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Report Back

-   Matthew – Sall group last week, accounted but couldn’t consent and build
       o Go through report back from May 1 and Bedstuy
       o Bullet points posted by Russel, what can we do better what we need to pay attention to
       o May 6 meeting minutes, read through… we could build off what happened
       o New school’s disorientation packet, very good.
       o No more to report back
       o Need to use digital media better
       o Figure out how to increase diversity of learning styles in space
       o List of questions
               Longevity of institution space
               Meaning of free
               What does it mean to be a student, professor, etc
               Addressing problems about not being permitted after day 1
                        Might be less lenient on second day
               Relationship to OWS, individual campuses
               Relation to education as commons
               Campus struggles, do we want to do that?
               Outreach
                        To occupy, community groups
               Funding
               Indigigogo campaign?
               Pay pal donations
               Recruiting
       o Priority list
               Funding  russel
               Contact Masiah about video
               Outreach
               Flyer  Jen and Aaron, good for being on campuses right now
                        There is a flyer!
               How to make google group more open
                        Problems getting people on b.c admins aren’t doing it
                        Solution to make everyone admin but we don’t know who that is.




-   Making pages for it, but main navigation is hid…
-   By end of this weekend, more content, have some from people but how should we organize it?
-   Brain storm map of what the site might be, what information and where
        o Static content, updated once in a while
        o Dynamic content – post things like events, promos, etc
        o Helpful to site curator, how to make everything easily found
        o Contact if you want to add content, etc
        o Sole site curator, has some input…
                  Need help sorting through organization
-   Conor
        o Check website out?? What can be improved?
        o For those of you who have, how is it being used? Can you post on facebook?
        o You register for classes through this website, but we don’t have many workshops so
            perhaps people are unaware of its function
        o Post of facebook and listservs to spread word about submitting workshops
        o Volunteered to make facebook and save date email so tonight sending something so
            everyone can blast
-   Maggie
        o Blast not only main page but URL to registration page
-   Matthew
        o OWS has given us the ability to run education component to S17 on their website
        o We could control main page on S17 OWS site for this event, Wordpress?
        o Do we want to go through OWS to do our own site? But we have ability to make the page
            link to ours. We can have this page and link, or no thanks…
        o Resources are outdated
        o Missingg: History page, link to May 1, anyone that has images to show that this was first
            event, outreach to show what we’ve done and recruit participants
-   Conor
        o References to Free University… make “Free U in the News” where we chronicle who has
            referenced us.
-   Maggie
        o It exists!
-   Conor
        o At NSPC 12 we made announcements, etc, Izzy and Conor are going to make statement
            about Free University, what we’ve been up to, we aren’t dormant! Activity, networking, etc.
        o Link to reports about NSPC, convergence info write ups and links on site
        o On website: to submit workshop, etc, contact Gmail account
                  To make it easy, people who are interested but not sure about what to do, lets try
                     to streamline workshop facilitators to registration
-   Brad
        o Idea of what we’ve been doing could be dynamic, circulating blog
-   Maggie
        o Hashtag?
-   Vanessa
       o Who is tweeting for us? What is our handle?
-   Conor
       o Jen Tang?
       o Website team working group
-   Vanessa
       o What is our relationship to Occupy? Link to S17 website… Lets decide.


        Chris Winter S17 Education site, like on May 1 we ran through Occupy’s servers

Weekend before S17

Saturday Meeting about Schedule on 15/16

Saturday Occupy Town Square on with 3-4 hours for assembly, then breaking out to thematic assemblies
and into shared envisioning

Occupy Faith is having evening vigil

Sunday - Foley Square Thomas Paine Park – Concert

Conor - Lets use the opportunity to get us out there, a great way for Free University to post S17
activities, beneficial for everyone

Brad – second that, concern with S17 in general, that so much effort is going on… what next? Free
University is next! Debt related workshop, this would be a good way to do it. Be forward looking,
bringing together could be great.

Vanessa- we want to be on website, which will be post-17… Not necessarily organizing during this

Matthew – Link is one thing to be in solidarity with OWS and goes to wordpress, or we can build
content about what is next on OWS

Conor – our work is flowing out of that, no need to reinvent the wheel, after all this awesome stuff, the
rest of the week will be free radical education in the park that we can create

Vanessa – proposal to put on S17 website, send it to who is in charge

Matthew – Jen tang, myself and Maggie have editing privileges

Lets write a paragraph about what we are doing and move people through to our link to get it going.

