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									                          World-class End-user Computing- A Global Objective

Technological innovations over the years have been the result of ever changing demands from the
customers and end users of technology. The aggressive competition prevalent in the business
environment is also very much related to the ways and means of meeting the requirements of the end-
users and converting them as loyal customers. Over the years, the competition between the various
enterprises has always centered on the customers. In the wake of such competition, enterprises struggle
to provide the end users with the best of products and services.

In today's technology oriented business environment, enterprises work towards installing the best of the
IT infrastructure and deploying high-end applications which would provide the end users with added
facilities to the already existing services. In the wake of such requirements, the enterprises both SME's
and large business houses collaborate with technology leaders to provide them with the world class
infrastructure and best-in class end user computing services that would create a high business value for
the customers.

Enterprises strive to achieve such world-class services which would provide the end users with exceptional
experience in application management services or in the areas of information security. By leveraging on
the culture of innovation the enterprises tend to harness the potential of the employees and provide
customers with anytime and anywhere accessibility and new industry benchmarks. Besides the
enterprises also ensures that all the changes adhere to business needs while adopting new technological
innovations for better end-user productivity.

However technological innovations such as cloud computing has facilitated the service providers to offer
their clientele a complete lifecycle of services ranging from service desk to client application management
services, messaging and collaboration, asset management, client support and infrastructure application.
The Client Application Management services refers to managing and maintaining the end user
application environment, and includes components such as Application Packaging, Software Distribution,
image management and Patch Management services in an eco-friendly centralized location or green data
centers. The client application management is considered today as one of the costliest activities within IT
Infrastructure management.
 Further, in their attempt to provide best of the class end-user computing experience, most of the new age
 enterprises have collaborated with leading IT giants for development of data centers and IT outsourcing.
  Such actions facilitates the global enterprises to maintain high-level of system integration, better
 storage and security of business critical data through effective identity and access management in a
 highly networked environment. Adopting new technologies through a global eco-system paves way for
 improved end user productivity and helps create a competitive difference for the customers.

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