Welcome to The Team of the Ancients by 5M4yfO81


									                        Welcome to
                     The WHITE Team

  The vision of the Seventh Grade White
  Team is to provide a rigorous academic
program in a safe and caring environment.
   This will prepare students to become
lifelong learners and responsible citizens.
Mr. Torrens Room 284
Ms. McNutt Room 294
Mrs. Loughnane
  Room 265
                             Mrs. Billet
                             Room 292

Mademoiselle “Coco” Chanel


                                    Pee Wee
Mr. Petrone Room 290
Mrs. Newell Room 242
Mrs. Stewart Room 242
    Supplies Needed
•   Pencils with erasers
•   Blue and Black pens
•   Highlighters
•   Notebook paper
•   (1) 3-inch binder with dividers and pocket
•   Flash Drive labeled with student’s name
•   Free Reading Book
•   Box of Tissues
•   Index Cards
•   2 Wide Ruled Marble Composition Books
•   Post-it notes
        Important Dates

•   September 4th – 1st Day
•   September 7th – Picture Day
•   September 17th – No School
•   September 24th – Open House
•   September 26th – No School
•   November 20th and 21st –WINTER CONFERENCES
          Team Policies
•   All electronic equipment must be in your locker
    and turned off
•   No gum
•   Pass Procedures:
       -Issued colored pass each marking period
      -Students must have a teacher issued blue pass
       to see any teacher other than a team teacher.
       -Both passes and log books must have a time
        out and time in.
       -White team passes are available to see team
    Team Policies (cont.)
•   Follow the dress code: No hats, fingertip
    length shorts and skirts, shoulders covered, etc.
•   Students in sports/music programs must
    maintain grades to participate in activity
•   You are responsible for making up any missed
    work due to absences
•   Locker visits only at proper times
•   Lunch detentions will be given for inappropriate
  7th Grade Expectations
• Highly Qualified Subject Area Teachers
• Higher expectations means:
  1. Ready to Learn
  2. More homework in multiple subjects
  3. More independence
  4. More responsibility
  5. More tests and projects
           8th Periods
•   Quiet study hall
•   Complete homework
•   Free read
•   Make up missed work
•   Seek assistance from teachers
•   B and F days are club days
Are You Ready To Learn?
• Assignment book, subject book, free
  reading book
• Binder
• Pen/pencil
• Paper
• Hall pass
• All homework assignments written down
Let’s have a great
    Advice From The Alumni
•   Participate in class and activities
•   Have your parents use parent portal
•   Follow dress code
•   Pay attention
•   Study for everything
•   Smile
•   Ask questions
•   Best effort
          More Advice…

•   Don’t procrastinate
•   Don’t pick unreliable partners
•   Don’t skip homework
•   Don’t be afraid to ask for help
             Quiz Questions
1. Which teacher is getting married in November?
2. Which teacher has a daughter named Delaney?
3. What is Ms. McNutt’s daughter’s name?
4. Which teacher has two dogs named Coco and
5. Which teacher heavily favors candy and sodas?
6. Which teacher has never given a detention?
8. What were Mrs. Stewart's major in college?
9. How many years has Mrs. Newell been
10. Which teacher worked in business and
  teaching an equal number of years?
11. Where do Science Fair winners compete?
12. Which teacher worked in a veterinary
13. What sport does Mrs. Stewart coach?
14. Which teacher is most recently married?
15. Mrs. Newell’s four sons are all big fans
  of what sports team?
16. Which teacher has one daughter, one
  son, and one grandson?
17. Which teacher’s kids play soccer?
18. What sport did Mr. Petrone play in
19. Which two teachers coach in the
20. *EXTRA CREDIT* Who is the friendliest
  teacher on the White team?
 Directions for Personal
• 3 to 5 paragraphs to include:
  –   Interests/hobbies/favorites
  –   Summer vacation/activities
  –   School likes and dislikes
  –   Goals for 7th grade
  –   List 3 interesting facts

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