Write paragraph to post o S17 page, Who? Conor, Brad , Cora… Maggie helps put it up

Vanessa –
We are related to OWS but autonomous.


Matthew –

Are we going to try to get OWS funding again?

Vanessa- add funding to agenda?

Conor – we need paypal and actually money… and hear from OWS if we can use funding from them?
There is a funding team

Matthew is reaching out to Chris to see if there is funding.

Inventory at Adjunct Office? Team for that? What do we have so we don’t but excess stuff?

       In google docs, inventory spreadsheet, lets review. Spreadsheet was started last week, two
people have put items on it but there is much more. Shared with google group.

Media outreach/publicity

            Conor – Maggie has created BEAUTIFUL website! Workshops submitted, gathering
               resources, twitter, etc
               Quick flyer that was made and send out on list, PDF.
                There will be another flyer by the end of August 21, 2012
               Passed out at NSPC
               Russel said that he was going to reach out to Masiah to do Promo video
               Conor will follow up with Russel and work on it.
               Elizabeth had made publicity video from May Day
               Russel reach out to Erin and Jen about Flyer
               Follow up with Zoltan, programming content, etc
               Lets make copies! N be autonomous yo
               Use folks from facebook to outreach too

Professors moving classes

                We have text to aid professors how to do that? And how to prepare students ahead of
                Princeton, Bus-in , how did they do that? To help outer NYC professors come in…
                        Role player on outreach flyer for remote campuses

Lucia – reaching out to community organizations that aren’t affiliated with universities
Vanessa- we had a list and its in google docs, with templates, organizations, outreach text for emailing

or contacting? Lets write text…

Lucia – Who can we outreach to in terms of organizations?

Vanessa – Everyone!

Tony - There is a list of people who participated before…

Kathleen – no reason to exclude, huge park... main thing is that they need to go through Free U to find
info, no template letter but if you have connection it might be better for individual to write something
up themselves.

Vanessa – if you have organizations that you want to outreach to, add your name to make clear its your
outreach, and we could write a template.

Brad - Brainstorming session of places to reach out to? Increasing diversity of learning styles!

Kathleen – Someone had emails for people in working groups but wasn’t sent out

Vanessa – Videos after May Day, we should post on website

We have flyers, video, website, EVERYONE is responsible for outreach

We need to figure out Google Group because people aren’t getting emails, Lets do that this week!!!

Structure of four days

Conor – Needs: working groups: Outreach, programming, funding, resources, already activated groups
we need for other groups to be activated. On site infrastructure?


        Kathleen – What time of day/each day? Do we have enough organizers and participants to have
a flow of activities all day, every day? If not, do we need to be more creative with scheduling?

Lucia – we established a tentative schedule?

         3 people have signed up to do workshops, Ben – 17 Chris – any time Tuesday others –

         Ben – comic and picture story, Chris, Craig Gilmore - , Ravid Ahmad –

10am-2pm or afterwards
We have infrastructure from 10am-3 but people can utilize the space to run classes…

Kathleen – making sure we have enough people taking up most of the time, spreading the classes

Conor – inviting based on themes, or for example “calling all comic artists” on specific day, or just
structuring the days thematically… arts/cultural vs political, etc.

Jen Tang is in programming working group, Contact if interested!

Kathleen – anything continuous over the 4 days? Disorientation packets – collecting packets from
everyone and having library… we should have a library for people to donate their stuff to… Something
more static that could be present everyday?

Letting people set up shop in the space… everyone’s invited!

What’s next poster at info table? Have full schedule available for everyone.

Dan - way to feature specific classes? Based on thematic content, highlighting stuff… brings people in.
Anything else such as concluding assembly

Matthew – last week, we would plan next free u during this Free U… Using space to continue planning
Free U, Self perpetuate

Conor – Fund Graduation thing on Saturday We can work with people who aren’t necessarily
participating with Free U but want to participate in this stuff… Assembly and Graduation on Saturday

Kathleen – feedback session in terms of planning next one… Daily assembly for feedback, etc…

Cora – In program feedback page?

