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            How to Backup Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD?
If you are an owner of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, one day you would definitely need to backup
your Kindle Fire, in case of data loss. The easiest way to backup Kindle Fire is using a 3rd party
software. I myself choose Kindle Fire manager, which can not only backup Kindle Fire, but also
convert video/audios to Kindle Fire, transfer contacts among Symbian, iOS and Android. For Mac
users who wanna backup Kindle Fire or manage Kindle Fire apps, try Kindle Fire manager for

Free download the trial version of the Kindle Fire backup software, then follow the guide below to
backup files or folders of Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD.

Firstly, link your Kindle Fire to computer with USB cable or WiFi. Run the software. It will
recognize your device and show you the device info like Android version, battery life, etc. Things
stored on Kindle Fire will be displayed on the left column, including Music, Videos, Photos, Apps,

And then click the blue Backup button located on the bottom line. Then a window will pop up. By
default, all folders on your Kindle Fire will be automatically selected. If you don't want to backup
all things, you can uncheck those items. Click Browse button to select a location folder where you
want files or folders to be stored.

After doing all necessary settings, just hit Back Up button on the bottom right corner. Then the
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backup process will be processed. During the process, please don't disconnect your device.
Very easy, isn't it? Now it is your turn! Free download the right version to your computer, and start
to backup yoru Kindle Fire immediately!

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