MCR GENERAL MEETING

                              Monday, 3rd Week, Trinity Term
                                       7 May 2012
                                  Upper MCR, 8:15 pm

                    MCR Formal Hall at 7:15 pm to precede meeting.


1. Committee Reports

2. MCR Budget 2012-2013

      This MCR notes that

      1) Point X:B of the MCR constitution reads:
      At the first general MCR meeting of Trinity Term each year the MCR Treasurer is to
      propose a budget detailing a financial plan for the year. The budget shall include a
      forecast total income, expenditure and a breakdown of planned expenses. The budget
      shall not be considered binding on the MCR but shall be used as a guide. The budget
      shall be updated accordingly throughout the year with the approval of the MCR.

      2) The MCR Treasurer has prepared his budget for the 2012-2013 financial year.

      This MCR therefore proposes

      3) To accept the MCR Treasurer’s budget under the terms detailed in point X:B of the
      MCR constitution.

      Proposed: Alessandro Nava
      Seconded: Anne Heffernan

3. Coffee Maker

      This MCR notes that:
      1) Access to coffee for free is an essential part of the MCR's welfare provision.
      2) The coffee machine is currently broken beyond repair.
      3) Buying a new coffee machine is a wise investment for the well-being of members of
      the MCR.
      This MCR therefore resolves to:
      4) Assign funds up to the value of £ 750 from the MCR savings account for the purchase
      of a new coffee machine.

      Proposed: Katharine Coyte
      Seconded: Alessandro Nava

4. Tingewick Society Donation

      This MCR notes

      1) The Tingewick Society has put on a pantomime extravaganza every year for the past
      71 years and raised an inordinate amount of money for charity - in 2011 it raised over

      2) Tingewick is a registered charity that raises money for nominated charities through
      audience donations, and aims to off-set production costs through fundraising and
      sponsorship so that all donations can go to charity.

      3) This year The Tingewick Society is supporting two charities: Sobell House Hospice,
      based in Oxford and Medic to Medic, a pioneering scheme which aims to train and
      support health workers worldwide.

      4) The Tingewick Society needs to raise £6 000 in order to cover all production costs.
      Every Jesus medical student that has gone on to the Oxford Clinical School in the last 70
      years will probably have been involved with Tingewick, this year Laura Carey and Helen
      Roberts are organising Tingewick, and Jesus MCR has a long tradition of supporting its
      members in all of their worthy endeavours.

      This MCR believes

      5) That donating £500 to The Tingewick Society would make a significant contribution
      towards the £6 000 total required for the production.

      6) That for that £500 donation The Tingewick Society could create significant good
      publicity for Jesus MCR, including promotional material to be included in the free
      programme given to all 1,800 audience members.

      7) That Tingewick amplifies any charity donation: judging by past performances, giving
      £500 to Tingewick would be the equivalent of donating £1000 to the charities

      This MCR resolves

      8) To donate £500 to The Tingewick Society for the purposes of putting on their annual
      pantomime in aid of Sobell House and Medic to Medic.

      Proposed: Laura Carey
      Seconded: Helen Roberts
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