Brad – Static table, people being able to write on a large piece of paper, visions, feedbacks etc… Stuff I’d
like to see besides workshops, etc, what about people who are at Sunset Park Rent Strike, etc, people
who don’t have chance to speak…

Vanessa – May Day – Prioritized academic and professional teachers and it would be nice to have an
opening environment and empower people who want to do a workshop to do it! Such as Rent Strike.
How do we bring more teachers? Lets go beyond academic professional teachers

Tony - testimonials on social issues common to the city that need to be dealt with. Ex. stop and frisk,
impact on CUNY students,

Scanda – issues that pre-existed because of the current situation, Picture the Homeless, who organize
around these situations, Based on feedback sheet, putting it on website

Conor - Community Educators – different political orgs/non-academia, lets keep this going. Whoever we
want to reach out to, add it to google dog
        Organizational Culture – Sense of “we should” doesn’t really push us to do it… Way to turn the
        “Shoulds” into reality instead of just ideas that come up…

Allison – lets commit to reaching out to people! Graduation as a ruptural activity… Lets radicalize
concept! “convocation” This is a process… artistic process, make art to come out of it, conversational
spaces, etc. Starting off by having morning briefing/conversation/ formulating community agreement/
Anti-Oppression workshops…

Tony – Outreach to people from last May Day and ask them to outreach to the people they participated
with. Artistic concepts on debt, construct bolder/wall/shredder of debt, Performances, design your own
banner, workshops on activities within protests and actions!

Cora – Box/paper to have participants write things they learned, anti-oppression/ safe space creation at
beginning of the day

Matthew – Contact for Sunset Park, 6-7 weds and sunday weekly vigils East of 5th on 46th street, occupy
town square in sunset park is the 25th. Website, post meeting minutes on website to get out of google

Conor – what about people that work from 10-3? Next week can we think about a few days where we
have evening activities?

Schedule of tasks leading up to September

        Conor – Go around of who can do what until next weeks meeting.

        Vanessa – Continue same time, same day. Will find video and send to Maggie to put on website,
        will do outreach, print more flyers! Will hand out at New School, Connect to people who do
        anti-oppression training. Prefer to move meetings on Thursdays but Tuesdays ok.

        Brad – out of town Thursday 23 – Wednesday 29th. Thursday may be best. Paragraph or two for
        NYC S17 website, outreach, sending people link to registration form, letting past participants
        know! Signed for logistics working group, needs to be in touch with others who are too.

        Dan – Flyers at New School and block party! Tuesdays no good, Thursdays are better

        Maggie – working on webstuff, outreach, will go through google docs, Thursdays no good.
        Tuesdays work. Wednesdays/Mondays are good. Doodle set up

        Conor – S17 site content info, Free Univserity inventory in adjust project office, professor how to
        doc to send to free u, put on website? Yes! Outreach, thinking about how to organize themes
        activities that arise, send out save the date email. Tuesdays no good. Mondays/Thursdays

        Tony – outreach to labor college and community college. Thursdays/ Wednesdays

        Allison – who is admin in google group and make everyone admin, talk to Zoltan about
        contacting everyone who participated last time and email blast, Personal/cyber outreach and to
        organizations, flyers, focus on continuous stuff, static spaces such as safe/art spaces. Any day
        except Wednesday

        Lucia- outreach to organizations, flyers! Tuesday/Thursday nights

        Kathleen – out reach to new Brooklyn theatre, inviting people on facebook event, will mail out
        document for professors that want to bring classes to Free U , outreach to participants of Free
        Bedstuy, Dig out community organization spreadsheet on google docs, activist org vs presenters,
        start library working group any day… except Friday.

        Scanda – outreach to picture the homeless, anarchist POC, professors, send link to registration
        form, flyers! Put in new school social justice research center. Any day.

        Cora- outreach to professor, work paragraph, flyers in events, outreach to Brooklyn college
        union, talk to them about anti oppression stuffs. Availability will be oin the basis of taking one
        day off!

        Thursday at 6pm.


Brad- new school

Dan- new school

Matthew –GC teach

Maggie – GC

Conor –CUNY

Tony –BMCC Murphy institute

Kathleen – between

Scanda – New School

Vanessa –New School


Allison - GC

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