharilyn;
                                                         Bill and Betty Switzer; Jean Fawley; Joan Ulmer’s
“THANK YOU”                                              sister, Carolyn; Russ Minehart;
. . . . . “Thank you for letting me care for the         . . . . our elderly and home bound members or
children of the congregation for so many wonderful       nursing home residents: Ken and Helen Sweet;
years. Thank you for the certificate and gift-card. I    Marti Gates; Mae Hoffmann; Gene Carver; Franz
am blessed to be a member at Lutheran Church of          Metzger
the Savior. Thanks so much.”. . . . . . . Joan Ulmer     . . . . . mourning the loss of loved ones: Ernie
                                                         Roberts, his wife Mary; Ruth Andrus, her sister,
. . . . “Thanks so much for the beautiful plaque and     Nathalie; Dale and MaryBeth Wood, Dale’s father,
gift certificate. It has been my pleasure to take care   Richard.
of the flower needs of the church these many years.
I’m so pleased to be part of such a caring, giving       Note: Please update this list by notifying the
church family. May God guide and bless us in our         church office, Joan Ulmer or Martie Gates so that
new missions.”                 . . . . . Alvera Lewis    we may keep our prayers current. Thank You!

. . . . Ernie Roberts would like to thank everyone              + + + + + + + + + + +
for the love and support shown him through the
many cards and phone calls he has received.              The Prayer Chain is led by Martie Gates. To
                                                         have your prayer concerns placed on the Prayer
         + + + + + + + + + +                             Chain please call Martie at 623-3970, or the church
                                                         office at 342-0069. Prayer concerns can also be
CELEBRATING a                                            directed to the Prayer Fellowship Group, led by
   MARCH BIRTHDAY:                                       Joan Ulmer and Richard Dinda.
      02 Joanne Schram, Joy Murphy                               The Prayer Group meets following worship
      04 Pete Asaro                                      on the first & third Sunday of the month for usually
      09 Ryan Knoblock                                   less than an hour. During this time they share with
      10 Wayne Nelson, Bonnie Eldridge                   one another the prayer requests received on the pew
      13 Joan Ulmer, Emily Boucher                       cards from worshippers as well as any other
      16 Kay Landfair, Donna Thurn                       concerns they have become aware of.
      18 Chuck Whitfield, Alex Ridderbos                          Anyone wishing to be a part of this ministry
      19 Lori Knoblock                                   is welcome to attend these prayer meetings. Direct
      23 Tonya Rodriguez                                 questions to Joan (382-0871).
      25 Carole Davis

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