Moodle Faculty Presentation by 62Jhfc


Teaching experience
Education background
Moodle experience
Teaching a 21st Century Learner Video
•   Learning Modalities.
•   Drop Box
•   Automated Grading
•   24 Hours
•   Groups
•   Feedback
•   Multimedia
•   Assignments
Student Computer Ratio
 Pre-selected web sites
 Online books
 Class survey or poll
 Hot potato games
 Student created podcast
 Virtual field trips
 Online test
 Teacher created items
 Handwriting activities
 Create glossary/images
Moodle Site
Hidden Cost of Moodle
PDF Moodle Book
2 minute Moodle
Hot Potato
Zamzar (video conversion)
Jing (free screen capture software)
• Open Office (free office products)
Audacity (audio editing software)

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