Mining Pinterest for Content Ideas

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					            Mining Pinterest for Content Ideas

Pictures paint a thousand words. This age old adage might very well be the
inspiration behind emerging social network Pinterest. Social media agencies
recognize the fact that online content is becoming more and more visually driven as
internet users’ attention span shorten. With that being said, social media marketing
companies recognize the potential of Pinterest as the next big thing in social media,
following the phenomenal success of its predecessors such as Facebook, Twitter
and Youtube.

While the full potential of this photo sharing social network is still in an infancy stage
and yet to be fulfilled, internet marketers are slowly leveraging on Pinterest to
generate content ideas and there are a few “boards” that stand out from the rest in
terms of content potential.

Internet Marketing Posts

It’s quite a shame that this board currently has approximately 40 images, but despite
this lean number, the quality of the content is very robust. From “5 Marketing
Lessons We Can Learn from The Avengers Movie” to “3 Myths Other Internet
Marketers Don’t Tell the Truth About”, this board will definitely trigger innovative
content ideas.

Social Media Infographics

These visual presentations of statistical data are making waves across the
cyberspace and for no surprising reasons. It is definitely more palatable to look at
entertaining images rather than reading a list of seemingly boring numbers. This
Infographics board in Pinterest is one of the largest collections in the world and
contains interesting facts and figures that social media agencies can use to learn
new things and fresh trends in the social networking space.

Branding and Marketing Infographics

Compared to the previous board, this one contains lesser content, but covers a wider
scope; more on the broader and more general marketing and branding topics. It
spans several eras – from the vintage to the hyper modern. Even just for the reason
of getting educated, this board is worth a regular from content marketers.

More than Just Images

While Pinterest is made for sharing visual content taken from all over cyberspace, it
branches out to other forms of internet materials such as videos and articles. For
social media marketing agencies, this social site open a wider door to talk to an
audience in a more palatable, more engaging and more interesting manner.
The Internet is a continuously evolving space and as it changes, so do the behaviors
and the tastes of the internet users. Social media marketing companies are always
on the lookout to engage online denizens in a dialogue for business purposes
through good content. For those who are having a bit of problem coming up with new
and fresh ideas to serve their audience, Pinterest offers a very fertile and relatively
untapped ground which can spark a content Eureka moment.

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people who are about to hire a social media agency San Francisco for their
business. He has also given words to many articles where one can find the latest
trends popular in SEO and social media companies.

Description: A lot of internet users are getting into the hype of pinning eye-catching photos, with this feature of Pinterest, many internet users are actively visiting this platform to share their interests, ideas, and knowledge, and pin them on Pinterest. Social media companies are utilizing Pinterest to promote their businesses and drive more traffic to their websites.